15th August 2013

By Lee Maddox


What exactly is the Hegelian Dialectic? Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a 19th century German philosopher who devised a particular method of argument for resolving disagreements. His method of arriving at “the truth” by exchanging logical arguments is a system of thought process still use to this day.

To put it simply, the basis of Hegelianism assumes that the human mind can’t understand anything unless it can be split into two polar opposites…. Good/Evil, Right/Wrong, Left/Right, Thesis/Antithesis.

For example when people are talking about 2 political parties, what they’re actually referring to – without realising it – is the thesis and the antithesis, based on the Hegelian Dialectic. The only real debate that occurs on any subject relates to the minor differences between those two parties. Nothing is said or done about the issues that neither left or right is discussing. In polarity politics, they control the agenda.


In Australia, this in particular will become more apparent as the election draws near.

Creating a problem to solve

Another form of the Hegelian Dialectic is Problem – Reaction – Solution. Most of us unwittingly fall victim to it all too often. And sadly, if we don’t stop, we will continue to lose our free will and liberties. It has been widely used by our governments and corporations around the world. You could say that in terms of controlling the masses, and society in general, it’s deployment has been an effective tool in keeping humanity in check.

Almost all major events in history employed the Hegelian Dialectic of: Problem – manufacture a crisis or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired Reaction of public outcry whereby the public demands a Solution which as been predetermined from the beginning.

A classic example is 9/11. Only when you break the left/right paradigm and come to the realisation that the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and the whole fake, and not to mention contradictory, war on terror was always the desired outcome for the neo-conservatives in the Bush administration and the military industrial complex. They even stated in their own white papers the need for another catastrophic and catalysing event to solve, like a “new Pearl Harbour”…. and to their benefit, they got one.

Here’s a more current example of the Hegelian Dialectic is use.

In Australia at present both of the main political parties on the eve of the upcoming election on September 7 are discussing “Boat People”: a derogatory term used to describe refugees and asylum seekers displaced by war or other hardships. I don’t believe they constitute what you would call a “crisis” – and the statistics clearly show they aren’t – but our “government” is telling us they are a problem. Again. The media is used to play up this problem in order to instigate a reaction (debate) in the public domain on how to tackle “the problem”. Both the opposition and ruling party offer their solution.

And the result? The introduction of hard line “border protection” policies at the expense of refugees’ human rights.

Again we see that the only real debate occurring is just the minor differences between those two parties. Nothing is said or done about the many other more important issues that neither left or right is discussing.

Seeing through the theatrics

In order to avoid falling victim to the Hegelian Dialectic from now on, you must remember the process involved. Any time a major problem or issue arises in society, think about who will gain or profit from it. Then remove yourself from the equation, take a step back and look at it from a third party perspective. See the so-called “problem”, look at who is reacting, why and in what way. Then look for who is offering up the solution.

When you do this, you’ll quickly see the real truth instead of the false truth they wanted you to see.

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About the author:

Lee “General” Maddox is the founder of realnewsaustralia.com, a site dedicated to offering an alternative view to government-controlled media, and helping people to challenge and question what they see on TV, read in newspapers & hear on the radio.

Catch Lee on the conspiracyoz podcast or visit his website: www.realnewsaustralia.com

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