Just burned through some interesting, for Patrick and perhaps for you, experiences on my road to super wellness.  On Tuesday a sever knee and leg pain hit.  Very sever.  Really hurt at times.  I’ve been working though some sciatica that was the result of a sight injury to a disc.  So, I went to my chiropractor when the leg pain hit and with kinesiology Dr. K asserted it was a gall bladder issue.

So, my now ramped up immune system, (post Benicar), may have started some bacteria clean up in the gall bladder and the pains were exactly on the gall bladder meridian down the right leg.  We’ve often said that right knee pain is most often a gall bladder issue.  Interesting.

I used the Tennant Biomodulator on the Gall Bladder and after five hour treatment with the Biomodulatior strapped on to my waist.  the pain was completely gone.  This device is amazing.

I then had a session with Michael Payne with his Zyto Machine that I plug into my computer and go online with him.  The more I experience the Zyto and Michaels Nutra Physical work, the more I am impressed indeed.

The system saw clearly that it was indeed a gall bladder issue, more specifically a stone trapped in the bile duct.  With this electro magnetic meridian testing my body told me exactly what protocol would best alleviate the issue.  I theorize the Bio Modulator ramped up the voltage in my liver gall bladder enough so the stone was not traumatizing the organ.  Because the Zyto test on Saturday saw the stone.

This morning, Sunday, I did a coffee enema, fresh beet and asparagus juice followed by an apple and carrot chewed to minimize toxic blow off.  I have been taking some of Premier Research Labs Gall Bladder Nano De Tox and HCL with meals.  That is cleaning out the gallbladder and I feel great.

I am going to work with these things for another day or so and then start the low dose Menocycline every other day at 25 mg. and start stunning some bacteria for my immune system to finish off.

Another note on the Nutra Physical.  The last time I was tested, two weeks ago, Michale Payne showed me that the Zyto detected the pathways to my dopamine, serotonin, and other sleep related hormones was blocked.  This is due to infections we believe.  And I’ve been on some specific homeopathics The system found would work best.

My sleep has improved by 75%.  Amazing.  Homeopathic work is extremely powerful when the right remedy and dose are given. And the Zyto can do that.  With Michael asking the right questions.

So, we are on our way.  It is exciting.  email me questions if you would like. 


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