By Patrick Timpone

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I wonder who said that first.  “It takes a long time to get young.”  I think about what I’ve learned just in the past couple of
months, it is amazing.  Information pours in at the velocity we desire
and allow it to come in.

Our friend Dr. David Jubb explained in an interview past how we just
“know” when a piece of information has some validity.  Not necessarily
validity in the pure sense of the word Truth.  Yet, valid enough to
look into not knowing where it will take us.

One of my biggest lessons of late is realizing that I truly do need
to nurture and care for this body carefully and with creativity.  That
may sound like a “Duh” statement, but as close as I was to all this
natural healing world the past 30 years or so, I just assumed I was
doing the best thing because I felt good and…well, onward though the
fog and all that.

What I can offer you is a few ideas to smooth out your journey a bit
and expedite it as well.  We do not get extra points for pain and
discomfort.  These visitors usually drop in because we ignored small
yet significant warning signs.  The cool thing is that the whole thing
is set up for us to live pain free and incredibly healthy lives for a
very, very long time.  Most of us have been programed not to know that
thus small aches, pains, rashes etc. etc. that come up are ignored
because we think it is just part of the deal.

Sure, we are being assaulted fairly regularly with insults that are
facts of the modern era.  However, now we have the knowledge and
technologies to erase all of them as if they never were there and we’re
learning how to either neutralize or avoid them so they have no effect

If insects and bacteria can easily figure out how to evolve regardless of pesticides and antibiotics, we can and do and will.

I recommend getting comprehensive blood tests done every year along
with a saliva and hair analysis.  Take your fasting blood sugar
regularly, your urine and saliva PH and the big one:  Have a truly
dialed in dentist who is up on all the things we talk about here –
check you out every six months.  And, brush, floss and maybe Hydrofloss
your mouth a couple times a day. The time spent on keeping your mouth
healthy brings dividends 100 fold.

There are many all over the world that can assist you in analyzing
all the information you get from these simple, inexpensive tests and
you can do much of it on your own as well.

Getting old is…getting old don’t you think?  We have plenty of time
for getting older and dying.  Too many folks that want help, fun to
have and things to do.

And it takes a long time to get young.

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