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Show Highlights:

-What’s it saying when we get sick? Are we sickly or just healing something?

-Is the anti-gluten phase just a fantasy? A listener shares an article

-One of our listeners comments on the above study saying:Unfortunately many journalists are now reporting the findings of that study to mean that Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity doesn’t exist. Looking more closely at this study illustrates once more how most journalists and their readers do not know how to analyze and interpret such studies.

The 37 people selected for this study had self-reported NCGS and irritable bowel syndrome (based on Rome III criteria), but not celiac disease. The symptoms of NCGS are usually not intestinal and do not match the symptoms listed in the Rome III criteria for IBS. Which means people with NCGS were excluded from the study. I have genetically confirmed NCGS and non-intestinal gluten-exposure symptoms, and I would have been excluded from this study.

The idea of a 2 week washout after exposure to gluten is absurd. The immune system reacts for months after even a one-time tiny exposure in those that are sensitive. Many NCGS people also cross-react to whey isolate, so using that as a control further invalidates the study.

I accept that some people with IBS are reacting to FODMAPS, which includes breads. But this study does not support the idea that NCGS is a nonexistent condition. The misleading study headline is partly to blame for all the trash journalism that has spewed forth from this study and all the people that will continue to suffer from NCGS, thinking it is only a fad imaginary condition.

This study was sponsored by George Weston Foods, an Australian breadmaker. They would certainly have a vested interest in disavowing the idea of NCGS.

-Turning health into a religion is not a good idea

-The effectiveness of castor oil packs

-John in NY calls in to talk about a time when he was sick and used ozone therapy as opposed to antibiotics

-Dee calls in to talk about what she does to take care of the flu; only takes 2 days or so

-Roger calls in from FL to talk about coffee enemas and ultra violet light treatment. Here is the link to the article he talked about

-A listener wants to know Patrick’s opinion of Dr. Bob Marshall’s nutritional supplement line

-Another listener comments about MMS:Hi Patrick, I’m glad that you’re feeling a little better. Another way of getting rid of a bunch ofbuggies and getting your terrain better is chlorine dioxide (MMS) You had Jim Humble and Andreas Kalker on your show in the past. The stuff works really well and now there are newways of making and taking it that are easier than in the past. I’m sending the site and several
of the videos for you to watch.

andreas Kalker

-Denise, from Dallas, calls in to tell us she is starting a nutritional protocol with Dr. Peter Glidden. We love Denise’s gumption in refusing a TB test as well as an X-ray the nursing home she lives in wanted to administer

-The amazing feeling of spraying hydrogen peroxide on the body

-Homeopathic cell salts; do they work? A listener has been giving them to her little dog with amazing results

and so much more!!!!

open phone friday with you and patrick, august 26, 2015, hour one

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    'Open Phone Friday – Getting Sick to Get Stronger – August 21, 2015' have 2 comments

    1. August 25, 2015 @ 12:33 pm sebastian

      what’s happening to the podcasts. looking forward to them! :)


      • August 26, 2015 @ 1:44 pm CHARLES

        Patrick, hour 2 is the same as hour 1.


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