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Patrick talks with listeners and ponders emailed questions from the audience. Call in and participate on Fridays; we’d love to hear from you!

We had a special guest for 30 minutes during the second hour, Patrick’s holistic veterinarian Dr. Will Falconer, to talk about an e-course on nosodes, tautodes & titers and pet vaccination alternatives

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Show Highlights:

-Patrick talks about his experience using CBD oil

-It’s time to detox the liver; Sharon has started the mini beet protocol, a detox she loves and does every year. If you’re not familiar with it, check it out here She’ll call in in a couple of weeks to report the results

-A listener comments:ABOUT MARIJUANA AND THE WAR ON DRUGS – August 12, 2003 – According to Kathy O’Brien, a former mind-controlled sex slave for the gov, they would let slaves take all the drugs they wanted, except marijuana. Why? Because marijuana usage made it impossible to mind control them. It doesn’t allow for the compartmentalization of the mind to take place. Since I heard her say that on a video a few years ago, I have understood the “war” on drugs in a little different way. I think you might find this of interest!

-Comment from a listener:Just saw this in the local paper…
Pilot program for a virtual reality lab program for science and technology. Kids will wear special “space” glasses to view and interact with 3 dimentional models of objects like a human heart.
Looks like they’ll be able to make the kids believe whatever they say reality is. Creepy!!!

-Comment from a listener:I wanted to tell you & your listeners about my experience with Ken Rohla’s scalar energy disk. I was dealing with achillies tendon pain for 5 months. I was doing acupuncture, energy healing, DMSO,, arnica gel, Qi Gong, zapping. I got some relief but the pain was bringing me down mentally. I bought the 6.5 inch disk & I was pain free 12 hours after receiving it!!! it’s been 2 weeks now, I feel amazing and mentally more clear & free of anxiety. I also bought the crystal pendant. WOW!! Thanks for having Ken on, I LOVE your show so much!!!

-Patrick talks about detoxing with an Essiac tincture

-Can MSM and flaxseed cure cataracts? A listener read that they can. If you’ve had an experience with this, please leave a comment below

-Ross calls in from Arkansas to ask if Patrick has any information on GcMAF yogurt

-The best detergent for window cleaning

-Dr. Falconer, Patrick’s holistic vet, calls in for 30 minutes with crucial information about pet vaccinations. His information is very enlightening.

-Trent calls in to talk about how enzymes should be taken
-How far should we go in helping other’s with their health, especially when the natural remedies we offer may be met with a good deal of resistance?
-The easiest way to keep your bowels moving while detoxing
and so much more!!

open phones with you and patrick, february 19,2016, hour one

'Open Phone Friday – Spring Liver Detox; Pet Vaccination Alternatives; and More! – February 19, 2016' has 1 comment

  1. February 23, 2016 @ 4:36 pm Oriana

    Hoo boy, Patrick, you are amazingly naive about the ritual abuse mind control that Cathy O’Brien and many, many others have experienced. It has NOTHING to do with hypnotism. But hey if ignorance of it brings you bliss, who are we to spoil that for you? Just mentioning it because to deny its existence is an insult to the millions (yes) of abused victims.
    In other news, GC-MAF yogurt culture is also being sold on Etsy for $25-99.


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