tony pantalleresco and healing at home, august 11, 2014, hour two


-What are Tony’s feelings about systemic enzymes for recovery and inflammation and does he have a DIY recipe for them?

-Is it okay to take turpentine on a regular daily basis? Would it be Ok to reach whatever my maximum dose is and then do it regularly?

I just started taking turpentine (about 7 days). So far I have worked up to 4 drops in the evening before bed. After a few days, the stiffness (especially in the morning) of my body seemed to be noticeably less.

-Tony and pat thanks for your work and keep your loyalty to us humans! Which thrisodiumphosphate do you recommend from the chemical store? there are 2 of them. And what’s your ratio for castor oil and turpentine for candida?

-Would you please ask Tony to comment on whether the Ebola epidemic threat in the US is real or not? If so, what is a good remedy?

-You’ve been so helpful and I was hoping you would also ask Tony what he would do if he had a really stubborn sinus infection.

-Any insight as to what might cause the nails to separate from the nail bed near the fingertips along with burning? It seems to come and go. I can’t really relate it to anything I’m doing or not doing.

-Good morning – Tony is my favorite One Network Guest. I have been 42 times around the sun, I workout and or run 5 days a week and am in good shape but I cannot seem to lose the abdominal fat that I picked up in my thirties during a hiatus from working out.

1. Does Tony think that going grain free will help this?

2. What about combing a grain free diet with the Sodium Thiosulfate?

3. Does Tony have any protocols for loosing fat form the midsection?

4. Also What is Tony’s opinion of the Water Cure show from last week?

-Please ask Tony where I can find the research he has about the lethalness of Nano Silver?

-Please ask Tony about the ebola outbreak. Is the threat real? Could it turn into an epidemic? If so what could help heal ebola?

-I’m trying to help a friend who is a25 yr old female with:type 1 diabetes (since age 7), fibromyalgia (since age 17),
cocaine abuse (for 8 years), eats organic vegetarian and takes magnesium but no other supplements.
Fibro pain has been increasing, insomnia fueled by PTSD night terrorshas increased. loss of appetite Ifeel she needs to repair mylan sheath and dopamine receptors and increase protein/nutrients. What are your suggestions? What will show quickest results cause she is stubborn and won’t stay on stuff if she doesn’t notice positive change quickly?

-Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are commonly used as frying oils for cooling and re-heating in many fast-food restaurants. Both BHA/BHT are also used as preservative in cereals, processed meat, candies and even gums. BHA/BHT is banned in European countries and Japan with exception of US. BHA/BHT doesn’t do a lot of damage except insomnia, increased appetite, loss of energy, liver and kidney damage, fetal abnormalities, mental and physical retardation, cancer and baldness.

-I recently started a buffered vitamin c protocol like Tony describes with magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, and selenium, and I’ve noticed that the zinc in this recipe does not affect me the way that it does when I take zinc by itself.

I am a pretty healthy young guy and I don’t have any libido/erectile issues, but when I take zinc by itself under the tongue it makes my libido skyrocket. I get rock hard at the slightest provocation. When I take zinc in the buffered vitamin c drink it does not have this effect, and I’m wondering if Tony can explain why there is a difference in effect?

I’m wondering if I am wasting the zinc, and maybe other minerals too, by putting them in this drink.

-Is Orthophosphoric acid okay to take and what will it do for me?

-Can you ask Tony for his wrinkle formula that he mentioned? It might have been a show from a few weeks ago. I don’t know the best way to contact him.

-Tony…I’m tryinG to avoid sugars as much as possible due to some prostate cancer…and I want to due a liver flushes/cleanse…..just don’t think I should do all the apple juice…thanks

-My 23 year old son has shingles. What can we do for him to not only clear it up but to keep it from coming back. And why would a 23 year old have shingles?

-Tony you said you had a ganglion cyst on your wrist. I have something painful growing on my left inside wrist. Not sure if it is a ganglion cyst or bone spur. Very painful! Any suggestions? I plan on trying the chlorophyll with tsp protocol. You guys are great! Thank you!

-My friend has Graves’ disease and don’t have her thyroid glands. Her medicine got messed up she said and now she has no T-cells in other words he r immune system is shot no white blood cells what can she do to help herself

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