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Comments / Inquiries::  Yesterday was the first time I ever tuned in, as a friend alerted me to the Money show with guests we knew. I found Patrick to have a soothing voice and to be a good host, however I am totally "grossed out" that he admits proudly to eating raw animal hearts, adrenal glands and whatever from my animal friends. The human physiology is that of an herbivore or frugivore, not a carnivore (scientific fact), no matter how "different" he thinks he is. Animals are not ours to eat, and humanity needs to seriously evolve, especially those at a radio station "focusing on health, wealth & wellbeing". Please!

Patrick Responds:

Dear             ,

I understand totally how you feel and respect your opinion.  I felt The same way for many, many years.

The fact is, many,many people can not do well long term on a vegan Or vegetarian diet.  Science has shown, for instance, that many vegetarians can not Easily let go of heavy metals for some reason.

Exactly what we were "meant" to eat is a big question and will make a great Hour long discussion with two opposing views….and I just think we’ll do that.

Many things have transpired in our culture the past 100 years and its a possibility That if you are correct in :

"human physiology is that of an herbivore or frugivore, not a carnivore (scientific fact), no matter how "different" he thinks he is

what you wrote….can be argued.

Animals for the most part are mistreated terribly world wide and it is a disgrace what Is happening.  I choose only meat from people who grass feed their animals, treat them with respect and are thankful fo their place in all this. The bison I am currently using as medicine to heal are harvested in the field with one shot that instantly sens them off to thier next incarnation.  And prayers and thanksgiving are part of the process.

I support you in your choice of food. 

Frankly, I think it is possible to live on air some day, as broccoli are Soul as well as cows.  I am eating what I am eating at the moment to heal, and it is working, and I suspect if animals are not "the best food" for me I’ll discover that soon enough.

Some day if you choose to have some Turkey at a relatives home so as not to have Them feel badly for refusing to eat….I will not judge you.  Consider not judging others If you do not others to judge you.

And the end of the day, if we are doing our jobs, we are all giving our lives for someone else.

May The Blessings Be,



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