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Rick Simpson and Dr. Robert Melamede

Curing with Cannabis

June 9, 2009

We start the interview with Rick Simpson to talk about this amazing cancer curing oil you can make at home and then go on to talk with Dr. Robert Melamede who explains the science and nature behind this amazing life giving plant and talks about endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors.

Rick Simpson first began using marijuana to treat post-concussion syndrome after prescription drugs failed. Rick made oil from marijuana and started to treat himself after learning much about the medical properties of the plant.

Knowing firsthand that the oil cures cancer due to curing himself of skin cancer Rick started to help others educating them on how to make the oil. Rick says the oil is not limited to just cancer as whatever they have applied the oil to it appear to cure all symtons.


We also talk with Dr. Robert Melamede an expert on Endocannabinoids.

Dr. Melamede says that the Cannabis flower is the most effective and versatile medicine known to humankind. Its an overall nervous system tune-up.

By our inalienable rights we should be allowed to use it and grow it even for personal therapeutic use, without a doctors approval. Its good for us. If smoking bothers you than take a dose of the oil.


Rick Simpson on Hemp Oil



The first woven fabric was believed to be woven from hemp 7000-8000B.C.

1619 JamesTown Colony Virginia passes a law requiring farmers to grow hemp.

1700s hemp was the primary crop of George Washington.

June 28, 1776: The first draft of the Declaration of Independence is written on Dutch hemp paper.

1845: Dr. Jean-Jacques Moreau de Tours initiates the science of psycho-pharmacology in France, using cannabis to treat the insane and depressed.

1890: Queen Victorias personal physician, Sir Russell Reynolds, prescribes cannabis for menstrual cramps.

1895: The Indian Hemp Drug Commission concludes that cannabis has no addictive properties, some medical uses, and a number of positive emotional and social benefits.

1914: Congress passes the Harrison Narcotics Act, its first attempt to control recreational use of drugs.

1925: Concerned by the high number of goof butts being smoked by off-duty servicemen in Panama, the U.S. government sponsors the Panama Canal Zone Report. The report concludes that marijuana does not pose a problem, and recommends that no criminal penalties be applied to its use or sale.

1936 – 1938: William Randolph Hearsts newspaper empire fuels a tabloid journalism propaganda campaign against marijuana. Articles with headlines such as Marihuana Makes Fiends of Boys in 30 Days; Hasheesh Goads Users to Blood-Lust create terror of the killer weed from Mexico.

1937: The year the federal government outlawed cannabis.

1937 – 1939: Under Harry Anslinger, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics prosecutes 3,000 doctors for illegally prescribing cannabis-derived medications. In 1939, the American Medical Association reached an agreement with Anslinger, and over the following decade, only three doctors are prosecuted.

1962: President John F. Kennedy forces Federal Bureau of Narcotics czar Harry Anslinger into retirement after Anslinger attempts to censor the work of Professor Alfred Lindsmith, author of The Addict and the Law.

1971: Medical World News reports that Marijuana… is probably the most potent anti-epileptic known to medicine today.

1974: Dr. Heath conducts his infamous government-funded Rhesus monkey study at Tulane University, touted for years as evidence that marijuana causes brain damage.
Dr. Heath would put an airtight gas mask on the monkey, strap it into a chair and force-toke the equivalent of 63 Columbian-strength joints over the course of five minutes. The monkeys suffered brain damage, all right — from suffocation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

1976: The Ford Administration bans independent research and research by federal health programs on the use of natural cannabis derivatives for medicine.
Private pharmaceutical corporations are allowed to do limited no high research using only THC Delta-9, ignoring other potentially beneficial active natural ingredients.

1989: A government-funded study at the St. Louis Medical University determines that the human brain has receptor sites for THC to which no other known compounds will bind.


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