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As a hospital executive for over 30 years, Morley Robbins became disenchanted with the “revolving door mentality” of these “illness maintenance” enterprises. He has dedicated the remainder of his career to “saving one starfish at a time” by coaching clients how to eat “real food” and thereby facilitating the process of natural healing. Morley is a “Health Futurist”, a certified Wellness Coach, a Certified Nutrition Educator, and a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. He works with Nexus Whole Health in the Chicago area. And he has a wicked sense of humor. He can be viewed on Youtube, reached online at [email protected], and contacted by phone at 847.922.8061. He’s never met a question he didn’t like.

Morley RobbinsIn July 2011, Morley read Carolyn Dean’s wonderful book The Magnesium Miracle. He realized that this was a key piece of the whole health puzzle that virtually no practitioners seemed to be aware of — even in the natural health world.

He was captivated by this mineral, and went on to read even more. Much more…

Twenty-one books and ~1,200 articles (and counting) on Magnesium and Magnesium deficiency, Morley has come to realize that Magnesium plays a role in all metabolic systems, and is therefore a contributing factor to nearly all major health issues.

Magnesium deficiency is the common thread for millions of Americans who are dealing with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, general fatigue, and any chronic condition borne out of inflammation.

As Morley read and made connections between hundreds of scientific studies, what he found was shocking:Magnesium deficiency, or insufficiency, was at the center of all these common modern diseases due to its central role in activating 3,751 proteins, and thus thousands of enzyme systems (far more than the Internet figure of 300 enzyme pathways…).

It became increasingly easy to see why this family of Magnesium-related health problems would be so common in modern life. Over the past century, drinking water treatment and food processing has removed naturally-occurring Magnesium from our dietary environment. Meanwhile stressful lifestyles cause our bodies to burn through what little Magnesium we do have inside us. Furthermore, many prescription medications are known to cause Magnesium, and other mineral loss, as well.

Morley, in concert with his partner, “Dr. Liz” Erkenswick, DC, (who MAG-ically healed his shoulder…) began working with their clients on a program of natural healing, with particular emphasis on this “Magnesium deficiency issue.”

Photo of Morley Robbins by Liesl Diesel Photo

Show Highlights:

-The causes of magnesium loss and how to replenish it

-Morley explains how minerals run the body, not genes

-Magnesium: The teacher of the classroom. Morley explains how magnesium is the leader for all other nutrients; take the magnesium away and everything gets chaotic, much like when the teacher leaves the classroom

and more! Excellent interview!!!

morley robbins the magnesium man, novermber 11, 2014

'Morley Robbins – Magnesium: The Leader for All Other Nutrients – November 11, 2014' have 7 comments

  1. November 11, 2014 @ 4:47 pm Paul

    The shows are always great but with all due respect Patrick you have a obsessive compulsive habit with the caller’s “phone quality”. It happens in almost every single interview and tends to really break the continuity of the program. Often the caller calls back but really doesn’t sound any different. Perhaps your equipment is to hifi? In the end it comes through on a compressed mp3. We are all used to listening to webstreams these days quality is largely unnoticed.

    Without being assuming I can guarantee that many listeners feel the same about this. Hope you don’t mind my constructive criticism!



    • November 11, 2014 @ 10:06 pm John

      YES,PAUL:You are on the mark. You don`t know how many times I yell @ the podcast !! SO the phone is clicking , so what? [cutting out, speaker phone, cell phone fade is another thing] I can understand what the guest is saying. But, I don`t know what the guest is saying when Pat is walking over him/her & breaks the train of thought. Pat shut the hell-up sometimes & let the guest finish what he/she is saying. When they have finished, then ask your question. If you don`t know how this is done, GO listen to other talk shows & learn. I know you have GREAT guests sometimes, It`s a shame to see/hear there knowledge go to waste . Let them do/say what they do well. It`s good to coach them along to keep them on topic. But “Please” let THEM shine.


    • November 17, 2014 @ 7:56 pm jean

      “Often the caller calls back but really doesn’t sound any different.”
      > But how can Patrick know this in advance? Because sometimes it *does* work or it is timed well during a commercial break maybe (if not, that could be a good suggestion).
      For me, I can only remember once that I really found it unnecessary, but better quality is often welcome.

      What irritates me more is that sometimes(!) one voice is louder than the other. So if you have to turn up to understand one person, the other one is blasted through the room…

      Although every host has its weak points, I think we can be very happy here to have one that is demonstrating some background and therefore interesting questions at times.

      Was listening to an old show of Laura Lee this week and she had good background as well, it seemed. Many have not and that has its own pros and cons, I guess…

      Anyway, thanks to all involved in these awesome shows! :)


  2. November 13, 2014 @ 2:45 pm Red

    Ditto. We want to hear the guest without Patrick paraphrasing or repeating. Without him interrupting or talking over the guest.


  3. November 14, 2014 @ 2:33 pm Gary

    I completely disagree with the previous comments. Quality of sound is important to some of us and lack of it can interfere greatly with an interview.

    As for Patrick’s approach, I like the paraphrasing and repeating. Maybe other folks catch everything the first time around, but I don’t. Chalk it up to the possibility of inferior mental ability.

    Patrick does a great service, giving a platform to those often completely ignored by mainstream media.

    Thank you, Patrick, for all your hard work and effort in allowing us to learn.


  4. November 14, 2014 @ 6:20 pm CAB

    I disagree. I think sound quality is very important, and it’s worth the trouble to try to get the best. I also think Patrick is one of the best hosts I’ve ever heard for bringing out the best in interviewed guests. My only complaint with Patrick is that he is TOO NICE to some of this guests, who some I think deserve to be challenged more. But Patrick’s attitude is, let people talk and then people can make up their own minds. When Patrick cuts a guest off it’s because he’s trying to move the show along.


  5. November 15, 2014 @ 4:47 am RadioGuGu

    My Dear fellow listeners,

    the host (ours in particular) needs to think F-A-S-T, a lot faster then we, listening, are! And At the Same Time be able to ‘extract’ the essence of what the guest hasn’t or is yet about to say, so they (the guest) can really SHINE in their ocean of information & knowledge.

    Repetition IS the mother of Knowledge. …And it seems to me (not a native English speaker to start with) – in Patrick’s case – it’s quite timely and …hospitable in a way. Patrick actually has (makes) Conversations/talks with his guests, not just Interviews! – and that’s the best part. That’s why we are all (still) here. Aren’t we? For more information!- everyone is free and able to seek & find more info away from this radio. And, more often than not, he (along with the guest) makes (or has made) a talk so interesting come the end of the conversation that we don’t want it to stop..and want more of this guest! :)

    “Interrupting or talking over a guest” may have happened with a few of our (and Patrick’s) favorite guests when it really really turns into.. a talk with family! :) Nothing like this anywhere on the web!!!
    And since Patrick does have a great sense of sound (and quality!) he is also very polite with Some guests – rarely but it happens so that some may have an acccent or another articulation challenge (for us who are listening) that can easily be overcome with a stellar clear connection and Everyone can more easily tune into what is actually being said!…
    We love QUALITY over quantity!
    THANK YOU! :)


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