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Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience. Call in and participate on Fridays; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Highlights:

-We now know every physical malady has a spiritual component which iswhy we get “sick” – To change spiritually

-Patrick’s cardiac dream was not what it would appear to be

-Chat about Ebola

-Donna in NYC calls with some fun stuff about Higher Brain Living: Bringing moreoxygen to the frontal cortex; using activated charcoal to clean and whiten teethand good stuff about the Q1000 Laser that Donna and Patrick use

-Urine therapy and a black tongue…oh my, what’s that about?

-Things to take when traveling just in case

-Listener asks “How to start” getting healthy

-The USG, other governments and fear

-Listener asks how to cure premature ejaculation

-Structuring water

-Using activated charcoal

-Mixing fruits and veggie in a smoothie

-Wonderful story that started with Sharon’s gift to Doodle with special dog food

-Jackie Jura shares a poem:

Speaking of EBOLA — the latest so-called PANDEMIC — I’m reminded of a poem I wrote way back when SARS was public enemy number one… thought you might get a kick out of it:


You’ve got probable, suspected SARS
but we can’t really tell until yer dead
It may be the Flu but WHO knows?
there could be a Mad Cow in your head

Put a mask on your face or stop breathing
and stay in your place for ten days
Don’t sleep with your husband or your wife
and do absolutely everything WHO says

If yer ain’t learnt by now who WHO is
or that West Nile started in a crow
and a mosquito that lands on your arm
could have bit one for all you know

Then you won’t stay long in isolation
Forced quarantine will be next for you
But if you washed yer hands before eating
then you’ve probably just got Flu

~ by Jackie Jura, 2003 ~

-And the closing song, “one” from an Austin Artist, Heidi can download for free
and learn more about Heidi and her vision

Open Phone Friday Orange

open phone friday with you and patrick, october 17, 2014, hour one

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