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The MBP is pretty simple…

I used this in Mexico for all the endlessly fluoridated people and all their sicknesses, and it made it so that the conditions associated with endless amount of fluoride they were consuming via bathing was reversing and QUICKLY.

This happened to the extent that mold and fungus in and under toenails and fingernails disappeared within weeks, if mold etc had been there less than 10 years, but it took about 2 to 4 months if they had mold under toenails more than 40 years.

Bathing forces the poisons of chlorine, bromine and fluoride (all water contaminants esp when in excess) into your body 10 to 30 times more than if you drank 8 cups of the tap water per day (and they drink NO tap water in Mexico it’s all Reverse Osmosis water for drinking!) – yet all waters that they bathe in contain these items as put in via water authority (except of course in the case of Mexico where people are getting their waters from wells which are notorious for having 10 to 40x the amount of fluoride in it from rocks in the ground, sigh, oh well.

At the same time these super powered elements of beets were manifesting in their faces. One 28 year old woman, who had crows feet and fat on her face (around mouth area) even though she didn’t have too much fat on her body, had friends and neighbors give her the worst stare about 3 or 4 weeks after starting this and she finally burst out to ask why they were all sneering and snarling at her.

They said that it was soo vain of her to go and get plastic surgery or a face lift or whatever – spending all her husband’s hard earned money, to which she burst out laughing, and told them about the MBP. She knew that I would get a kick out of hearing her tell this story because it was nothing but the mini beet protocol which she had done faithfully every day for previous 2 months that accomplished this.

Oh and she became pregnant one month later after trying everything in the world to get pregnant previously and had failed for previous 6 months. She told me she attributed this to the faithful doing of this MBP. I can assure you that she was right, since the MBP will clear estrogen receptor sites, and heavy metals as well leaving it easy for body to not only produce estrogen but also to receive it since estrogen receptors are now cleaned and uh, receptive! Heavy metals also block receptor sites, too, if you didn’t understand the connection. Also, heavy metals in general will easily prevent child birth just b/c of their affect on the body.

Beets not only remove heavy metals, but also they ‘youth’ you to point of removal of wrinkles and lines and fat from body, most especially removal of fat from strange places on body like around side of lips and under and over eyes and under cheeks and right under your chin!!! Not to mention love handles! Woo hoo!

The MBP also helps with ‘turkey-neck’ removal although it is much better to use Salads for turkey neck removal (ie romaine lettuce always with tomatoes for that) and beets remove love handles and ‘under the butt’ and ‘sides of hips’ fat deposits – and you can kiss cellulite goodbye – all this from beets, but beets also balance hormones and clean the brain of bleached items that have deposited there (in back of brain) over a lifetime (bleached starch, bleached sugar/salt/flour – therefore you should get decent sea salt instead)…

Beets will restore your methyl levels back to decades earlier…Methyl groups are like a yard stick of how long you will live, you use them up everytime you don’t get in enough nutrients from the food you ate during that meal or for the all the meals for the day. For example, not any methyl or enzymes or enough vits and minerals in your meal, then body will age you (use up methyl groups) to make up for it, hence aging and lines and wrinkles occur!

Beets will force the destruction of the greatest maker of endless free radicals – which are ‘malformed red blood cells’ – these malformed red blood cells are made by the body despite not having enough ingredients to make that blood cell in the first place; that is, body makes those cells no matter what usually even if not enough raw material to make a red blood cell…anyway, beets also force the making of new blood cells too (this time correctly made red blood cells.)

[Note: malformed red blood cells output about 100+ free radicals per minute of their existence…they are free radical factories, they need destroying fast!! They pollute the blood unimaginably quickly]…

Beets are also an amazing tissue rebuilder and DNA corrector (there’s a book alone that can be written on DNA fixing, and rewriting, but I’m gonna leave it here for now)

Beets remove scars too….scar removal over time, like many months to 2 years and even then I prefer the use of lots of Ormus and magnets as well – we’ll discuss Ormus another time soon with scar removal though as a scar remover the beets can remove 100% of all scars at massiveeeeee doses within 2 months however the side effects of such a thing are – way too hard for anyone to go thru without one or two friends there the whole time, it’s horrendous work… requires another book just to explain this and how it works, but another time. Note: all side effects can be removed but there’s a price to pay and it’s almost as bad as the side effects in amount of work to do hehe… I’ll leave it alone for now.

But the results of the massive beet dosage, way beyond MINI beet version of protocol… making for excellent youthing all over body, darkening of 100% of all hairs anywhere on body (and/or removal of grey hairs anywhere – although I much prefer eating of beef or lamb liver for (for the faster working of ) this as all grey is gone in usually one month of doing beef or lamb liver 1 to 3x/day for 30 days), total annihilation of all parasites, mycoplasms, nano-insects, the 100% changeover of every cell in your body with new cells, total depesticiding of your body in every nook and cranny, the perfection of the eyes and beauty of the iris of the eyes, … etc etc etc

3 steps are necessary and must be done in order… I highly prefer this be done every morning but it is not illegal to do this anyyyyytime of day at all… I have a morning preference b/c it gets it out of the way fast!

If you have anyyy major sicknesses, cancer, heart disease etc… I highly suggest you take this protocol 3 x/day with lots of veggies consumed thru day as well (and add 1 tsp, 3x/day of cayenne (40,000 heat unit is fine, never less though) as well – see source list for this cayenne 888-372-4372). But doing this MBP one time per day is at a minimum. I would also appreciate you starting out with tiny dose of ¼ cup beets for the beet portion of the drink, you have to get used to it first and ¼ cup starting point is good starting point!……

[Caution: those with anemia cannot do a protocol like this, those very weak – like always no energy and feel like their whole life is one big detox reaction they can never get over… cannot do this protocol… just simply call me and I’ll show you how to get yourself to normal energy long enough to do the protocol]

FIRST PROTOCOL (there’s another way to take this I’ve recently discovered via one client who experimented with it more and it WORKS! See Second protocol below – the first one is a major keeper though nevertheless)
Take one shot glass of cinnamon – say 2 or more tbls of water mixed with a fork in 1 tsp of cinnamon – stir for 2 mins – if you do not stir well enough it will not mix well and will be an amazing annoyance on the back of your throat while trying to drink it down… right after drinking it you are to swallow little water to wash your throat of the residue of the cinnamon. Let’s say this another way… you are to have 2 glasses in front of you. One glass is a stirred up cinnamon shot, and the second glass has a decent amount of water in it only, say 1 cup of water. Drink the cinnamon shot, then drink the glass with water in it only to wash throat of the residue of the cinnamon and to make sure you do not burn your throat from cinnamon heat.

Now you can start juicing below… it will be about 15 mins til get everything juiced and to start drinking, so this will give time for the cinnamon to do its work, about 15 mins in fact?
The exact ratio of beet to asparagus juice combo is 60% beet to 40% asparagus, (ie, as an example in amounts: that would be exactly 3 cups beets juiced and 2 cups of asparagus juiced) but I have seen plenty make it into 50/50, (ie, equal amounts of each) …

Start out small please: work your way up to taking a full 1 cup of beet juice and ¾ cups asparagus juice (that is the goal of the mini beet protocol… 1 cup beet juice and ¾ cup asparagus juice, mixed and drunk)… but for the moment you must start out with lesser amount and work way up to that over say one week…start with ¼ cup beet juice to ¼ cup of asparagus juice, first juice the asparagus, take that juice away from under the juicer and measure it out perfectly and if there is any froth from the asparagus juicing, well, I measure ONLY the juice, NONE of the froth! Simple… do the same thing with the beets that you did with the asparagus – measuring it out separately. Now combine beet and asparagus juices, mix and drink right then. [the 100% purpose of separating them out is so that you measure them correctly that’s all ]

Again, you can do this for a week every day, then thereafter do the next step up – ½ cup beet to almost ½ cup asparagus juiced, then next week step it up again and – do the full 1 cup beet to ¾ cup asparagus juice… this is the MBP not the Major Beet Protocol… the Major is just plain scary not only in the amount of beets/asparagus you are consuming but in it’s amazing affects on the human body, WOW! WOW! WOW! Very GOOD! 4 days of the Major and it will feel like someone lifted an anvil off of your kidneys, I kid you not…even if your kidneys function like perfection already!
Now lastly is to eat one apple or two apples or three apples: one apple (if amount of mixed juice had in it a total of ½ cup of beet juice), or 2 apples (if amount of beets in the mix was ¾ cups beet juice) or 3 apples or more (if amount of beets IN THAT MIX as 1 full cup of beet juice ) – we’re talking ONLY about the beet juice portion of this mix – the beet portion is the only reason we’re eating these apples, so only measure the beet portion to know how much apples to take in – Next eat one or two carrots after the apples, I don’t care if it takes you 2 hours to get down 2 or 3 apples then eat 1-2 carrots as long as you get them down and in THAT ORDER (apples first then carrots) … you have to start with eating of apples right after the juice even if it takes you two hours to finish, just so long as you start Right After the juicing ok? if you did this correctly you should notice total perfection – not a drop or hint of side effects, fevers, chills, nausea, headaches, etc! ok? Eat those apples and then carrots to remove any drop of detoxing side effects.

…. for those who will obstinently refuse to take any advice on this and think they can be cocky with beets, then you have not seen the horrendous mind blowing shocking evil nausea (lol, I laugh but it’s not funny!) and other detox side effects that can come with it… do not play with beets if you are not able to follow this juice drink with eating of apples after or worse – if you get cocky after a 1-2 months of doing it faithfully and feel you don’t need the apples, then, watch out! but the detox side effects are beyond AWESOME in their annoyance of you and are not to be played with… if you do what I say there will not be a drop of any side effects…


This is a juicing protocol and no apples are needed but they are recommended and no cinnamon is needed (or recommended) when doing this 2nd protocol version… This version is MUCH easier to do but it’s more liquid to consume! I think everyone is going to get addicted to this 2nd version as it is also much cheaper b/c asparagus is soooooo expensive and it is NOT needed in this juicing version… so here it is:

Separately measured out : 1 cup of beets juiced, 1 cup of fennel juiced, 1 cup of 50/50 carrot/celery…. That’s it!!!! Drink down and eat one apple afterward (optional)…

Let’s remember that apples are eaten for the purpose of removing of detox side effects whereas in this case there are NONE b/c of the fennel (eventually can lower that to ¾ and ½ eventually b/c of not needing it as much) – over time you won’t even need as much fennel though the stuff is cheap cheap cheap … I do however recommend putting in the asparagus ANYWAY! Since it is an all around eater of every type of heavy metal there is! Just like beets are, and they provide super nutrition too… Note that in both recipes above the use of carrots with beets (whether eaten as in first recipe or juiced in second – carrots being the cousins of beets or should I say the wife since they are sooo good together – carrots provide a lotttt of calcium and force production of Human Growth Hormone – thus youthing you and providing calcium for detoxing without side effects as well as an answer to the acids inside of beets to tame them. Beets will always youth you more than carrots though, do not forget who the King is!)

Notes and extra information section:

…next note is for those with severe fluoride poisoning, you will notice huge amounts of headaches from eating nothing but asparagus, never mind also beets, – but you will have NOOOO headaches if eat the apples afterwards as mentioned above, esp with carrots following after…This is particularly useful info for those with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and those on bone drugs that are highly fluoridated drugs.

Apples do not work if they are juiced, you must eat them… I found one way around this annoyance of having to eat them though… and it is to juice them then take the pulp of 1/3 of the apples and put it in the juice… the anti – “detox side effects” will not take place without the pulp! 1/3 of pulp in the juice, mixed up like so, is minimum to make this work, but you will have to increase though the amount of apples – I tried this and it worked and made it so that with only 1/3 that amount of apple pulp I was able to drink the apples down no problem…but of course, instead of 3 apples I now had to do like 6-8 thru a juicer, you get the idea… for those with teeth sensitivity then this is great!! Or just do the 2nd protocol to not have to worry at all about this (though I STILLLL recommend the use of an apple after anyway as it seems to double its effectiveness, not to mention this weird clean feeling you get after eating apples.)

Note: for those who wish to experiment, you can TRY apples sauce – plain – no honey or cinnamon at all!!!!! So for beet anti-nausea via apple sauce FRESHLY made, then no cinnamon added, must do the apple sauce alone by itself ok? I have NEVER tried this with this form of consuming apples afterwards, UNLESS I put them in my Vitamix with half their weight in water and then blended and drink down, and this worked, but why have I not tried this often? why? b/c when making apples sauce this way it takes TIME to consume – and I’m usually in a hurry, so up to you. Also, it’s much more volume of apples to consume than just eating two apples – b/c I had put in lot of water too – to make it more apple saucy… but the real question is: will it work if enzymes die b/c did not eat it fast enough? I do not know…..(but feel FREE to experiment)

Note the difference between apple sauce possibility versus the juicing of apples with pulp thrown back in — Easy b/c I just drink that juicing (with pulp) down in seconds after juicing … it’s easy to drink… but with apple sauce, can you just drink it down? NOOO… so it’s Up to you which to choose, give it shot…

Note: many have no access to asparagus so if not using asparagus you can mix with other juicings instead, and the juicing amount to mix it with is 2 ½x to 3x the juice amount of the beets. Let’s go over what that means: ie, if you juice 1 cup of beets, you need 2 ½ to 3 cups of another juice to make this anti-nauseous, ie, to dilute it enough, you cannot drink this beet juice straight! The other juices you can use are carrots with lots of celery(or prefer 50/50 celery/carrot) or (and I used this next one all the time in Mexico ->) cucumbers and little celery or, third, just juice some apples and a little celery, and mix this with beets and drink… feel free to experiment with other juices to dilute this but asparagus is the only one I found that can be used in such a way as to not need much juice, while all other juices other than asparagus juice you must make 3x as much as beet juice soo – whew, that’s a lot of juice if using anything but asparagus, you see the prob?? … You get the idea…. I like the combo beet with carrot with apple with celery (and with cucumber possibly). The 2nd protocol is the now soo good that apples do NOT have to be eaten afterwards at all but I would still do it anyway to wash the kidneys please and make you feel “clean”.

Note: Let’s rehash the above to make it totally clear: if you juice 1 cup of beet juice, you must do 2 ½ cups to 3 cups of another juice (like only apple juice or only carrot juice or only cucumber juice) (or a juice mix – like carrot/celery/apple, or carrot celery or cucumber celery or apple celery) as given above… this will make for a total of 3 ½ – 4 cups of juice total (PS by the way, this last recipe is what was used by the 28 year old woman I mentioned above for that 2 month period of time that made her get pregnant and made all wrinkles on her face disappear.)

If you use apples to dilute the beet juice you must still eat the SAME amount of apples afterwards as in examples above – 1 or 2 or 3 apples eaten after depending on amount of beet juice in the mix! Sorry…apple juice will absolutely not remove any detox side effects of anything! You need the fiber to do that… No matter HOW MANY apples are juiced, it will never remove detox side effects in any amount! At all! Therefore must eat exact same amount of apples as would have originally even when apples juiced into the drink….

Mini Beet Alternative:

[note: this alternative is a quaint alternative to get beets in you (from the whole form of beet using blender, NOT juiced, so fiber is still intact this way) but it NOT acceptable alternative to the MBP above for clearing out diseases and parasites and Lyme disease or Lupus or lung disorders or removing chlorine and fluoride (which is a lot faster if doing the MBP,) and for cancer, no way, Have To Use the MBP not this one below but you get the idea….this one below is like a supplement to take everyday…like a super smoothie for the day, uh, it’s also quite like a happy pill, I kid you not, try this faithfully for one week drinking it right after making it so don’t lose the enzymes. Note: for cancer I recommend both this where you’re taking beets in in whole form and taking them in juiced form.]

This below is an alternative way to get beets in you, I have found it amazingly powerful and useful! So here it goes, and also it has less side effects b/c it’s in whole form… anytime you eat a beet instead of juice it – it has 5X less side effects, but slower working of its magic – but they WILL have side effects still – it just may take a week or two to come up – So eat your apples ok?? So.. here’s the 2nd recipe, the Mini Beet Alternative…

In a vitamix you are to put 4 bananas and 20-30 green grapes if have green (otherwise red or whatever will have to do) and one medium size beet (there are 3 sizes, gigantic (softball), medium (baseball) and baby (golf ball)) – if they are organic bananas, then put in the peel from half of one of them ok? Now – whatever height in the vitamix (or other super blender you have) the bananas and beets go heights go, ie however much space in the blender that they take, you are to add water at least ½ that height after the ingredients are in, then blend and drink…you are to eat one apple and one carrot afterward IN THAT ORDER AGAIN! Just like above… it must be eaten in that order, please. I love this recipe b/c it’s also like a happiness formula but it will NOT accomplish same thing as the protocol above, that is, like decalcification would take a LOTTT longer with this…

As for this mini beet alternative: Tell me if you do not have a noticeable turnaround in any problem you have starting in 3 to 5 days… not to mention that wonderful feeling in the brain that comes with that combo all by itself… don’t know how to explain that one! Lol This blended drink – it’s my 2nd most powerful version of a happy pill! Yes I have one better… saved for another time.

One warning though, if you are not eating enough apples and asparagus or you leave out the carrots/celery or you are significantly deficient in Magnesium you might get kidney stones ( 2 to 4 months later of doing this faithfully) like crazy in forcing all this stuff out…to rid yourself of chronic kidney stones simply take this dosage every day so that it is not an issue… the dosage each day that is to be taken is 100mg B6 and 300 mg of Mg…. I would recommend as they don’t use toxic fillers for their synthetics… I despise synthetics but it’s a quick and easy fix… however, I’d just eat my carrots after or do the celery/carrot juice so don’t have to take the Mg and B6, ok?

Note: extra fun for those that have the extra time…For those doing the MBP faithfully, there are 4 supplements I prefer for people to take to make certain they do not suffer from stones…. 2-4 capsules of Coral Calcium from me, morning and night (this one is ionized naturally so body will see it as food instead of as most coral is seen – a heavy metal), 1 tbl of cod liver oil per day (also , and Magnesium chloride (called Magnesium oil) in your bath or sprayed on ½ or just a ¼ of your body morning and night. – 866-543-3388 (reference # 10240) – this will build up magnesium levels to perfection in 4 weeks (if sprayed on) – otherwise take 2 baths per day in it, for 8 weeks… (1/4 cup of Mag Oil in bath each time for 30 mins soak each time and in 2 months you should have perfect Mg levels) and lastly the most devastatingly powerful of all – butter oil from (it’s a combo of butter oil and Mg in capsules or prefer you take it in pourable version, 1 tsp of each, 3x/day each for a few months)

Note : – of all the supplements to take, this is by far the most vastly powerful and it is the butter oil(combo with cod liver oil)… it takes about 12 gallons of pure raw milk harvested in the two months of summer when grass grows like crazy and cows eat that much more of it to get that high of a concentration of Vit A and D that makes this supplement work: this 12 gallons makes one cup of butter oil – it’s very limited and very precious stuff…. It will dissolve on it’s own an entire calcified pineal gland in < 4 months of 1 tsp of butter oil, and 1 tsp of cod liver oil, both taken 3x/day… it will force the absorption and usage of about 10x more calcium by the body than normal BECAUSE you can see it regrowing a new layer of enamel on your teeth within the first 2 weeks of usage! Do you see why I call it the most powerful of all?????? Yes??? Also, it will reharden ANY cavity if it has not yet been drilled out, and thus reverse a cavity that way! All within a few months! It is the single most powerful supplement you can combine with the above MBP in order to make it so that it is much more youthing than usual!!! Talk about major decalcification??? I’ve never seen such dramatic regaining of youth and looks as when people take my MBP with the butter oil combo… especially when they are already young like 35 ish and don’t have much reversing of aging to do!!! Yet see if all your college friends are not freakishly jealous of you…

Extra note: there are over 2,500 version of coral calcium all of which the body sees as heavy metal calcium, like the same calcium in milk after it’s pasteurized, ie, pure poison to the human body, however, this is the only coral in the world that is ionized and the body can use quite quickly! I looked over 7 years for this stuff – hunting, and found it, and it is naturally 1/3 magnesium, (no inorganic Mg added) and 2/3 calcium! Vit D is added via Grade 10 Reishi Mushroom, highest grade of Reishi in the world… so far…

Super Hydration Drink:

This will not act as a happy pill, wish it did but it’s a lot of the above items… I take this at night usually as opposed to different times of day it’s just easier this way…. One cup of chia seeds (see directions below), one cup of water, 1-2 beets smaller than a baseball and 2 bananas, throw into blender with 2 heaping tbls of tocotrienols and one heaping tbl of Calc Tea Powder (preferably with comfrey – 1lb bag from Dr Chris) and blend and drink… eat one apple minimum afterwards!!!

One cup of chia seeds – take 2 tbl of chia seeds and put into a cup, then pour in about a cup of water and stir with a fork for a min or so and try to get as many chia seeds as possibly to be below the surface of the water… it will be good to go within 30 mins or even 20… but I just put it in the fridge overnight b/c it’s easier for me that way.
Chia Seeds and tocotrienols in 8oz bag or 3lb bags – from Debbie Russell – 972-612-2178,469-358-1143)
Super calc tea powder in 1 lb bag with or without comfrey is from 888-372-4372 or

Chlorine A Note About Carrots [thought you might like this article]

A special note about carrots is in order. Like virtually all vegetables, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of phytonutrients (i.e. nutrients in plants not otherwise classified) in carrots that have not yet been identified or tested for cancer-fighting abilities. It may be that we do not yet know the best cancer-fighting nutrient in carrots, but based on many testimonials and some books, carrots may be the best cancer-fighting vegetable of all.

“In a review of 206 human studies, carrots consistently emerged as one of the top cancer-fighting foods. The power of carrots lies in the group of pigments called carotenoids (beta-carotene is among this group), which give them their orange color.”
Source For Quote No Longer Exists
A long-time and highly reliable friend of mine (in fact, my wife and I had our wedding reception at her home more than 35 years ago), told me about her friend’s father, who completely cured his throat cancer with carrot juice. In other words, he ate nothing and drank nothing but carrot juice and natural water.

Closer to home, I have seen a clear pattern in the people I have interviewed, and testimonials that I have read, that carrot juice was the core element of their raw food diet. While the day may come that some other vegetable, such as beetroots (i.e. red beets), may be shown to be even better, until that day comes it would be advisable to make sure that carrots are the core of your vegetable juice.
[the problem with the above is that almost every maker of ready to eat peeled and washed carrots in the USA has dipped them in chlorine before shipping them out! That weird slimy slippery feeling you feel on those carrots when they are a bit old and then wash them off and there’s no more slimy feeling, you just washed off chlorine!!! It’s a major problem in carrots and esp in iceberg lettuce and all lettuces in fact! Just thought you’d like that info!]

Juicers: in order to juice this in regular centrifugal juicer you must consume it the second that it is juiced (both beet and asparagus and then mix and drink) but if you do not drink it right then – all the enzymes will die (most likely less than 15 mins after juicing (probably really 7 to 10 mins)- so be quick about drinking this, the power is in the enzymes not just vitamins and minerals), whereas if you get the Omega juicer 8003 or 8005 ($250ish) or if you get the Green Star Juicer ($350ish) the enzymes will last 1 day maybe if you’re lucky; however, #1 in the world juicer for preserving enzymes is, so far, is the Norwalk – so with these juicers above you can consume the juice mix later if you like making it very easy to juice a lot and drink it later saving you a lot of time of having to juice 2 to 3x/day .. yes??? (note: Norwalk makes enzymes last the longest, 1 ½ to 2 days min, and 3 days max, but the other 2 types work only to make enzymes live for …. 1 day if you’re lucky) – enzymes are a necessity if you’re getting over anythinggg related to cancer, or other major diseases… or dealing with such. Dr. Bernard Jensen found in treating anyone with cancer and other diseases, that juicing and super juices will NOT work without the enzymes alive!

Side Note: technically though the greatest eater of cancer in the world are phytochemicals, these are found in the pulp… the highest source of phytochemicals to date with 325 different phytochemicals is… apples… hmmmmmm…..

Note: enzyme juicers above (not including the Norwalk) will give you about 25% to 150% of the vitamins and mineral content GREATER THAN a centrifugal juicer, BUT the Norwalk will do 50% to 300% greater vitamin and mineral content above and beyond the (as I call them) enzyme juicers, always beating out the other enzymes juicers above in anyyyy category of juice extracted both in volume extracted and in amount of nutrients extracted and in length of time the enzymes will live after juicing… just so you know…

Robert von Sarbacher
POB 223744
Dallas, TX 75222
[email protected]

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