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Marianne MiddelveenMarianne Middelveen is a microbiologist and a medical mycologist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada currently working in the field of Veterinary Microbiology and specializing in bovine mastitis. She received post-graduate degrees in Microbial and Biochemical Science and in Environmental Science from Georgia State University and University of Calgary, respectively.

Ms. Middelveen’s interest in Morgellons began when she came across the website of Ginger Savely, DNP. Ground-breaking articles on Morgellons co-authored by Middelveen and Raphael Stricker, MD were published in Nov., 2011 and May, 2012. Research is continuing from this team and will be submitted to peer- reviewed medical journals for publication when completed.

We’ve heard about Morgellons disease from our regular guest, Tony Pantalleresco. What is this mystery illness and where did it come from? This is what The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation has to say about it on it’s website:

“… is a multi-symptom disease that is just now starting to be researched and understood. Morgellons has a real physical pathology … despite of the fact that the exact cause is not known.” – Randy S Wymore, PhD

“…is an emerging multisystem illness characterized by the presence of filamentous fibers of undetermined composition, both in lesions and subdermal. The etiology of Morgellons disease is unknown.” – Marianne J. Middelveen, MDes, and Raphael B. Stricker, MD

“… Morgellons patients looked ill with neurological symptoms, which included confusion, difficulty walking and controlling their feet (foot drop), and a sagging mouth when speaking…” – Rhonda Casey, DO

“… disease of unknown pathology characterized by sensations of crawling, biting and stinging, disfiguring lesions and unusual fibers coming out of the skin, usually, quickly dismissed by physicians as DOP (Delusions of Parasitosis)…” – Ginger Savely, DNP

Show Highlights:

-What are the little fibers made of found in the skin of sufferers of Morgellons? Believe it or not, the body is actually making them. Marianne explains why the body produces too much collagen and keratin

-The connection between Lyme disease and Morgellons

-Why is Lyme disease such a controversial topic?

-Marianne details her symptoms of Lyme disease

and more!

marianne middleveen on lyme and morgellons, september 2, 2014

'Marianne Middelveen – Looking Into Morgellons Disease – September 2, 2014' have 16 comments

  1. September 2, 2014 @ 4:15 pm Roger

    for me tony & links have helped more than this?
    even the chiropractor i go to thinks the chemtrails are a big part of the problem.


  2. September 2, 2014 @ 11:29 pm Cindy Casey Holman

    Thank you so much Patrick Timpone and One Radio Network for this awesome program. The real scientific information on Morgellons disease brings hope to thousands of people worldwide. We are grateful to you for helping to spread the word in a true scientific fashion. Bravo to Marianne Middelveen for an excellent and informative interview and continued devotion to Morgellons disease research.

    Unfortunately the myths surrounding the Morgellons topic have contributed to the delusional misdiagnoses. There is no evidence whatsoever to link chemtrails to Morgellons Disease. For those seeking reliable information on Morgellons disease, the peer reviewed medical journal publications are your best bet. Most are accessible on PubMed as well as listed on our website.

    Morgellons: a Novel Dermatological Perspective as the Multisystem Infective Disease Borreliosis – May 2013
    Association of Spirochetal Infection with Morgellons Disease – January 2013
    Characterization and evolution of dermal filaments from patients with Morgellons disease – January 2013
    Morgellons Study Cited by Faculty of 1000 Study of Emerging Skin Disease Among Top 2% Published – June 12, 2012
    Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study- May 15, 2012
    Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease – Nov 4, 2011


  3. September 2, 2014 @ 11:31 pm Cindy Casey Holman

    Thank you so much Patrick Timpone and One Radio Network for this awesome program. The real scientific information on Morgellons disease brings hope to thousands of people worldwide. We are grateful to you for helping to spread the word in a true scientific fashion. Bravo to Marianne Middelveen for an excellent and informative interview and continued devotion to Morgellons disease research.

    Unfortunately the myths surrounding the Morgellons topic have contributed to the delusional misdiagnoses. There is no evidence whatsoever to link chemtrails to Morgellons Disease. For those seeking reliable information on Morgellons disease, the peer reviewed medical journal publications are your best bet. Most are accessible on PubMed as well as listed on our website.

    ~Cindy Casey Holman, RN


  4. September 7, 2014 @ 3:17 am Chad

    I think it is crazy to say “there is *no* evidence of MD being related to chemtrails”. I am 99% positive that this is the result of the immune system trying to eject chemtrail particles/fibers from the body. Look into a flashlight beam at night, and you will see we are drowning in the same things being ejected out of the skin of MD skin. Take a sample of the dust, and look at it under a 100x magnifier. Same stuff. Except often, the immune reaction has encapsulated the particles and fibers in protein/keratin (scar tissue, as happens with many other immune reactions). The fibers are said to be heat resistant, which one would expect if expelled from a jet engine (asbestos?). I can’t believe people are willing to stand for this. It is a fact (see Wikipedia: asbestos) that every American lung has 1000s/millions of asbestos fibers per gram at this time). An entire generation has grown up and has never seen a sunny day (where I live, 16 years). It’s no coincidence for them to have arisen at the same time IMHO. And the term “emerging disease” – give me a break! Lyme disease? Then how do people get MD in northern Alaska & Canada where there are no ticks? Nonsense! Step right up folks: Evolution before your very eyes! Amazing!

    Nobody in the establishment will ever come out with any truth relating to chemtrails. After contacting 2 dozen labs, not even one will dare to test chemtrail material for analysis. Comments even mentioning chemtrails will be removed from Amazon and other major establishment websites. Expecting truth on chemtrails from the establishment is insane.

    As a slight aside, most all heat comes from the earth (think volcanoes), and this chemtrail blanket is an attempt to CREATE global warming – why? Who knows. It could be to increase arable land area farther north to feed more hungry mouths to keep the never-ending-growth schemes alive, or to delay an impending ice age, kill off SS pensioners, exercise global military powers, or whatever. But the important thing is, IMHO, that MANKIND IS A FAILURE ACROSS THE BOARD. There is not as single power man has exercised over nature (including man himself) that has not been destructive. It is insane to think man can create better than that which created man. Thus, the reason every civilization in history has been a complete failure. But this time, there will be no nature left for life support.

    When man touches a wolf, the result is a dog. When man touches agriculture, the result is GMO, algae blooms, and unfertile lands. When man creates technologies, you get poisoned waters, oceans, lands, and air. When man touches medicine, you get a sickly world. And when man touches man (civilization), you get the weakest, slowest, and most sickly animal in the world: humans. Civilization selects for devious, sickly, weak, arrogant, and docile humans.

    Nature is in a balance, and everything man does to avoid the brutality of that balance only results in greater brutalities. There is NO SUCH THING as “human progress”. Human ingenuity is simply human masterbation and idolatry. It is a scientific fact that human DNA is quickly devolving humans into a dumber and more sickly species (Dr. Crabtree), and the only hope scientists offer is that one day, we will engineer the bad things out of DNA. God forbid … no doubt that will create even more unimaginable monstrosities. Every animal, plant, and life support system that mankind has touched has become weaker and less able to sustain itself in nature. Why don’t people see this? We are so addicted to our never-ending-growth schemes that we can’t see how they are leading us all into global self-destruction.

    I dare anyone to provide a single example of a major aspect of nature that he has changed with a net-positive result. There are none. The negatives always outweigh the positive in the long-term. Man can only relish in his short-term masterbations and self-idolatry: the greatest sin in all religions. FOR A REASON.


  5. September 8, 2014 @ 6:23 pm Brad Mayfield

    Thank you for an interview based on scientific data. Conspiracy theories only serve to diminish A real problem that affects thousands upon thousands of people across the world. Marianne presented legitimate information that I would be comfortable presenting to my doctor… And that is exactly what those of us who are afflicted need – Science, not conspiracies!


  6. September 8, 2014 @ 6:41 pm nancy

    Thank you so much for having Marianne on your program. It is wonderful to hear from one of the few people that has dedicated herself to discovering the cause of this disease. Marianne and the other researchers have scientifically shown that the Borrellia Spirochetes( Lyme) are alive and well in the skin of Morgellons Patients. I have been treated for Lyme disease and my Morgellons lesions are almost non existent now. I have had Morgellons lesions for 30 years, and I know of others that have had this for 40 and as much as 50 years. I acknowledge that Chemtrails exists, but how does one explain those of us who have had Morgellons long before Chemtrails existed? You can also get Lyme from any insect that is blood sucking such as mosquitos, mites, fleas, etc.

    Again, thank you for having Marianne on your program. She is the one person I believe will solve this mystery!


  7. September 8, 2014 @ 10:39 pm Kim Bush

    Thank you very much for this interview with Marianne. There are countless people suffering from Morgellons. We need hard scientific facts & people who truly care, in order to find a cure.


  8. September 8, 2014 @ 10:50 pm Prophet

    Thanks for covering Morgellons. I hold no hope of the truth of Morgellons being discovered or revealed by any of the main researchers involved. We are not hearing much from them lately and it seems progress is slow. I do believe the cause will be revealed soon and it will come from a priorly unmentioned player. There are scientist that have worked under the radar and I feel at least one of them is very close to blowing this wide open. I look forward to the corruption and ignorance of CDC being exposed once again. One last thing, whether chemtrails have anything to do with Morgellons or not we all know they are there and calling it a conspiracy theory is getting a little silly. Labeling something a conspiracy theory does not make any less real or any less dangerous.


  9. September 9, 2014 @ 12:07 am Gwen Simmons, RN, PHN-B

    I would like to send a heartfelt “Thank You” to Patrick Timpone and One Radio Network for having Marianne Middelveen as a guest. Her discussion of Morgellons Disease (MD) within the scope of medical-scientific research is so uplifting. Many have been siderailed by bogus information which is confusing as well as hurtful. Ms. Middelveens’ concise review of the known and validated factual knowledge about MD will spread awareness while dispelling nescience.

    Thank you, again for doing this exceptional program. Anyone who would like to know more information can visit and The 8th Annual Medical-Scientific Conference on Morgellons is set for March 28 and 29, 2015 in Austin, TX. Everyone is invited to attend. People can meet Marianne in person during this event.

    Gwen Simmons, RN, PHN-B
    CEHMDF Nursing Advisory Panel
    [email protected]


  10. September 9, 2014 @ 12:42 am LYNNE GRAVEL

    I would like to thank you so much for the interview with Marianne Middleveen researcher for Morgellons Desease with the Charles E. Holmes Fondation.

    I am from Canada, and seen so many doctors if I say Morgellons, nobody have a clue of what it is and instead of trying to learn about it, they take easy way out by diagnosing me with delusional parasitis.

    I do hope that further interview will be done with any other updates on this disease.

    from Canada



  11. September 9, 2014 @ 3:43 am Maggie

    Thank you Marianne and the folks at Radio One. Getting the information out there that can be proven by science is key to being able to get everyone afflicted with this horrible disease the treatment that we so desperately need. Very well done!


  12. September 9, 2014 @ 11:54 pm Glenda

    Thank you for this interview. It means so much to me and others who suffer with Morgellons. No one around me knows what to think about my condition. I feel isolated and alone, as do so many others with this disease. We need to get the info out there to the public, and we need to find a cure. In order for more research there needs to be public awareness, which invites funding. This is so so important. We need this. Thank you, again.


    • September 10, 2014 @ 7:29 am Leanne

      A heartfelt thank – you to Peter and Radio One for the coverage of Marianne Middleveens’ excellent scientific research of MD. Mariannes’ work has given hope of a future cure for those suffering from this debilitating and unrecognized illness. Because of this coverage and research and the Charles Holman Foundation, we may be a bit closer to dispelling the CDCs’guidelines of the insult of being labeled with DOP.


  13. July 29, 2017 @ 8:59 pm Cindy Whalen

    Morgellons are real I collected them in an envelope I brought them to my dermatologist he refused to view them and said it is a delusional disease. I am starting to loose hair the fibers are cork screw in nature and come out in sweat areas now I get clusters who can help me oh ps I live with lime disease Cindy

    [email protected] any help PLEASE


  14. October 1, 2017 @ 3:39 am Maria

    I have a rash in my back since more than four yrs ago and the feeling of being bitten by some kind of organism. Most dermatologist I visited, prescribed me lotions that never worked.
    I changed my sheets, every day. Nothing seemed to work.
    I never found any sign of bugs, but two months ago I decided to buy two mattress cover. I also, bought a very inexpensive three antibiotic lotion to rub in my back.
    Paradoxically, this is working. This over the counter antibiotic lotion works much better that the lotions prescribed by different dermatologists. My rash is getting smaller and paler, and yesterday for the first time in three years, I wore a low back blouse.
    I am a very calm person, I never have any anxiety or nervous condition; but if micro-organisms, bugs, etc are just delusions like some dermatologist state, ….. how come an over the counter antibiotic lotion works much better in my back, that those expensive lotions prescribed by dermatologists?
    So far, this is working, but I guess I should test myself for Lyme disease.
    I don’t know any doctor in Southern California, who specialize in lyme disease.


  15. January 28, 2018 @ 3:37 pm Jeremy Murphree

    Thank you for promoting the facts about #RealMorgellons!


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