Dr. Robert RowenI have an eyewitness report for you on the passage of SB 277 in the California Senate. This is the forced vaccine bill. Three amendments were offered. These included: amendment for personal religious belief, informed consent (it was stated in open session that doctors might not even know the ingredients of vaccines and that they have a duty to know and inform the parent), and “grandfather” provision for those already on a personal exemption waiver.

Senator Allen told the senate that they heard from and took comments from all facets of society and professionals. I will say that is false. I was there to testify and was not permitted due to their time rules.

Acting Senate President pro Tempore Hannah Beth-Jackson characterized the amendments: “hostile amendments.” The senators offering the amendments included: Mike Morrell of Rancho Cucamonga (Republican) ( with the religious exemption; second was John Moorlach (Republican) of Orange Count with the amendment allowing nonvaccinated to stay in school; third was Joel Anderson Republican of north San Diego County with the amendment creating a strong but simple informed consent form for a physician to sign. All these proposed amendments were “laid on the table” (essentially killed) without debate when, each time, Democrat majority floor leader Bill Monning of Carmel, CA stood up and called to table the vote. Apparently seeing this as a standard majority vs. minority procedure, Democrats voted yes lockstep to table, while Republicans voted lockstep no.

In the actual 30-minute “debate” that followed, speaking against SB 277 was first Bob Huff the Republican leader who is termed out and is running for a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors…/media-advisory-senator-bob-h…

Then Democrat Tony Mendoza, author of the second forced vaccination bill SB 792, rose to read a prepared statement, in which he announced, “Exemptions hurt people.” This is despite his own bill exempting daycare workers from the failed flu vaccine, while mandating they have every other required vaccine! [Interesting self serving politician, no?]

Other speakers against SB 277 were Pat Bates of Orange County, Ted Gaines of Placer County, and Joel Anderson.

Bates said she wouldn’t vote for it because it didn’t contain the amendment the authors had floated, which would have grandfathered in as exemptions every student with a current Personal Belief Exemption. She was very concerned about the violation of rights to education for children.

Ted Gaines talked about his youngest child having an adverse reaction to a vaccine and having to be rushed to the hospital. He also expressed concern that the bill provides for additional vaccines to be railroaded as mandatory, and loss of parental rights.

Joel Anderson focused on many aspects of our arguments and prioritized speaking on religious freedom, concluding, “why is it that a religious exemption is so scary to this Senate body?” Anderson compared the fact that even in prisons, convicted felons are given major space to practice their faith, but now families will be relegated to a lesser state of religious freedom and practicing their faith than a convicted violent criminal. He expressed appropriate dissatisfaction that the Senate tabled debate on these issues, railroading the bill, and that the minority was being steamrolled over. He admonished the Senate for apparently recognizing some (organized) religions and ignoring other minority religions in spite of the many centuries of religious freedom tradition in this country beginning with the first settlers.

During this time the Senate chair continually demanded that there be no noise in the gallery from children or they would be forcibly tossed out, even when Senator Anderson repeatedly said he could not hear any disruption. Clearly the galleries were packed with families together with children opposed to the bill, which the railroading majority was displeased with.

Also speaking in favor of SB 277 was pharmacist Republican Jeff Stone of Riverside County…

Co-author Allen rose to state he contacted many (not all) religious leaders to inquire if vaccinations were a violation of their beliefs and that none so stated. [Note, he contacted leaders of major organized religions. Our constitution prohibits recognition of any particular religion, preventing the government from interfering with the freedom for each Citizen to serve and obey the Creator as he/she sees fit, or personally believes.]

Richard Pan closed the “debate”.

You can see the 60-minute debate….

A good summary of the matter can be found here:…/calif-senate-passes-vaccination-bill…/

The bill passed with yes votes of 22 Democrats and 3 Republicans.

Folks, in one fell swoop, California Senate has decided that the only religion it will recognize are the religions it wants to recognize. It has ruled that a majority may nullify the rights and beliefs of a minority, and that it can by fiat destroy prop 65 which mandates full disclosure of exposure to known carcinogens.

This vote was taken mainly on party lines. I say SHAME on our elected Rulers, who have failed the public trust. They are not fit to serve in such a capacity where they will trample on the rights and Liberties of those they serve, where they can destroy centuries of informed consent doctrines, and wipe out rights to public education to which all California children are entitled. The People of this state (and country) deserve what they are getting for allowing our nation to descend into a collectivist state. I have repeatedly written here and elsewhere that your only remedy to the escalating travesty of collectivist government is to rise up in elections and throw out all incumbents who have not upheld their oath to defend your Constitution, or who have taken corporate donation “bribes”. Mothers (and fathers), please awaken quickly before the Rights our Fathers risked and/or sacrificed their lives for are totally gone.

The bill moves to the Assembly. I predict passage unless there is more organized opposition directed to representatives in the Assembly by those concerned. I suggest contacting the office of Governor Jerry Brown now to voice opposition. He may be your final arbiter, having taken cognizance of religious concerns in the past. It is up to you to share this and galvanize opposition if it is to be stopped.

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  1. June 27, 2015 @ 4:25 pm teroi

    Forced vaccinations are an abomination and the death of human freedom.


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