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RELAX Sit-Up Far Infrared Ray (FIR)Sauna

Don’t Be Fooled By ‘Knock Offs”


Testimonial from one of our listeners:

Hi Patrick –
I thought I’d write in and give you my experience with mine. . Since then, I have sat in it for 3 to 4 times a week. The timer is set for 30 minutes. The model I got has two heaters, each of which can be switched on or off independently. I usually sit with both heaters on for 10 to 15 minutes and then switch one of them off when I get too hot. That’s a real plus.
I really like my sauna. I have found that my muscles ache less, it keeps me more flexible and it does help to relax. And knowing the sweating is helping rid myself of toxins is a plus.
I can recommend this product to your listeners.
Karen in Austin, Texas



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Understanding the differences between the RELAX Sauna and other FIR Saunas

Questions ? Why is the Relax Sauna more effective than other FIR saunas ?

Heavy metal toxicity ?
Do you have any reports on how the Relax Sauna has helped certain conditions ?

Summary of brochures that you can look at online or print !
Brochure: Relax Far Infrared Sauna 24 Page Booklet – edited July, 2008

Brochure: Relax FIR Sauna 12 Page Mini Booklet (1st 12 pages of 24 page booklet)

Brochure:Relax FIR Sauna 12 Page FAQ’s (2nd 12 pages of 24 page booklet)

Brochure: FDA Summary of Our listing as a Medical Device documenting
the range of emission of the Relax Sauna as 4-14 microns.

Brochure:Relax FIR Sauna certificates documenting the authenticity of the Relax FIR Saunas.
Brochure:Advanced Technology sheet on the Relax Sauna

Brochure:Why the Relax Sauna stands Head and Shoulders above any other Sauna in the world.

Brochure:Elaboration of why the relax sauna is unique and more effective than almost all other saunas

Brochure: Testimony & Pictures of Karen Russel’s experience in overcoming heavy metal toxicity A few other testimonies we have received.


Go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page on FIR Technology

We are pleased to report that recent research has shown that spending 15 minutes in the RELAX Sauna

is as good(or better) than a 45 minute cardiovascular workout in terms of burning calories


Further research indicates that the FIR Sauna can help:

*Discharge toxins from the body

*Lose weight and beautify the body

*Prevent aging

*Prevent illnesses

*Energize the body

Watch a Video Explaining the Benefits of using the Relax Sauna
& how The Relax Far Infrared Sauna Watch a video on setting up the Relax Sauna

You will have the newest model Relax Far Infrared Sauna delivered in Continental U.S. Please remember to give us your phone number for FEDX

Read our Booklet

Sweat Therapy: Detoxify Naturally, Lose Weight andRejuvenate

Click on the link below
Relax FIR Sauna 12 Page Mini Booklet (1st 12 pages of 24 page booklet)
Relax FIR Sauna 12 Page FAQ’s (2nd 12 pages of 24 page booklet)

You may look at the FDA Summary of Our listing as a Medical Device documenting that
The range of emission of the Relax Sauna is 4-14 microns, and additonal information.

Relax FIR Sauna certificates documenting the authenticity of the Relax FIR Saunas.

The Deluxe Insulated Chair is included with your Sauna purchase.

Programmed Ceramic Semi-conductor chip 20 in each radiator

Click here to see pdf on info on Advanced Technology of Relax Sauna

The Relax sauna has a computer programmed ceramic semi-conductor chip that filters out all NON-healing energies.
The Relax Sauna has a reflecting tent that penetrates deep into human tissues over and over and over again.
The Relax Sauna uses 1500 watts of energy, and generates a very intense healing light energy

Click to see this 1 page elaboration of why the relax sauna is unique and more effective than almost all other saunas


Karen Russell purchased a RELAX Sauna in November of 2007 after talking to Doris Rapp who wrote the excellent book “Our Toxic World”.

Karen had struggled with heavy metal toxicity for 2.5 years. She had tried several products of which she received partial results. After 4-5 weeks

of usng the RELAX Sauna, her lead and mercury levels dropped to normal. She also experienced an incredible reduction of cellulite as well as

more overall tone in her whole body.

Click here to see testimony & Pictures in PDF form of Karen Russel’s experience
in overcoming heavy metal toxicity

More information on the features

of the RELAX (FIR) Sauna


The RELAX FIR Sauna provides an environment of 70 – 80 degrees C.
At this temperature metabolism will be improved, and the blood circulation will be improved.

The FIR energy fan and the specially designed cover material allows for the FIR energy to evenly distribute throughout the sauna. You can breathe air easily, while your body is warmed in a

“hot spring of FIR energized Air.” It’s “better” than being in a “Hot Spring.”

The special designed cover will NOT absorb any smells. There also is no smell.

Other units can leave a smell, but the material in which this unit is made absorbs no odors whatsoever,
even after months of use. It is very very easy to clean.

Even though the temperature is very high, the FIR Sauna is VERY Safe.

This unit has CE and GS certificates. In Europe, the CE mark is a standard for safety.

The GS certificate further indicates an added level of safety.

It takes just about 5-10 minutes to start sweating when using the RELAX FIR Sauna.

By the end of 25 minutes, one can have a very very very good sweat.

The Timer Control can be set for any time period from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes is up, and you can handle more, you can do it again for any time period.

It only takes minutes to set up and close down. There is no mess to clean up.

The specially designed cover will not absorb “direct heat energy”. There is no need to preheat
the sauna or for any kind of warm up procedure. (The old type of wood sauna will absorb “heat energy”
and will need a long period of time to warm up.)

This unit is light and compact. It easily fits in the back of a car. Can ship regular UPS, or FedEx.

Because of the reflecting nature of the material that the Sauna Tent is made out of, the Far Infrared Rays are
able to circulate throughout the Sauna, allowing every part of the body to absorb the Far Infrared Rays.

THE Unique Far Infrared RADIATOR

radiators semi conductor chip

you will have the newest model Relax Far Infrared Sauna delivered in Continental U.S.  Please remember to give us your phone number for FEDX


The Relax FIR Sauna has a FIR heater (automatic controlled ceramic semiconductor chip)
There are 3 components of the FIR heater: FIR materials, Heat Materials & Control Component
The 2 patented FIR Radiators (pictured above) have fans in them.
The electric current sends Far infrared Ray energy light out from the semi-conductor chips.
The purpose of the Fans are to keep the 40 Patented Semi-conductor chips cool.
Because of this, the emitting of the healing FIR energy rays are continuous.
This is why the relax sauna generally works in about 1/2 the time of other FIR Saunas.
Most of your other saunas do not have a continuous flow of energy, because their units get too hot, and thus
automatically turn off to prevent any damage. Their energy goes on and off. You generally cannot tell,
because Far Infrared Light cannot be seen by the human eye. So you can’t see it going on and off.
(Same principle as to what happens when your computer fan goes out.)
Because of the reflecting nature of the material that the Sauna is made out of, the
Far Infrared Rays are
able to circulate throughout the Sauna, allowing every part
of the body to absorb the Far Infrared Rays.
The Patented Automatic Heat Controlled Ceramic Semiconductor combines heat materials,

FIR Materials, and a control component.
theory cer heators
Pictures of the FIR heating unit (with fan)
The research principle on this is: ceramics do not conduct electricity.
By changing the atomic structure, the material which will radiate the Far Infrared Rays
absorbing energy is then added.
It was then confirmed by top scientists in Taiwan that the wavelength is
between 4 um and 14 um which is suitable (and reputed to be very beneficial) for our bodies.
The device that can automatically control the temperature (for the user’s safety) was then added.
This device allows the ceramic semiconductor chip to lower the electric current when the heat is too high,
and to increase the electric current when the heat is too low.
Thus the heat is kept at a steady temperature at all times.

effects of FIR energy in sauna

The mirror-like surface of the Sauna tent reflects the far infrared LIGHT back
over and over and over again – thus creating an EVEN distribution of the Far infrared Light
in the tent, whereby You are absorbing the light from every nook and cranny of the tent.
In other saunas, you only absorb the light from the source of far infrared light, and thus
only about 1/2 to 2/3 of you gets the benefit of the far infrared light.
The Sauna whirl is symbolic of the EVEN DISTRIBUTION of Far Infrared Light.

A fourth level of FIR Technology (the ceramic (computer programmed) semi conductor chip)
filters out all of the non-healing energies, so you do not have to contend with anything
but the absorbable far infrared light of 4 – 14 microns.

(NaturalNews) The first two parts of this series examined the health advantages of lymphatic cleansing with rebound exercise, and fasting for the removal of toxic build-up and internal purification. A third method of detoxification is through the regular use of a far-infrared sauna. The benefits of these three stand-alone practices are exponential when combined and integrated into a healing regimen or health maintenance program. Any healing protocol should also include an ample supply of whole foods. Such a comprehensive program advances the healing process and counters the effects of living in a toxic world.

Far infrared rays are part of the sun’s natural spectrum. The radiant energy produced by an infrared sauna is the same as heat from the sun, with the exclusion of the ultraviolet rays. A heat source, (usually ceramic heating elements), emits infrared waves that penetrate and relax the body as increased blood circulation warms the skin. A flood of sweat and toxins is released through the skin’s open pores as the warm blood circulates deeper throughout the body.

The infrared sauna is a powerful means of cellular cleansing as it increases metabolism and blood circulation. In addition to its use for detoxification it also relaxes muscles, soothes the spirit and rejuvenates the body.(READ MORE)

Listen to Jana Wilson talk about how many of her health issues were healed within just 6 minutes of using this sauna. She explains in detail how the sauna works and the complete benefits it provides as well as what she personally experienced. Jana fell so much in love with this sauna, she married the man who sold it to her :)

Jana Wilson – Far Infrared: The Light that Gives Life – The Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna Benefits Explained in Detail – April 4, 2013

jana wilson, far infrared healing light technology, april, 2013

YouTube Video – a Talk & demonstration on setting up the Relax Sauna.

Open the Box. Take out the Chair. Take out the Sauna cover. Take out the box, which contains the Double Radiator.
The sticks also need to be taken out of the Sauna box. They are usually taped to the Radiator box.

set up of Relax Sauna
The process of setting up the Sauna tent is a very simple process.

Open up the Tent. You can see above 4 phases of opening up the tent. The next phase is setting the tent upright.
Insert the chair inside the tent. Then insert the Radiator unit inside the tent, with the radiators facing the chair.
Now pull the cord underneith the zipper, so it can be plugged in to an outlet.
Then use the zipper of the tent (with the cord underneath the zipper), and zip up the tent, as you would a jacket.
We have to now put the sticks inside the tent to hold the tent upright. These sticks attach to the radiator.
Put each of the two equal shaped double-ended sticks on each side of the radiator on top of the prongs.
Then put the “solid black stick” on top of the 1st stick to the left of the left radiator, as you face the sauna.
Now, place the stick with the metal open end with the black tip, to the right of the right radiator.
One more step remains.
The hardest part of setting up the sauna is getting the controller box on top of the stick that also holds up the sauna.
In 2010, the “shaved” pole pictured below was eliminated.

In 2010, the “shaved” pole pictured below was eliminated.
Both poles are now SOLID. And the SOLID POLE
works just as well as the other pole shown below.

stick that controller box is to go oncontroller box on top of sticksetting the controller box on top of the stickontroller on top of stick inside tent
The blue controller box holder goes on top of stick, where the stick is tucked inside the tent as in the 4th picture above.
To get a feel for how to do this, you can put the controller box on top of the stick before inserting the stick inside the tent.
It wiggles. But when the stick is inside the tent, you can guide the groove in the blue controller holder over the stick.
It then fits snugly, as in picture 4, and not loosely, as it is in picture 3. The stripped stick & the controller box
go on the right side of the sauna tent, as you face the tent. This is pretty much the hardest part about putting the sauna together.

Now Plug the 3-prong (or 2 prong if older model) plug into any regular 110 outlet. You are almost ready to sweat now !
Put a folded towel on top of the seat. Now drape a towel over the whole seat. Turn the dial to 15, 20 or 30 minutes.
Flip the Switches (1 switch if an older model), the orange light will turn on, the far infrared light is now being
generated, and you can hear the fan pushing the heat away from the semi conductor chip so that the chip continues
to work. Remember it is the healing light (that you can’t see) that is being absorbed into the body.
The heat you feel initially inside the tent is a by-product of creating this healing light, which your body absorbs
and resonates with. The light interacts with the water molecules inside your body, and magic starts to happen.
Good luck enjoying your Relax Sauna. Rest assured, you have purchased the highest quality and most effective
Far Infrared Sauna in the world today. If you get too hot, turn one of the radiators off. You will continue to absorb the
healing light throughout the tent. You can also unzip the zipper 6-10 inches, and still experience its benefits.

Travel Friendly !
The Sauna and chair together, boxed as it is shipped to you, only weighs 32 lbs. As you can see in the pictures above,
the Sauna folds very nicely and is very easy to travel with. It uses about an 8 foot foot cord to plug in, and no matter
where you are, you are all set to start your sauna. (hotel, friend’s house, on patio, etc.)
The Radiator and Tent will both fit in a traveling case that comes with your sauna. This weighs about 15 lbs.
The insulated chair that comes with the Sauna weighs about 12 lbs. The box itself weighs about 4 lbs.

The Heating Ceramic Semiconductor unit’s energy circulates throughout the Relax Sauna by
a special reflecting (shiny) material of the inside surface of the Sauna tent of the Relax Sauna,
thus REFLECTING the Far Infra Red Rays throughout the whole Sauna.



Set up takes about 2-3 minutes.
sauna broken down
radiator and sticks


Leave your Sauna intact all the time…
take down
…or fold up into a compact space for storage or traveling.

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