Patrick Timpone

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, MD

Arguing Against the Germ Theory

Hemobiographic Analysis

Show Highlights:

-Holographic Blood:Seeing everything in the blood; whether you are angry or sick, it’s there and can be seen

-What’s the difference between regular blood tests and hemobiographic blood analysis?

-The keys to the immune system lie in the blood

-Germs don’t cause disease; germs live in a diseased body. The terrain is the problem

-Why do some people get the flu and some do not?

-People get sick because they’re overloaded with toxins

-Is cancer a mold? Dr. Bigelsen explains why he thinks it is

-What caused breast cancer to skyrocket?

-Worry and stress is a big player in health

-What’s more important than the food you eat is the attitude in which you eat it

-How do different foods affect the acidity of the cells?

-Should we be concerned with bacteria and viruses?

-The Creator did not make germs to beat us up, Dr. Bigelsen explains

-The biggest common injury a human can face?

-Treating scars with neural therapy

and so much more!

Harvey Bigelsen M.D. * is the first medical doctor in history to practice Isopathy or Biological Medicine in North America. He is a trained MD for 39 years with more than 25 years of experience in alternative medicine. As the first president of the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Board, he drafted the guidelines and standards for the practice of ‘HolisticMedicine in Arizona that set the precedent in the United States. He helped to author the law that made Arizona Homeopathy what it is today.
Hemobiographic Analysis is the most comprehensive method of blood analysis in that you can evaluate, in real time, the state of the disease and the effectiveness of your treatment. We ask Dr Bigelsen what Hemobiographic Analysis is and how diagnosis and prognosis are formed. This will be a very informative and exciting hour so please email us now with your questions if you can make the live show.

'Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, MD – Germs Don’t Cause Disease: The Terrain is the Problem – March 18, 2010' has 1 comment

  1. August 14, 2014 @ 5:56 am cab

    Enjoyed that a lot. The life is in the blood. Elective surgeries will sicken and shorten life. Health means free flow of energy in the body. Lots of nutrition in animal fat. Yep. Makes a lot of sense. Dr. Bigelson’s message is one more strike against “Better living thru chemistry” and allopathic medicine.


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