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Show Highlights:

-Once you wake up, there’s no going back; Patrick talks free will and living your life for you

-The Keshe Foundation is supposedly unveiling something very interesting about plasma technology that’s as small as a shoe box which will power your house

-John calls in asking for help and ideas for dealing with arthritis. Atom Bergstrom writes: Rheumatoid arthritis = too alkaline.Osteoarthritis = too acid.However, most “arthritis” is NOT either one because “arthritis” is a wastepaper-basket term for ANY type of joint stiffness or inflammation.

-A listener shares a video about predicting 9/11

-The business of Cancer; how much money is spent on it?

-A listener writes in to share some pretty incredible healing stories with cell salts

-Is it necessary to add black pepper to turmeric to make it effective for healing? A listener writes in: I am taking an Ayurveda course. The instructor, K. P. Khalsa said, “Black pepperadded to turmeric is not necessary. It is modern day thinking, and is not correct.”Mushroom Wisdom added black pepper to their mushrooms products a few yearsago. They had so many complaints from people whose stomach it bothered, theyno longer have black pepper in any of their products.

-Atom Bergstrom writes:99 percent of my research is from books.Multi-millions of “obsolete” books (including ancient ones) are now freely available thanks to Google’s supercomputers.(When it comes to surveillance, Google knows fifty times more about us than the NSA.)Both vaccinations and inoculations have been used for millennia in ancient China, India, and Persia.

-Patrick talks about grounding technology and agrees with Dave Stetzer that it’s pretty worthless. A listener writes:

In one of your recent interviews with him and in a recent YouTube video of his, Tony P. suggested it would be okay to put some pieces of copper in your shoes or stand on aluminim foil even while one is working next to high-powered electrical equipment, even that is is PREFERABLE to so it them to relive some of the electric build-up in our body because it goes down through us and out.

Dave Stetzer suggest this is an very bad idea because we become a conductor for electricity when we do that and when we do the aluminum foil/copper trick we need to be well away from any source of electricity.

I remember you said you would start this practice as soon as you found out about it from Dave and Tony. How are you practicing it? Are you doing it when you are in your studio sitting (or standing) at recording equipment a-la Tony P? Or are you more careful to do it when you are further away from your eqipment and not near any active sources of electricity?

I would love to hear Tony and Dave debate this question just so I could make a really infformed decision, but I get the best second is to have an impartial third-party such as yourself who is really on the ball, tell us how you do it. Maybe some of your listeners can also chime in.

-Is there a way to make sulfur more palatable?

-Patrick shares his fecal implant story

and so much more!!

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open phone friday with you and patrick, october 16, 2015 hour one

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