Sunday, January 17. 2010

This is the first of many blogs on Patricks adventures into “The Marshall Protocol”, boosting the immune system, weakening stealth bacteria; with special man made substances including unique antibiotics.

Please refer to past interviews that will give you the audio story.  They are shows with:

Dr. Greg Blaney

Amy Proal

Paul Albert

As further refrence you will find hot links to various websites in the text above the pod cast for lots of research.

After a month or so of talking and thinking about what the research and results have shown regarding these L Form, (and other) very cleaver, stealth bacteria; I had special blood tests to take a deeper look into Patricks body.

The tests of several Vitamin D levels indicted a good chance that L Forms are there.  But I must tell you I knew I was going to go on this protocol before these tests.  The reason being Patrick has had interrupted sleep for more than 15 years, waking up often at night, generally 3 or more times…mostly more.  The waking up is not the most challenging however, in most cases getting back to sleep is not in the cards.

It has been as if my brain, even with the no “thoughts” present is still humming and nerve endings are firing.  Thats the best way I can describe it.

You can imagine, with the access I have to the best and the brightest the nutrients and techniques I’ve tried over the years to heal this has been extensive.  What is interesting is that as of late, my friend Michael Payne, who offers in home testing that we’ve done called Nutra Physical has been closing in on the infection issue very recently.He said the tests we’ve done are showing infections are causing disruptions in the various receptors in the brain that deal with hormones such as Dopamine, Serotonin, Melatonin et al and that is why I am not sleeping well.

We learned from our show with Paul Albert that there are many Vitamin D Receptor Sites,

(VDR), controlling all kinds of hormones and bodily functions that get disrupted with the L Forms attacking the body.

I’ll use the term L Form for these stealth bacteria, although we’re told there are countless other unwanted bacteria that team up to cause these problems.

I took 20 mg of Benicar at 3 PM yesterday and felt very clear, well and energetic for yesterdays 6 PM show.  Benicar reduces inflammation and turns on the Vitamin D receptors so they will start killing unwanted guests of all kinds.

The working dose for Benicar is 40 mg 4x per day.  I experienced unusual clarity and quietness of the body last night, woke up 3 or 4 times, but went back to sleep easily except for one time.  I suspect the small dose of Benicar reduced inflammation and is the cause of the lightness and clarity I am experiencing.

The interesting concept of this protocol is cool to consider.  One of the curious issues is that we’re told, and many ont he protocol experience healing responses of pain, discomfort etc. as the immune system kills the cells where the L Forms have invaded.  So, the killing by the immune system and the clean up of the toxins released and dead cell matter cause an uncomfortable healing response for most.  The level of which is determined by how “sick” someone which probably correlates to the amount of bacteria being killed off at any one time.

In a week or so I will start taking a very low dose, pulsed, (every other day) Bacteria Static antibiotic that will stun, (taser )  these bacteria, knock them out of bio bilms where they group together and weakened now the immune system will have them for lunch.

The dance is to kill bacteria with as little as possible healing response so as not to have a bad day and do ones life.  That is done by the patient, with support if needed, modifying the doses to reach the goal.

So many questions here and so many possibilities and for Patrick it is quite exciting to be involved in getting to, (my goal), the heart of the matter.

I’ve used the term Mother load cause of disease and not “First Cause” for I believe first cause is on the Spiritual level and is created by Soul, who we are, but that is for another day.

Let me know if I can help and stay tuned to this Blog. if it helps just one Soul reach their health goal, then I am happy and honored to tell my story.

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