Two nights ago severe leg pains, mostly right leg, hip and knee came on like a freight train while I was sitting quietly.  Thats curious.  I immediately linked it to a variety of the sciatica issue I’ve been working through for a year.  A rascal indeed.

The buring pains at times were quite drastic and well, moaning type of pain.  Ugh! After a restless nights sleep, one of my first hits was this is a gallbladder thing, for often knee pain is directly linked to gall bladder.  I called my cracker jack chiropractor in Austin, Dr. Kieran Kuykendall and they slipped me in yesterday afternoon.

After some testing he said if was definitely linked to gallbladder and large intestine..  Put a laser on it, got some nutrients with beets to clear out the debris or whatever is going on.

Last night it was really bad and has been going on all day.  I suspect it is the result of the fired up immune system with Benicar and we are killing bugs in gall bladder and intestines and it is manifesting in these meridians down the legs.

I came to the reasoning after speaking with a good friend, who introduced me to the MP as she has been on it for eight months working her way through a severe Lyme infection.  She is getting stronger and healthier than shes been  in a very long time.  She said she experienced severe leg pains for a bit as the bugs were being killed off.  Interesting.

I may be in for a party here.  I think that just the possibility that the MP researchers are as accurate as I suspect they are is truly amazing.  Can it be that most of us are walking around with lots of bacteria that in most cases our immune system can not deal with?

I know the MP people have the science and all that.  I will, however, have to experience the whole thing for my self to "Know."

I am leaning more and more, as I read more on  

I am learning that the best way is to batten down the L Forms with Benicar and these soon to come antibiotics and let the immune system do the work.  And, do not take anything else to jumble up the system.

And it makes sense, our immune systems are amazing, efficient and miraculous so there is no need to add to it.  The protocol suggests they have years to prove these special products will get the body in position where the immune system will knock them off as fast as we can take the "die off."

I am early in the process, yet with the discomfort is cool knowing I am turning over stones that will need to be turned over some day or aging and possible disease may result.


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