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tony pantalleresco and healing at home, june 9, 2014, hour one

Additional questions addressed on today’s show with Tony Pantalleresco

-My wife and I recently discovered that she has some genetic mutations that affect her Methylation Cycle (MTHFR, MTRR, BHMT, VDR, COMT, CBS). We discovered this using to analyze her 23andMe test results. We were turned onto this after investigating the results of her Urine Sulfite test – the test showed that the sulfite levels in her urine were abnormally high.

The methylation cycle is pretty complex, and we’re trying some things to support those genetic weaknesses we’ve discovered, and we’ve seen some very good results so far. One of the things that is really important for my wife is to avoid all foods with significant levels of sulfur. Onions, garlic, greens, beans, and many other foods have high levels of sulfur which trigger problems for her, such as migraines. When she eats sulfur containing foods she feels “sulfer-y”, which means spacey, irritable, drained and tired, muscle tension, headache.

I have question about MSM and Sodium Thiosulfate: does someone with these methylation problems need to avoid MSM and Sodium Thiosulfate?

-Hi Tony, any suggestions for someone dealing with vertigo? Also, where can we get more info on sts (I just finished a one month cycle as you suggested. Really like this product)?

-Hi Tony, I have had an ultrasound done on my thyroid and found one nodule just over 1 cm. Recommended to get biopsies. What in your experience have you heard to shrink these nasties. I have had a wheat free diet and avoided sugar for about 10 years now. I rarely drink alcohol or coffee, but do have tea. My blood work looks normal other than high cholesterol. Am 53 in good health. Was living in Toronto for 10 years now living in Sydney Australia. Hope you can help.

-What is the easiest method to make your own liposomal Vit C?Can you just take regular ascorbic acid with a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

-Please ask Tony what I can do to eliminate dry eyes. My eye doctor says its blepharitis, a condition where the oil ducts in my eye lids are plugged. He recommended that I take omega-3 fish oil caps daily and place a warm towel over my eyes for 15 min then massage the eye lids gently………do this twice a day. However, it doesn’t seem to help. I
bothers me more now after I started seeing large floaters in one eye. I heard that it may be caused by chemtrails…………… any suggestions?

-My 24 years old daughter, took oral contraceptive for a year, now her skin show dark brown spot, melasma, as me when I was pregnant. It is over a year now she stop that pill and those spots are still there. Any suggestions Tony!?

– Tony I truly believe that agenda 21 is happening but do you ever wonder: Do the people behind it do anything to protect themselves from the poison world they are creating? All our food is getting contaminated by GMO and the chemtrails are poisoning everything for everyone. Would like to hear your thoughts.

-Can you please ask Tony if it’s okay to do the TSP/baking soda rinse if one still has some mercury fillings in the mouth?

-Tony, any idea for treating Mesothelioma?

-Wow, what’s not to love about you guys!!! AWESOME ALWAYS!
Ok, protocols for building liver that had hep c. Restoring platelets and overall functions, started detox 3 yrs ago with a metabolic practitioner and colonics that uses Dr. Carey Reams equation and have always felt good. I’m using consistent enzymes and protease, magnesium, potassium. I love taking C and small amounts of Patricks organic sulphur, daily coffee enemas also, daily juicing.
Tony throws a whole new perspective with his insights, love it!!! I’d like to try the maximum vitamin C….
Blessings and hugs to all, thank you for sharing (and caring!!) so much!

-Can you ask Tony his best remedies for candida. There’s so many protocols and diets out there it’s confusing. Beyond a no sugar and low carb diet–what supplements or herbs or foods can one take to eradicate the little beasties? Also, would a good full spectrum probiotic such as the Prescript Assist brand which is a soil based organism probiotic help implant the good while crowding out the bad? I wonder what Tony thinks of the Amasi mentioned by Dr. Pompa the other day–that seems to have a lot of the probiotics in it. Thank you

-Bill Sardi recently said that garlic will slow the production of telomerase – the enzyme that lengthens telomers. This may be good for a cancer patients, but it seems that garlic would be counterproductive for those who want to lengthen their telomeres. If garlic does slow the production of telomerase, is it true for both raw garlic and cooked garlic?

-I have been doing the Teeth protocol of mixing TSP with Baking soda as a mouthwash..I my have noticed some cavities appearing to be going away is this safe to do indefineatly and also do you know of any bad intereactions if you have mercury fillings using this protocol? Tony also if you cannot have Mercury filling removed is there any safe way of at least detoxing some of the daily accumulations of Mercury in the system? Last Question with Mercury fillings a safe way to remove plaque I read about using baking soda with apple cider vinegar but not sure of reactions with Mercury Metal fillings..any insights would be truly appreciated..

-What can you recommend for treating and preventing allergies? Recently I’ve been experiencing swollen eyelids with a white discharge in the morning. I believe it may be related to a grass pollen allergy. Thanks for your advice!

-Been using the turpentine and peanut oil {1-5 as Tony recommended last month} for the lumps under my armpit. I believe thethey are coming more to the surface. Is this what should be happening ? How does the turpentine work? how long will this take? Should I increase the turpentine ratio? I have not been taking the enzymes yet {waiting for a sale} but I eat 50 percent raw, juice, smoothies, veg diet. Also, can other oils be used instead of the peanut oil?

-How much wheat germ oil do you take with the niacin and inositol combo? Is it ok to add some wheat germ oil in food when cooking?

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