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Show Highlights:

-When our minds control us: Patrick talks about his experiences of over thinking health issues and how this over thinking landed him in the hospital just to find out nothing was really wrong

-Listener comment: For the last 45 minutes, you have provided profound wisdom for your listeners, most of us hear you but not listen to you or your guests speakers. We have been polarized for so long with the standard of care or protocol, we become disconnected with the soul and who we are. I am glad that this morning God has spoken into your spirit to reveal to us your experience as one unique soul in which all of us are. I hope all my co-listeners absorb your teaching today.

-Patrick talks about an ulcer he created with all the acidic things he has been taking all these years like apple cider vinegar, HCL and fermented foods

-How we create situations to learn something and let it go

-Patrick talks about his brain biofeedback test

-Listener comment: Dear Patrick, just a few thoughts on the food-related issues you are sharing with us today:

Aloe vera is different from aloe ferox that you have told us you were taking over that period of time last year and this year. And the Ferox you were taking is a pretty Good & strong one to have every single day!

Certainly in any future moment you can eat Once in a while Any of the ‘acidic’ foods you have excluded now but even with the ‘good’ foods or ‘right’ supplements you are having now – a lot of the Same (only) all the time does not seem …natural. There must be variety..!

A lot of the same for some period of time may be good for that certain period of time & may help healing at that time. Then, back to variety, and mostly variety of the things your constitution loves – yes! : ))

For blood – RED-color foods may be good for it + GREEN/chlorofil-rich ones (green leafy ones & chlorella) + !Spirullina!

Reishi!!! Chaga !!! Any time : )) We love you : )

-A listener shares some ideas:

– Chinese medicine (tonic herbs, for sure) always address In General the 3 tresures AND BLOOD which we often omit to mention or think about : )

– the cabbage juice (red cabbage may be better to start with rather than green or white cabbage) may be better or easier to start drinking mixed with some apple juice – for a small glass of cabbage maybe 1 apple juiced in would be enough (even though apple would be ‘out of time’ in the afternoon ; )

– chaga or reishi (ongoing, for maintenance, yet) may be better for you at this stage to take in powder rather than tincture unless the tincture is mixed in a good cup of tea

– shilajit is really really good too ongoing

– “Let your food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food” ; )

– try adding some (magical) astragulus to your cooked foods too : )

– A listener shares ideas about blue light and F. Lux

-Listeners write in with ideas on how to deal with ulcers and anemia

and so much more!!!


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open phones with you and patrick, october 3, 2014, hour one

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'Open Phone Friday – The Cure Is In the Cause – October 3, 2014' has 1 comment

  1. October 4, 2014 @ 7:23 am RadioGuGu

    What is experience?

    (Atom might ask When is experince?!.. : ))

    The Red-color foods above reminded us of beets, which are really really good for the blood too. /a small beet or less, juiced, a day, would not harm anyone… or every other day. Cheers!

    Hugs & lovely weekend to all! :)


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