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We learned about Tony Pantalleresco through a request from one of our listeners in the UK and he has quickly become one of our most popular guests. Extremely passionate about natural health, Tony has a plethora of videos on YouTube covering a huge variety of topics such as: Making all kinds of extracts, seed milks, nut milks, detox meals and smoothies, juices, chelators, anti-oxidant formulas. Getting rid of cold sores, dealing with skin issues and erectile dysfunction, detoxing heavy metals. Tony offers an endless list of recipes for remedies to make at home.

Show Highlights:

-Food pesticides and preservatives: Tony goes back in history and looks at safety

-Patrick dumps on Tony for being too pessimistic about non-GMO labeling. Tony argues that ALL food, including organic, is contaminated with something

-The true definition of ‘organic’

-Chemical castration: Tony talks vaginas and wonders how many women are having vaginal issues; the effects of chemicals on the genitals; A listener writes in about his wife’s problem with painful sex

-Tony explains why he takes so much copper

-Getting the gut well; Tony is passionately dogmatic about removing ALL grains from the diet

-The keys to removing glyphosates from your system

-A listener calls in to talk about gout and why her husbands knee has problems even when the gout is under control

-Question from listener:I have a history of insulin resistance, does colostrum effect the production of insulin? I have read studied it has an opposite effects and the powder contains little carbohydrates, what is the factor with IGF-1? Is this to do with the raising of insulin to produce growth hormone?

-Is ormus (mono-atomic gold) the same with nanogold?

-How to make liquid niacin

-The liver flush protocol calls for Epsom salts and 1/2 cup of olive oil which causes the gallbladder to contract and the liver to dump toxins. Is there any combination of herbs which accomplish the same effect? Would a tablespoon of sodium thiosulfate accomplish the same thing as the 2 T of Epsom salts?

-Top reasons for using turpentine

-The powers of castor oil

-Guidance for treating Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis

-Ideas for night time congestion

-Question from listener: My mother (65) has a persistent (11 days) eye infection. She went to thedoctor and he prescribed her Cipro antibiotic eye drops(Ciprofloxacin – Fluoride based antibiotic) which does not work.Her symptoms are: feeling like she has sand in hereyes and there are some white long very thin strings coming out, Any suggestions from Tony?

-What is Tony’s opinion on IGF-1? It’s in many products and Dr. Rashid Buttar considers high levels a cancer marker

-How to increase brain power

-What’s the cause of post nasal drip?

And so much more!!!

Tony Pantalleresco - Herbalist

Tony Pantalleresco – Herbalist


Check out some of Tonys videos

Email Tony at [email protected]

Visit Website


Some products Tony often uses in his healing recipes


tony pantalleresco and healing at home, december 8, 2014, hour one

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'Tony Pantalleresco – Becoming Healthy Through Stripping and Building – December 8, 2014' have 8 comments

  1. December 8, 2014 @ 11:02 am Anita Hendershot

    My Patrick are you always so antagonistic toward your guests?


  2. December 8, 2014 @ 11:41 am Oriana

    Patrick: I love you and your show! BUT I also think it’s foolish of you to try to manage your moods – and ours – by filtering inconvenient facts to suit. Buck up, let Tony share what knows -which is a lot – and THEN do what YOU need to do to deal with your stress. Don’t try to censor or steer Tony, please. We don’t need another gatekeeper deciding what we should and shouldn’t know, however well-meaning the intent.


  3. December 9, 2014 @ 10:49 am Roger

    need help finding tonys blog ??


    • December 17, 2014 @ 1:34 pm Sara

      in that website, simply type in independz in the search box. He has great information.


  4. December 9, 2014 @ 3:34 pm Terry

    Good day, Patrick. I really enjoy listening to you both, and there is so much helpful and detailed information shared by Tony! However, your Dec 8th show quickly turned into you coming across like a stressed out antagonist towards your guest, rather than a “glass half full” kinda guy. Maybe you were feeling a bit off that morning. That aside, I do think your monthly show with Tony is such a gift to so many of us, and the fact you save our questions and comments to present to Tony is so much appreciated!


  5. December 11, 2014 @ 11:14 pm Peter

    Hey, what’s the problem people?
    Its okay to disagree and have some discussion. Tony can handle it ;-).
    About the “organic” issue: it is a proven fact that organic grown vegetables or organic meat has much LESS heavy metals or other poison in it. period. So Tony may be right about the GMO; organic means NO pesticides, herbicides. So: pick your choice….
    T.P. has some good info, but sometimes generalising and exaggerating IMO. Still, good shows and respect to you’all.


  6. December 14, 2014 @ 5:41 am Steve

    I was looking for Tony at the and couldn’t find him, could you update that information so we can find him.


    • December 17, 2014 @ 1:38 pm Sara

      Love love love Tony. Thank you for all that you do!!!!
      (simply type in independz in the search box and press enter)


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