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Show Highlights:

-Lynn calls in from Nebraska to talk about the detox experience she’s having with her new sauna and the niacin detox protocol

-Patrick and Lynn discuss hempanol. Have you used it? If so, comment below.

-Lynnsuggests as a great sources for used and out of print books. They represent 40 bookstores, 20,000 dealers, and millions of books. They have older editions of Clear Body, Clear Mind.

-Supplementing with vitamin E.

-Atom writes in:It might have been a cool idea for a pescatarian like Steve Jobs to have supplemented with vitamin E.Or eat vitamin E-rich almonds in the morning.

-Comment from a listener on his experience with niacinamide:While waiting for my Niacin and Activated Charcoal to arrive for the detox, I started taking 2500 mg of Niacinamide (non-flush) for the last few days. Wow!!! What a difference it’s made. I have smooth and sustained energy levels throughout the day without any particular food cravings. I now only need 6 to 7 hours of sleep and wake up energized, where before I needed 7 to 8 hours and would be groggy when first awakening. I take 1000 mg mid morning and then 500 mg 3 more times at 3 to 4 hour intervals throughout the day. Google Niacin and sugar cravings and you’ll find lots of research to back this up. Remove the sugar cravings and you’ll rid yourself of that uncomfortable wired, anxious feeling that leads to fluctuating energy levels. Regarding the Activated Charcoal, Dr. Wu recommends taking it after the sweating part of the detox to remove the toxins from the G.I. tract. Activated Charcoal is also good for countering food poisoning, applying topically for bites and is supposed to be the best teeth whitener on the market. Thanks for the info Patrick as the Niacinamide has already been a life changer!

-Atom Bergstrom on taking high doses of niacin:CHRONIC use of high-dose niacin can cause “starry sky liver” (not a good thing) and heart failure.It’s uncommon and usually associated with vitamin C deficiency.Three weeks are not chronic.Non-flush niacinamide doesn’t cause liver problems.

-Patrick talks UFOs andthe message of Bashar

-Patrick reads a comment sent in from a listener about an act of goodness performed by Donald Trump after the Gulf War. Andrew Gause in a response after we finished the show which didn’t get read on the air. Both comments can be found in the comment section here.

and so much more!!!

open phone friday with you and patrick, march 25, 2016, hour one

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  1. March 26, 2016 @ 5:26 pm jina

    Hi, hoping you are enjoying your Easter weekend, your first hour download has only 6 mins. I was looking forward to hearing your first callers experience on detoxing with niacin. Could you please reload it. Regards


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