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When Anything Goes…
And Usually Does!!!

Patrick and Sharon talk with listeners, and each other, pondering emailed questions from the audience, taking a look at the latest news, and having a lot of fun. You’re invited to participate; we’d love to hear from you!


Show Highlights:

-Will Trump actually appoint Robert Kennedy Jr. to a commission on vaccine safety? Contention over safety of vaccines for people and pets. Increase in chronic health conditions in today’s children.

-Per Dr. Thomas Cowan, the shape and thickness of the heart is the opposite of where it would be if the heart was a pump. The number of collateral blood vessels increase to compensate for blockages in the heart.

-Paul Anka is writing a special version of “My Way” for Donald Trump’s inauguration ball.

-Who will Obama pardon before he leaves office? Assange offers to be extradited if Chelsea Manning is pardoned.

-Will vaccinations ever be abandoned? An elderly woman’s health was ravaged by a shingles vaccination.

-John in Saudia Arabia asks about the merits of juicing and if 5-6 hours of sleep can be sufficient. Check Dr. Norman Walker and Jay Kordich books on juicing.

-Listener disappointed by lack of agricultural discussion on urban farmer Curtis Stone’s show. Curtis says his focus is capitalism, socialism, empowering people, and how to support yourself growing food.

-New rage from Hollywood is cannibalism. English newspaper reports on instability of a large number of youth.

-Eating together to strengthen family ties.

-What is benefit of bulletproof coffee with butter and coconut oil? Adding butter to coffee as a substitute for cream. Atom says any added saturated fat makes the beneficial effects of coffee last longer.

-Tips for dealing with cedar fever? Patrick suggests local honey and bee pollen, urine therapy, and bone broth and colostrum to heal leaky gut. Discussion on 12/15/2014 ORN show about adding probiotics.

-How to heal leaky gut and gain weight? Bone broth, digestive enzymes, aloe, eliminate grains.

-Is there benefit in adding fun food occasionally?

-Question about prices for strophanthus (ouabain). has it on sale right now for $49.75 US for 60 g.

-Atom says eating soup continuously warmed in a crockpot is a good way to gain weight.

-The Tocomin recommended by Dr. Cowan contains alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocotrienols from fresh, virgin red palm oil.

-Atom says most of the adrenal glands are in the skin. Patrick recommends scrubbing the skin every morning with a hard brush.

-Don’t be for or against anything. Being attached to a position is being in the mind, which takes you away from the truth which is above the mind, where God is, where you can hear the voice of truth. Nothing exists except in relationship to its opposite.

-Paida lajing slapping and stretching therapy shown here: Atom says slapping the face retains bone mass in the jaw and tooth sockets.

-Every day take your thumb and press up on each tooth about 10 seconds. You’ll never have loose teeth.

-Atom says blood and lymph move in a similar but not the same way.

-Cold stops the venous pump and can kill a fetus if its heart hasn’t developed yet. Saunas help the heart by stimulating the venous pump.

-Growing sulfur crystals in a glass to test whether it’s alive.

-Patrick talks about his early religious experiences.

Researchers have concluded the abdominal/intestinal mesentery is actually an organ. Used to think it was fragmented, now say it’s a continuous structure that shuttles white blood cells around the intestine.

-The Wild West of modern medicine.

-Applying the Law of Return to understand Linda’s shattered elbow.

-Trump is the karma of the US.

and more!!


open phone friday with sharon and patrick, janaury 13, 2017, hour one

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