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Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience. Call in and participate on Fridays; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Highlights:

-Bringing things into reality; controlling our thoughts when confronting fear

-The causes of inflation

-Reading the labels carefully when buying packaged foods

-Dr. Sears gave a great interview yesterday; he explained inflammation and the causes of it more clearly than anyone we’ve ever talked with.

-Robert calls to learn more about cell salts; how our jaws are not forming well due to mineral deficiency

-You can’t get healed unless you know you’re broken; you can’t live until you die; can we learn a lesson and change without having a thorn in our side?

Thane Heins was on the show this week; we wonder if his technology will take off one day

-Discharging the body of electromagnetic fields by standing on aluminum foil, stainless steel or copper

-Julie, from MN, calls in to talk about her experience with Morgellons; she shares some of her symptoms; she and Patrick talk the benefits of adding Great Lakes Collagen to the diet

-Will religious exemptions for vaccinations ever be taken away? Patrick doubts it and explains why

-Patrick talks about the pineal gland and how certain religions have known forever the connection between soul and the pineal gland

-John calls in from NY to rehash the the show we had with Viv Forbes; John took issue with some of the things Viv said and was quite eruptive towards Mr. Forbes. He tells Patrick what and why he didn’t like the stance of Mr. Forbes

-John continues to grill Patrick about his method of interviewing the guests and expresses his desire to hear Patrick challenge the guests more

-Patrick goes back in history and talks about the Federalist and Anti-Federalists papers; making an argument eloquently without attacking the other person. Now that’s diplomacy

-Lance, in Escondido, calls in to continue the conversation about Viv Forbes’ interview. Viv stated that he had not seen evidence of chemtrails coming out of the backs of planes; Lance gives his argument and refers to the work of Dane Wigington

-If chemtrails are linked to Morgellons, then why aren’t there more people suffering from Morgellons?

-The spiritual truth ‘there’s always a way’

-Lance talks extensively about the work of Thane Heins and alternative energy sources

and so much more!

open phones patrick

open phone friday, So what will it be – fruit juice, vinegar or tea for thee?, Sept 11, 2015 Part One (135 min)

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    'Open Phone Friday – Can You Heal Without Knowing You’re Broken? Learning the Lesson Without Having the Thorn In Your Side – September 11, 2015' has 1 comment

    1. September 17, 2015 @ 7:33 pm Kevin

      I’m interested in talking to Lance more if he sees this message.


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