Patrick-Timpone-8546-1I have been taking the recommended dose of organic sulfur, 1 tsp. in water twice a day about twelve hours apart, for about a month now. I can unequivocally tell you the positive results from this food is one of the more dramatic and noticeable that I’ve experienced in my thirty three years awareness of natural healing.

Specifically an increase in energy, clarity and sense of well being was my experience after just a couple of days. We have received word from many others similar results thus far in this research. Some people experience slight detox feelings; i.e. headaches, flu like symptoms for a day or two. In all cases thus far the detox is short lived and easily manageable. The folks at the main sulfur study suggest if and when this happens to take more sulfur. We can not give medical advice even though this is just a food. In all cases you should check with a qualified medical professional before taking on any health regimen you may be unsure of.

The short story of why this may be affecting us as it does is that with the introduction of chemical fertilizers in the late 1800’s the sulfur in the soil

Is not available to the plants. And the body requires sulfur to sulfate things

Like mercury etc. out of the body. Are we all sulfur deficient and that is the reason for the positive experiences? Time will tell for sure. And, to add insult to injury Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a past guest on the show says her research clearly shows exposure to glyphosates, associated with Roundup and all GMO foods inhibits sulfites to be made in the body, the necessary component of detoxification.

One of the more interesting ongoing feedback we are receiving is many of you are remembering your dreams for the first time this lifetime and many are experiencing more colors and depth of detail in their dream life while the body is sleeping. We know dreaming is a spiritual experience as Soul is

off on adventures as the body sleeps. Our theory is the sulfur initiates detoxification, oxygenation of the cells and thus deeper sleep and thus better recall of the experiences at night. This is just a theory, not proven as the cause.

Sharon, I and others have also experienced the need and desire for less food since taking this organic sulfur. Not sure what that is about exactly, but digesting food take a lot of energy and with less food Sharon and I have

remained the same weight. Does the sulfur help with living off more prana, light and love? Interesting question isn’t it?

One question we are asked over and over is how is this sulfur different from the wide variety of MSM’s out there? The best we can determine is The Sulfur Study people have sourced an organic sulfur that is completely free of any and all excipients, and produced in a plant where it is not contaminated thru the air with excipients as well. I can not tell you for sure why this sulfur works and other MSM products do not have the same effect. What I can give you are honest experiences and the experiences of others. The proof is in the pudding.

Patrick Timpone

October 13, 2013


Organic Sulfur



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  1. November 20, 2013 @ 2:33 pm Lori Lamb

    I started taking sulfur from Patrick’s website about 3 weeks ago and within a matter of two days started feeling more energy. I have been dealing with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia since 2004 and the burning/tingling sensations in my arms and legs along with the extreme fatigue has been overwhelming. I completely changed my diet and lifestyle 2 years ago and yet was still not noticing any relief from the Fibro symptoms. While I can’t say my symptoms are gone, I can say that I have more energy to watch my 2 grand children who are ages 2 and 4, I am not as hungry and my symptoms are muted. Prior to the sulfur, I couldn’t sit down to watch TV with the kids without falling asleep. Now I don’t feel tired during the day and I’m finally able to get a decent nights sleep. I have also discovered that my food digests so much easier. The more I read about sulfur, the more I think I am onto something thanks to the interview I heard on one radio network by Dr. Stephanie Seneff. I used to eat a lot of GMO’s and prior to 2 years ago couldn’t have even told you what a GMO was. I’ve now got a couple of decades worth of deteriorating health to reverse. I do think I’m on the right track. Thanks Patrick!


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