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Show Highlights:

-Are insurance companies the stumbling block to reforming healthcare? Does Patrick have the solution?

-ObamaCare’s net cost is currently estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to be $1.34 trillion dollars over the next decade. In 2016 alone, Obamacare will cost a total of $110 billion.

-United Healthcare had record breaking profits in 2015, followed by $46.5 billion in 1st quarter 2016. Now they’re leaving all but a handful of health insurance exchanges, along with Aetna.

-Tips for lowering high blood pressure.

-How much control do the boys have over President Trump? Will Trump change things? What changes do you want to see?

-Dr. Jaffe said not to eat white potatoes because they have too much sugar in them. Atom says a potato provides complete protein and the white potato is 105 on the protein scale.. Dextrinization neutralizes the toxic starch and solanine. Some of the greatest feats in the world were performed by potato-eating Irishmen.

-To dextrinize a potato, bake above 350. The ideal is 200 degrees, but that takes a long time. Do not wrap in foil.

-Patrick loves his Rejuvenator Plus, a therapeutic shiatsu massager.

-Patrick’s recommendation for sources of mineral supplementation: 1) Deep ocean water, which has minerals in exact proportion as in the human body. 2) Azomite ormus mineral powder from 3) IntraMax and IntraMin.



open phones with patrick timpone, january 20,2017, Hour One

'Open Phone Friday – President Trump, Healthcare, and Looking Forward #MAGA – January 20, 2017' have 2 comments

  1. January 23, 2017 @ 1:31 am Steve

    People should be responsible for their own health, and nobody should stand in their way to achieve that. However, if people feel compelled for their government to get into the health care business, the “Citizens In Charge” plan has some great ideas:

    > Single-payer (federal government) coverage for catastrophic health care needs.
    > non-catastrophic health care needs are managed by individuals via a government-funded voucher.
    > The voucher debit card receives $350/month, max $10K accumulation.
    > Individuals may spend on gym membership, exercise equipment, nutritional products, chiropractors, conventional medical products or services, etc.
    > Account balances may be donated to others in need.
    > Individuals rate their health purchases in a national health services ratings database.

    This plan actually costs much less than we are currently spending, and puts the responsibility and incentive for citizens to take care of themselves. A healthy nation is a productive nation.

    More info:


    • January 26, 2017 @ 9:32 am Suzy

      Thanks for the links, Steve. I had no idea this movement exists. Definitely a great alternative.


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