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Dr. Idelle Brand andDiandra Brand

9 Ways to Acknowledge your Indigo Child–and Help Them Thrive

Enlightened indigo childIndigo children are highly sensitive, and most noted for their extraordinary innate gifts in music, art, and academia. Many also have enriched sensory perception or psychic abilities. Acknowledging Indigo children will enlighten parents to new techniques in parenting so that their child can be well and flourish.
Dr. Idelle Brand is an integrative holistic practitioner and the parent of two healthy Indigo children. She believes Indigo children are the next generation in human evolution. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of conventional and complementary medicine along with her child-raising experiences, she has developed comprehensive modalities that help sensitive Indigo children achieve a sense of balance and well-being in their lives.
Dr. Brand shares 9 attributes that any parent can use to identify their child as an Indigo child. In addition, she can discuss:– Why being highly intuitive can also make Indigo children highly sensitive — Why some children seem to possess knowledge way beyond their age– Why invisible friends may be real to your child– Why Indigo children are so connected to nature and pets– Why bad dreams may be overwhelming to Indigo children — Why quiet time alone is important for maintaining health– How parents can make the home environment healthier for Indigos
Dr. Idelle Brand is a holistic dentist, integrative healer, and teacher of diverse complementary healing modalities. She is coauthor, with her daughter, Diandra Brand, of the new book, Enlightened Indigo Child: A Personal Guide to Flourishing with a Sixth Sense (2014, $17.95). Learn more at .


Show Highlights:

-Diandra, Dr. Brand’s daughter, joins us to share how her life is as an Indigo; she talks about remembering past lives and how she can see auras. Do all Indigos see them?

-Dr. Brand gives us some ideas on how to raise Indigo children; the importance of respecting their sensitivities as they are highly intuitive and oftentimes very sensitive to their environments.

-Dr. Brand tells us how so many children labeled as hyper active are often very creative Indigos; we can be learning from these kids

-Picking up on the past lives of others; Diandra tells us about her path as an intuitive and how she helps others with her gift

and so much more!!!


the indigo girl and mom, january 27, 2014

'Dr. Idelle Brand and Diandra Brand – 9 Ways to Acknowledge your Indigo Child–and Help Them Thrive – January 27, 2015' have 3 comments

  1. February 2, 2015 @ 11:19 am Alycia

    Patrick – I love this topic! Thank you for conducting a great interview 😊
    I hope you have Her back to talk about metaphysics ✨


  2. March 7, 2015 @ 9:08 am Trina

    I think this book will be great. I disagree however in the concept that ‘some’ children are special. I personally think it is the same as adults who ask a question like ‘am I awakened?’ It is for our egos to feel special. We want to feel this way so we separate ourselves into cliques, groups. This is as old as time.

    We all have this ability. All children apply. We are all one and the same, chew on that bit. It is wonderful to help kids grow these abilities. We did not have this wide of acceptance until this generation and so most were forced to hide, forget or learn/grow on their own. We can help those behind us grow and manage these abilities. But I think it is an injustice to place our ego and need to separate onto them when doing so.


  3. March 10, 2015 @ 8:45 pm Joyce newton



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