Screw the Globalists By Helping American Workers First




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March 4, 2017


Liberals love government welfare, just as much as the globalist corporations and the one percenters. It’s just who’s getting the welfare which is the question. And as always, it’s the politicians who vote on (dole out) and decide who are the lucky ones. And guaranteed it isn’t American middle-class/upper middle-class taxpayers, nor American small business entrepreneurs, who will get the pork. We’ve been paying for all of the welfare for far too long.

Why should taxes be cut for globalists corporations who have been screwing workers for decades, and they will continue to do just that, especially as robots become more entrenched in the workplace. That trend will not stop. So how about giving all American workers, along with all American small businesses entrepreneurs, an across the board tax cut first. You know, those same entrepreneurs who drive all net economic vibrant activity in capitalist economies. And “pay” for the tax cuts by finally eliminating the 100’s billions (or more) in globalist corporate welfare.

The President talks about cutting “waste” in Washington, by making it run more “smoothly”. What a joke, except the joke is on the 99%ers among the American workers, not on the elites. You only make government run more “smoothly” by completely eliminating programs and departments. If you don’t completely eliminate them, these programs and departements pop right back up. So Mr. President, let’s start making things run “smoothly” by eliminating globalist corporate welfare (pork) first. Their pork has been doled out for decades, and even with you, Mr. President, in there, it continues unabated. The grotesque corporate lobbyists are in Washington at this very moment with the politicians. And the lobbyists are schmoozing, cajoling, providing hookers, favors, and bribing, to ensure their gravy train continues running “smoothly”. But it’s time the globalists felt some pain and had to sacrifice. Meaning they (the globalists) need to feel the turbulence. The rest of us have borne the brunt for decades.

So Mr. President, how about “paying” for corporate tax cuts, by actually cutting corporate pork. Even though you are doing some good things Mr. President, you are not going to cut the pork, because the globalists are still in total control. So when the globalist corporations start their whining about their tax cuts (not ours), let’s point out something to them. Let’s allow true entrepreneurial capitalism to work by doing across the board tax cutting, and also by having a truly smaller government. The only way to make government run more “smoothly” is via a machete. Then even with our toxic debt and derivatives situations, and our mounting inflation problems, we can revitalize the economy somewhat. Therefore we American workers and entrepreneurs all benefit, not just the globalists. The globalists have been on easy street way too long.

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  1. March 6, 2017 @ 9:25 am PRice

    Haha..there’s no way I’d entertain letting Section 8 people move into the houses I own outside of Dallas. Even if the government gave me higher rent, I’d be transferring control of my property. Wonder if the Reuters opinion-formers ever heard of private property when they concoct rationales for what people “should” do.
    I’ve stopped reading Reuters, Bloomberg, and other sites that won’t link to the “facts” they assert. For one example, where is the link to the documentation for the poverty-line assertion?


    • March 6, 2017 @ 9:33 am One Radio

      it’s humorous to read these little liberal youngsters writing these pieces PRice. I’m try to give “both sides” – show their view.


  2. March 6, 2017 @ 2:06 pm Suzy

    Thank you, trader Scott, I can count on you to cut through the B.S.


    • March 6, 2017 @ 4:47 pm One Radio

      Pretty awesome. And our current Prez, and especially the Republicans, will not change a darn thing, except make it more ridiculous.


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