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Edgar Cayce is quite possibly America’s best known psychic/sensitive with literally dozens of books, articles, and even TV documentaries produced about him and the trance readings he gave during the first half of the last century. But if Mr. Cayce’s ideas and healing modalities were so insightful why is it that no one has been able to replicate them since his passing? One person dared to go beyond the forbidden zone to find out the surprising truth about the healing modalities unique to the Cayce perspective.
Phil Thomas is the author of the book, Beyond Theory: Edgar Cayce’s Natural Health, which provides experiential support for Edgar Cayce’s theories.
Phil was our guest several weeks back. He discussed the benefits of detoxified iodine and other natural alternatives to balance and heal with a focus on Multiple Sclerosis. Since that interview, Patrick, along with many members of our listening audience started using detoxified iodine, experiencing some pretty astounding effects. Phil joined us again today to further the discussion on atomic iodine.

Show Highlights:

-The difference between atomic detoxified iodine and raw iodine which is like Lugols

-How living near the ocean affects the thyroid

-The 2 parts of the body most sensitive to radiation

-How it was discovered that iodine needed to be electrified

-The difference in taking iodine orally and topically

-Is there any benefit to taking iodine for rheumatoid arthritis?

-What are the signs of overdosing on iodine?

-Phil recommends taking 2 days off between taking iodine for five; he explains why not becoming dependent on the product, or on anything for that matter, is important

-The 4 elements we need according to Edgar Cayce

-Your intuition is heightened when your body is in balance; getting to the point where we listen to ourselves and no one else is a nice goal

-A listener writes in:

After hearing Phil’s first interview and ordered six bottles and stopped Nascent which I had been on for several months. I felt nothing happen with Nascent. To date, I’ve done two rounds of the Detoxified Iodine:

First five day round:

First day……..I felt a strange of wellbeing/calmness which
I’ve felt daily since.
I’ve had extreme stress in my life off and on
since 2009, so this has been wonderful.

By day two……I felt physical strength in both wrists that were injured in a bad fall in early 2013 off two unmarked stairs on vacation. I landed at the bottom on both wrists which have been very weak with bones popping out of place off and on since.

Also day two……I was going up steep front entrance stairs to my new home and noticed I wasn’t reaching for the hand railing to help myself up. Strength in my legs!

Second five day round:

Drove out of my garage, remembered something I needed back in the house, back up eleven garage stairs, almost at the top I realized I had ran up them with ease and no thought of using the railing.

We like hearing good news like this!!

and more!

Edgar Cayce

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phil thomas and iodine and edgar cayce, december 15, 2014

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  1. December 22, 2014 @ 5:51 pm Mark

    Where do I find the dosage for this product?


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