Patrick Timpone

November 15, 2016


The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection in Healing


“It takes a long time to get young”


Patrick Timpone

Patrick Timpone
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Patrickis a happy Soul. He’s happy because he knows what he knows and what hedoesn’t know. He’s quite jazzed to be on Planet Earth this go around,and at this time. What an exciting and challenging time we have created.

He has been in radio since 1967 where he waited out the warplaying Frank Sinatra records on Armed Forces Radio on Johnston Island,a small island 750 miles South West of Hawaii. In 1978

His long journey into health and the miraculous workings of the body began in 1978. And he has been interviewing countless “experts”, experimenting with his owndiet and SuperFoods ever since.

Patrick eats most everything that is a whole food, including things that run away when you try to catch them. The spiritual, emotional and mental connection to health is on the top of his interests these days.

Patrick started the show on One Radio Network in March of 2008.

And he loves sharing and helping others to take their next step.


Show Highlights:

-Why did Patrick experience his extremely painful sciatic in April? Was it so he could now better understand other people’s pain experience? Was it karma because of a Japanese war camp experience in a prior life?

-Emotions get stashed away in the body. Seeing the emotions from early experiences in life disappearing with body work.

-Had a prior colon reset with no apparent physical basis. A recent acid stomach disappeared after he realized it was from dogmatic thinking.

-Divine spirit is what does the healing. It is healing through the soul. As we as soul accept more of who we are, the healing happens through us. When we accept our consciousness, the body changes.

-Support others in their journey for health, no matter what path they have chosen.

-No extra points for suffering. You don’t have to go through something terrible to learn. We create our diseases to grow spiritually.

-It’s not complicated. It’s so simple most have a hard time accepting that we’re soul and we’re running the show. We are captains of our ship. We don’t have to chase after a disease or supplements.

-So why take sulfur or colostrum or pine pollen if we are soul? These are tools to help our physical bodies, but permanent healing comes from the spiritual/emotional level.

-When we say to ourselves that I have this fear, or I need to let go of my anger, or my ex-wife, when we are in a state of anger, it’s a state of consciousness for that moment, affecting our liver and other body parts, and we have a hard time letting go of it. As soul, who we are, that we don’t really know the true nature of, we are in a pure state of light, sound, love and the spark of God. Soul doesn’t have any baggage on it, nothing clinging to us. There is nothing to let go of. The only way to let go of anger or ex-wife (ex-husband) is to not enter that state of consciousness any longer. Change your state of consciousness to something else. Talk to God, say a mantra, sing, focus on something else. Don’t go there any longer. It’s only real when we make it real.

-What goes on in between lives? Is it not a cosmic vacation but a workshop?

-Every disease exists because a person needed it or wanted it at that time. Ask yourself what is the lesson, what can I give my body? Write down the questions, ponder them daily.

-Become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven.

-How do you know reincarnation exists? Isn’t that also just a belief? Patrick shares his cat story.

soul, mind body connection and healing with patrick timpone, november 15, 2016

'Patrick Timpone – The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection in Healing – November 15, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. November 15, 2016 @ 11:18 pm Gwen

    I am sure this individual is teaching a cosmic workshop. Dr. David R. Hawkins M.D. Phd. Wrote Truth vs. Falsehood (How to tell the difference. ) Enslavement by illusion is comfortable;it is liberation by Truth that people fear.


    • November 18, 2016 @ 12:05 pm patrick

      Cosmic Worship? David Hawkins doesn’t believe in anything He can’t see because he’s a scientist and if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. What this line of “theory” and it is theory, not truth….that this reality is a dream…we are Soul, creating the body.

      Try it Gwen…you’ll like it.



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