by John P. Thomas
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When I was about seven or eight years old, I received a stern warning from my father regarding the gas tank in his car. He told me that I was never to open the cap and put anything into the tank. I hadn’t ever done such a thing or even thought about it, but he was warning me against doing what my good friend did to his mother’s car.

Apparently, one day my friend decided that it would be fun to play gas station attendant. In those days no one pumped their own gas – this was a service provided by people who worked at automobile service stations. To help his mother out, he filled the gas tank of her car. He didn’t have any gasoline, so he decided to use the garden hose to fill it with water. Of course the car started fine when his mother needed to use it, but she never got out of the driveway before the engine quit. He eventually confessed when the cause of the car trouble was found to be water in the tank. That should have been the end of the saga, but it wasn’t.

A little while later my friend apparently planted the idea in the minds of his two younger sisters that they could make a cake by adding sand to the gas tank of their mother’s car. So, they went and got a little bucket of sand from their sand box and began to carefully spoon it into the tank. This time their mother got further down the street before the engine died.

From these events I learned that only gasoline goes in the gas tank. As I got older, I learned there are several types of fluids that are used in automobile engines. You’d better not mix them up, because each fluid has specific qualities for the task it needs to perform.

Female Motorist Filling Car With Diesel At Petrol Station

Recently, my wife and I had a leak in the power steering system of our car and we needed to add more fluid before we could arrange for a repair. We wondered if we could even find the reservoir for the power steering fluid, being quite ignorant about mechanical things. We were pleased to find that when we opened the hood, there were very large words printed on one of the plastic reservoirs that said, “Power Steering Fluid.” The manufacturer wanted to be sure that we didn’t do something stupid like putting windshield washing fluid or something else in that reservoir. They were smart.

I wish that we had signs printed on the skin next to our mouths that said, “Only pure and natural whole foods go here.” That might helped to prevent the current day epidemic of modern illnesses.

Americans Take Better Care of Their Cars than Their Bodies

It is tragically amusing that we take better care of our cars than we do of our own health and the health of our children. We know that we should only put gas in the gas tank, but most people haven’t figured out that we should only put high quality food in our mouths. We expect our cars to run flawlessly; but we seem to fully accept human illness as a normal way of life, and to accept the lie that there is absolutely no relationship between what we eat and the illnesses that we experience.

Similarly, most people still haven’t made the connection between injecting poisonous substances into their bodies in the form of vaccines, and the chronic illnesses that children and adults experience. We continue to administer poisonous substances to our children and can’t seem to understand why they have so many developmental issues, allergies, and life-threatening illnesses.

Diet can Help Heal Vaccine Damage

This is the third article in a series about treating vaccine related damage. It will focus on reversing vaccine damage by making changes in what we put in our mouths. The two previous articles discussed how homeopathy can treat and restore health to people who have been damaged by vaccines. This article, and the one that will follow it, will focus on the important role that diet has in treating the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral consequences that result from using vaccines and eating food containing the toxic pesticide called glyphosate. As we will see in this article, it is not just the harm from vaccines that needs to be healed, but it is also the harm that results from the modern food supply.

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What Do You Put in Your Mouth?

Each of us has a mouth, and we are told by marketing agencies that we can put anything that looks like food into it, and our bodies will keep on working just fine. We are told by the marketing agencies of factory manufactured food that — if it looks good and tastes good — then it must be good for you.

We are even told by the great majority of physicians that it doesn’t matter much what we eat as long as we avoid the “evil” cholesterol and run from the greatest “evil” of all — saturated fat. They tell us that the most important thing is to obediently take all the vaccines and pills they prescribe and to submit to all of their treatments without raising objections or questions.

The result of marketing and conventional medical advice is that we are given the green light to put sand in our tanks. Their commercial advertisements smile at us as they encourage us to put all manner of food products in our mouths regardless of how toxic they might be. Some of the sand in our food is glyphosate and other pesticides, preservatives, conditioners, artificial colors and flavors, excitotoxins, GMO ingredients, and of course sugar and high fructose corn syrup. And then, when we get sick, as we most certainly will when we eat factory manufactured food that contains sand, we are then encouraged to go in search of more toxic substances in the form of pharmaceutical drugs to fix our health problems.

Most physicians cannot comprehend that people in America can be obese and malnourished at the same time. They can’t understand how people could be deficient in certain essential nutrients when food is fortified with numerous vitamins and minerals. Very few believe that food, which contains sand, is incapable of supplying nutrition and health to sick bodies with damaged digestive systems.

Diets that Heal Vaccine Damage

Most people think about diets as something that we follow when we want to lose weight. Keeping our weight down to a normal range is valuable, but thin people can be just as unhealthy as fat people. The diets that I will be discussing in these articles are used to restore health when we have been overtaken by the effects of chronic illness. Chronic illnesses such as learning disabilities and autism develop very early in life. Other chronic illnesses take many years to develop. Most people don’t have a clue regarding how pharmaceutical drugs and their dietary choices are ruining their health. Two of the greatest offenders in health disruption for children and adults are vaccines and glyphosate.

I spent several days reviewing some of the diets that are commonly used to help children and adults with the illnesses that result from vaccine use. I looked at: Gut and Physiology/Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), Body Ecology Diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Modified Atkins Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Gluten Free – Casein Free Diet (GF/CF), Feingold Diet, Low-Oxalate Diet, and the Rotation Diet. In addition to special diets, there are various recommendations for taking supplements. Some of these include enzymes, certain fats and oils, vitamin D, B12, and other nutrients.

A brief examination of these diets may lead a person to believe that they are radically different. Sometimes the recommendations in one diet conflict with those made in other diets. This can lead to confusion. “What is right for me?” “Which is right for my children?” “Where do I begin?”

I will be discussing these diets in my next article, but at this point, I want to look at the bigger picture of how vaccines interact with the foods of the standard American diet to cause harm, and how we can take powerful steps to reverse the harm that vaccines and modern foods have caused for us and our children. The next article will help you navigate between the many powerful options that you have for restoring health through making dietary changes.

The Big Picture of Damage Caused by Vaccines and Modern Foods

To help me organize and understand the many dietary issues involved with recovering from vaccine related injury, I asked Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD, to assist me.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She earned her PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT in 1985. For over three decades, her research interests have always been at the intersection of biology and computation. She has published over 170 refereed articles. In recent years, Dr. Seneff has focused her research interests back towards biology. She is concentrating mainly on the relationship between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has written over a dozen papers (7 as first author) in various medical and health-related journals on topics such as modern day diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s, autism, cardiovascular diseases), analysis and search of databases of drug side effects using NLP techniques, and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health. [1]

I interviewed Dr. Seneff on March 12, 2015 by phone. Her study of the mechanisms that cause vaccine injury and the mechanisms that cause glyphosate injury (from Roundup) are important for everyone to understand. Even more significant is the synergetic relationship that occurs in any child or adult who uses vaccines and who also eats the standard American diet, which is highly contaminated with glyphosate and other toxic chemicals.

The word “synergy” is important to understand. Dr. Seneff and I discussed synergy during our conversation. It means that the combination of effects from two substances that are used at the same time will be greater than the total effects of the two substances when used separately. For example, we know that vaccines produce harm. [2] We also know that glyphosate produces harm. [3, 4] When a person is exposed to vaccines and glyphosate, then the amount of harm that results is greater than the sum total from the two separate substances. In this case, people who take vaccines will experience greater harm from the vaccines when they also eat the standard American diet that contains glyphosate. Vaccines plus glyphosate equals a disaster for human health.

The synergetic effect of combining vaccines and glyphosate produces massive amounts of harm even if people haven’t yet noticed the harm in their own lives. The harm accumulates over time until symptoms of modern chronic diseases begin to appear.

Illnesses Become More Severe When Vaccines are combined with Chemicals


The interaction between vaccines and other toxins has been well known for some time. We now know, for example, that the paralysis that resulted from polio was not caused by a simple exposure to wild polio virus. The paralysis was a result of exposure to the highly toxic pesticide called DDT. It was the synergetic effect between DDT and the polio virus, which created a much more serious disease. Originally, polio was usually a very mild disease that most people experienced as children and were able to easily overcome. In doing so, they developed lifelong immunity. When DDT was phased out, paralytic polio disappeared in the United States. [5]

We know that vaccines are harmful on their own, but when vaccines are used by people who eat food containing glyphosate, then the risks are greatly magnified. Basically, anyone who eats conventionally grown grain, conventionally raised animals, and highly processed factory produced food is eating toxic levels of glyphosate. Actually, glyphosate is so toxic, that any amount of glyphosate in the diet produces harm. Data actually shows that smaller amounts of glyphosate can actually cause more harm than larger levels of exposure. So, the idea that a little bit of glyphosate won’t hurt you is wishful and false thinking. [6, 7]

Where Does Harm from Vaccines and Glyphosate Appear?

There are several key processes in the body where the synergetic harm from vaccines and glyphosate becomes visible. The first key to understanding the harm that comes from vaccines and glyphosate is seen in the major disruptions that occur in the digestive system. It becomes impaired to such a degree that it cannot extract nutrition from the food that is eaten and it cannot maintain the integrity of the gut walls. This means that certain molecules of improperly digested food and toxins can leak out of the gut into the bloodstream. This causes allergies and brain dysfunction. The second key is impaired sulfate transport in the body. The third key is disruptions in mineral utilization in the body. Dr. Seneff will explain how these factors damage our health, and how dietary changes can restore health.

Dr. Seneff sometimes uses autism as an example of how these systems are damaged, but her comments also apply to numerous other conditions such as: learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, schizophrenia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer. All of these diseases are biomedically related. In short, the panorama of illnesses that dominate life in the so called developed countries in the 21st century is directly connected to the sand that people put in their bodies and the damage that is produced in the digestive system.

Dr. Seneff Discusses the Science behind Vaccine Damage and Diets that Heal


QUESTION: Many of the diets that are designed to heal vaccine related damage in children and the chronic illnesses that result from vaccines in adults seem to focus on healing the digestive system. Do you agree that our healing needs to begin with restoring gut health?

I absolutely do! I absolutely do. It might even be the whole story. Everything goes from there. Once you get the leaky gut you get a leaky brain. When this happens you get toxins and undigested proteins in the blood and the brain. Opioids and glutamate end up in the brain.

Because of the overgrowth of pathogens in the gut, you get excess production of ammonia. Ammonia can induce encephalopathy (brain swelling) as well. So, healing the gut is really the most important step. When this is done, then the brain will follow.

QUESTION: You have stated that the mercury and aluminum in vaccines are very harmful, and that there is an even greater danger from these metals when people eat food containing glyphosate. How did you become so deeply involved in this research?

I was trying to figure out what was causing the autism epidemic. I have been interested in autism for a long time, but I got really serious about it starting about eight or nine years ago. I was frustrated that all the money seemed to be going toward genetics and that clearly wasn’t the whole problem. The children who are genetically susceptible are getting autism now, but eventually all the kids are going to get sick if we keep going in the same direction.

I started by looking at aluminum in vaccines, and I certainly found evidence of a problem, but I couldn’t find the whole story there. In fact, I wrote a paper discussing the gut microbe problem and how that could lead to aluminum toxicity from the vaccines. As I wrote that paper, I was frustrated, because I couldn’t explain what was causing this gut problem, which was the starting point for all the problems.

I now know that glyphosate is the starting point for the gut problems. It is really amazing how unwilling the government is to believe that glyphosate is the problem. They are so sure that it is safe.

The more I read about the GMO process itself, the more I get worried about that as well. It is so insidious and so poorly understood. When you think about what they are doing and the consequences and the potential consequences, it seems terrifying to me. The research is hard [solid] and they are just sort of pretending that nothing bad can happen without looking at it.

QUESTION: Do vaccines make the whole situation with glyphosate worse?

I feel confident that glyphosate and vaccines are synergistically toxic. I have done extensive exploration of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database (VAERS) before I began studying glyphosate. I looked specifically at the aluminum in the vaccines and I discovered that there are specific symptoms related to aluminum. I was able to separate out the symptoms of aluminum containing vaccines from those that did not contain aluminum. When this is done with subset sampling across age groups, I found nasty symptoms related to the brain, such as seizures, high fever, encephalopathy, coma, and death.

My research showed that the aluminum containing vaccines in general are more toxic than the non-aluminum containing vaccines. But then, what I discovered was that if I looked at data before the year 2000 and after 2000, I found that those same symptoms that were more common in aluminum containing vaccines became more common [for all vaccines] after 2000. At the time I didn’t understand this, but now I think this is caused by the synergy with glyphosate. Glyphosate is making the aluminum more toxic than it would otherwise be.

QUESTION: Does the body have any use for aluminum?

No, aluminum is a toxic metal — we don’t use it at all for anything. It is a mineral that stays in +3 charge all the time. Aluminum causes a lot of damage in the brain. Aluminum has been strongly linked to dementia.

QUESTION: Is the aluminum in vaccines acting as a poison for everyone who takes vaccines?

Any amount of aluminum is poison. People don’t think of aluminum as being toxic, because there is aluminum foil and aluminum cooking pots, etc. But, when aluminum is injected into the body [as part of a vaccine] — it is all getting inside the body.

Ordinarily, with a healthy gut, very little of it gets into the body during digestion. Less than one per cent of the aluminum that a person might ingest with food makes it past the barrier of the gut wall, but one of the things that glyphosate does is to help aluminum get across the gut barrier.

[This happens] because glyphosate causes pathogens to overgrow that produce p-cresol. P-cresol is known to enhance the uptake of aluminum into the cells. Glyphosate also enhances the calcium uptake channels in cells and aluminum takes a ride on the calcium channels and pretends to be calcium. I also believe that glyphosate escorts aluminum to the terminal watershed area of the pineal gland and to the kidneys, but I haven’t yet been able to prove that. This is more conjecture. I suspect that glyphosate binds to aluminum and carries it to these areas and then drops it off in the acidic environment, because glyphosate does bind to metals in less acidic environments. Glyphosate is an incredible metal chelator.

Glyphosate has two biological modes of action. First it is a chelator of metals, and the second is that it pretends to be glycine. The second mode of action messes up heme synthesis, because the first step of heme synthesis requires glycine [and glyphosate can be substituted for glycine.] Technically, glyphosate is glycine with an additional phosphonal group attached to it, so it fakes out the enzymes, but then it doesn’t work and heme cannot be properly produced.

QUESTION: You have indicated that impaired sulfate synthesis and impaired sulfate transport are key factors in illnesses that result from vaccine use and glyphosate exposure. Why is sulfate so important?

A lot of toxic chemicals require sulfate for detoxification. Glutathione is a protector in the liver. Glutathione contains sulfur. So, when a person doesn’t have enough sulfate, then the glutathione gets depleted, because it is a source of sulfate. This happens when we do not get enough sulfate from sun exposure. Sun exposure is going to give us the sulfate that we need. With insufficient sun exposure, people need to draw down the glutathione to get the sulfur to make sulfate, which leads to glutathione deficiency. Methionine, homocysteine, and glutathione are all sulfur containing molecules that are very important for the body.

Glyphosate disrupts the bioavailability of the molecules that can transport sulfate. This is a key factor leading to sulfate deficiency.

I have definitely identified sulfate as a systemic deficiency in the modern society in America. It is partially sulfur deficiency, but it is also transport impaired synthesis of sulfate. Sulfur is the atom. Sulfate is [made from] one sulfur atom plus 4 oxygen atoms (this gives a charge of negative 2). It is hard for us to make sulfate. Sulfate synthesis is hard and sulfate transport is difficult, because sulfate is very acidic. Glyphosate is acidic also, so there is going to be an issue with metabolic acidosis.

The body has found ways to transport sulfate by attaching it to all these different molecules – mostly sterols, polyphenols, and derived aromatic amino acids and their derived neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin, and other biologically active molecules in the brain. These are very important to the functioning of the brain. These molecules are of course deficient in the context of glyphosate, because glyphosate disrupts the pathway that produces them.

QUESTION: What kinds of foods should we eat to increase sulfate availability?

I think organic eggs are fantastic, because they contain sulfur. They are relatively inexpensive and they are loaded with nutrition. They also have cholesterol and omega3 fats. Cholesterol, omega3 and sulfur are really essential for the brain.

In fact, I have a paper that I wrote together with Wendy Morley [8] that talks about what can help heal the deficiencies associated with glyphosate exposure. We talk about the omega3 fats and polyphenols. You want to eat a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables, because they contain molecules that can transport sulfate. The colorful produce contains carotenoids, and polyphenols.

Resveratrol and curcumin are sulfate transporters. Based on studies, [we know that] curcumin is a remarkable molecule that has lots of health benefits, but people who write about it are very puzzled, because it doesn’t get past the liver. Very little of it gets into the general circulation, and yet it helps the brain. People can’t figure out why this is true. I think it is because it transports sulfate between the gut and the liver. It is so important to be able to distribute the sulfate for the sake of both gut health and liver health. It doesn’t need to get into the general circulation. Once the liver has the sulfate, then it can be handed off. The liver will then hook it to cholesterol and ship it out to the rest of the body.

Question: Does this mean that when people are doing statin drugs and trying to reduce cholesterol, they are really messing up the whole sulfate transport process?

Please don’t get me started on statin drugs. They are horrible! They make people grow older faster. It is very clear that the risk is increased with statin drugs. All the factors that are manifestations of getting older are increased in so many different ways.

In heart disease cholesterol is deposited in the arteries near the heart and then there will be sort of an over production of heparin-sulfate at that location. Basically the cholesterol [in the arteries] is being broken down and distributed from factories in the artery walls, which are supplying it to the local capillaries of the heart. This is what is keeping the heart healthy. So, the actual cardiovascular plaque is a symptom of heart disease, but it is also the solution, because it is providing cholesterol-sulfate to the heart.

I always wonder why people take it for granted that the arteries leading to the heart are the ones that get blocked [as a function of disease]. It doesn’t make sense for the body to block the arteries that lead to the most important organ in the body. The body would not do that unless it had a really good reason. The really good reason is that it needs to supply the heart with the cholesterol that is in that plaque and it can’t be supplied unless there is sulfate. If sulfate is in short supply, then the cholesterol can’t be supplied to the heart until sulfate becomes available. Once sulfate becomes available, then the cholesterol can be shipped out, because the sulfate makes it transportable.

QUESTION: What are some other dietary changes that would protect our sulfate levels and bring healing to those who have damaged digestives systems as a result of vaccines and glyphosate?

Sulfur containing foods are good as well as cholesterol containing foods. All this goes with omega 3 fats. We need grass fed animal based fats such as grass fed beef. When we eat meat, it has to be grass fed.

We have to avoid GMO foods and nonorganic foods – this is one of the most important things!

When people eat chicken or beef that has been fed GMO Roundup Ready corn and soy, then they are probably eating glyphosate, because it has been shown, for example, that it shows up in the muscles of chickens and piglets. Meat is really good for us, but it has to be healthy meat.

Seafood can also be extremely healthy, especially oysters, but I am afraid that oysters are also being exposed to glyphosate. Apparently the sea grass that grows in oyster beds is now being sprayed with glyphosate to kill the grass. I suspect that the serious problem that starfish are having in California with a wasting disease is being caused by glyphosate.

We are looking for foods that are very rich in minerals, [saturated] fat, and cholesterol. If we are discussing fruits and vegetables then we want whole foods.

I also recommend sea salt, because it has many different minerals and not just sodium chloride.

QUESTION: Are there specific ways of cooking that are beneficial?

I emphasize soup. People don’t appreciate soup. I recommend buying bones and making soup. [One way to do this] is to buy a whole organic chicken and use the meat however you wish, but take the carcass and cook it in water for a long time, then veggies can be added to the broth at the end of the process to make a really nutritious soup. When soup is made this way, we get the bone marrow and all the nutrition that comes out of it.

QUESTION: Is sulfur the primary concern when it comes to mineral deficiency?

Sulfur is not the only problem. There are deficiencies in manganese, magnesium, iron, and zinc [for those who eat food containing glyphosate]. Kids are especially mineral deficient. Glyphosate impairs the body’s ability to manage these minerals properly.

QUESTION: Many of the diets that are used to heal the consequences of vaccine damage use probiotics or fermented foods. Are these useful?

Live culture sauerkraut, yogurt, and these types of foods are helpful for the gut.

There is a booming business in probiotics, but I don’t like taking pills, so I would rather have a live culture of sauerkraut than to eat a probiotic pill.

I saw a study on women with chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also associated with foggy brain, depression, and anxiety. The study specifically looked at anxiety, and they found that lactobacillus greatly improved their symptoms of anxiety. This also rejuvenated lactobacillus [in the gut] and a secondary bacteria (I think it was bifidobacteria). If lactobacillus bacteria are healthy, then other bacteria are able to thrive as well. If a person does not have adequate lactobacillus then pathogens tend to overgrow.

Lactobacillus is really important. This bacteria processes milk, so it is very important for babies to have an adequate supply of lactobacillus.

QUESTION: I assume you are an advocate for breast feeding?

Yes, absolutely. Of course there could be glyphosate in the breast milk, but there will almost certainly be glyphosate in soy formula.

QUESTION: It sounds like you are saying that the first step in recovering health after vaccine damage is to avoid all foods that contain glyphosate and anything that has pesticides and food additives, etc. This means going organic or even better than organic. This would include grass fed meat. It sounds like you are also talking about changing the way people cook, i.e. making chicken stock, and trying to get natural minerals into children. Does this mean that we should eliminate all factory produced foods with lists of chemical ingredients on the label?

Absolutely, of course this takes more work, but it so worth it.

Going organic is the number one thing for the diet. Then a person should add sulfur containing foods and the foods that are rich in micronutrients — particularly minerals.

I don’t recommend supplements, because I think that any one thing in concentration by itself is not a natural way to get the nutrient. We want it to be embedded in the natural food where it is naturally contained, so that it has all the surrounding nutritional ingredients that the body knows how to handle. [This is especially true] with the minerals, because it is really tricky to get them distributed — that’s the key thing.

QUESTION: What you are describing is very similar to what I see in many of the diets that are out there today for helping people recover from vaccine damage. Is it mostly about eliminating foods that contain toxic substances?

Actually I am talking about allergies as well, because people are allergic to things that are high in glyphosate. Sugars are bad for us especially, because they contain glyphosate. The elimination type diets eliminate gluten [from grains], sugar, and casein [from dairy]. Dairy products contain glyphosate, because cows eat huge amounts of glyphosate [that is contained in the corn that is fed to them]. Sugar, gluten containing products [made from wheat and other grains], dairy, soy products, and products made from corn all contain huge amounts of glyphosate.

Before I knew that glyphosate was being sprayed on wheat prior to harvest, I was looking at gluten intolerance. I thought that gluten intolerance was strange – I wondered why people were suddenly getting allergic to wheat. So, when I took a deeper look, I was shocked to learned that farmers are spraying wheat with glyphosate right before the harvest.

QUESTION: Do you think that gluten intolerance may be more related to glyphosate than to gluten itself?

I absolutely do. Glyphosate binds to the gluten and the body develops an antibody to that complex. I think this is what is going on with vaccines as well.

Many of the food ingredients that people are allergic to [today] such as peanuts, are related to vaccines. For example, there is peanut oil in certain vaccines. When you have a food [peanut oil] that is attached to a toxic poison of some sort such as the aluminum in vaccines or even the antigen itself, then the body will react to the combination of substances. [Later], when peanuts are eaten, then the body reacts to the food as if it was still combined with toxic substances.

It is interesting that if kids are exposed to peanuts early in life [before they are given peanut oil in vaccines], then they will be less likely to develop a peanut allergy later. This may mean that if children are exposed to peanuts that are not bound to a toxin, before they receive vaccines containing peanut oil, then they will be less likely to have a reaction. [In this way] the body learns that peanuts are OK, therefore it doesn’t react to it, because it has seen peanuts before.

QUESTION: A considerable amount of concern is being raised about vaccine damage in children. What about the situation with adults and specifically seniors?

The elderly in America are in a really bad place, because they often have a combination of iron deficiency and iron toxicity at the same time. This is because both the systems that transport sulfate and iron are disrupted [by glyphosate]. In this situation free iron is toxic, which causes lots of damage. At the same time you also have deficiencies in the heme that is in hemoglobin. This leads to oxygen deficiencies as well, because the red blood cells are depleted [of heme and iron].

There is a whole mechanism for transporting iron that involves a molecule called heme. Heme puts a cage around iron. Heme is built in the gut, most likely by gut microbes. Iron in the body should be surrounded by heme. Heme iron is much more easily absorbed as well through the gut barrier. Glyphosate interferes with the first step of heme synthesis. It disrupts the ability to produce heme to protect the iron. As a result, the free iron becomes a problem.

Free iron in the blood causes all kinds of damage to the endothelial walls of blood vessels, which is connected to heart disease.

Heme is a molecule that is a component of hemoglobin, but also of many other important molecules, such as the cytochrome enzymes. The cytochrome enzymes are disrupted by glyphosate. This has been shown in research with liver tissue, rats, plants, and with microbes. Glyphosate also disrupts chlorophyll synthesis in plants. There is a component of heme that is also a component of chlorophyll, and glyphosate disrupts both.

Manganese deficiency is also a huge issue [for people of all ages]. Anthony Samsal and I have a new paper that was just published. [10] It is about manganese and how glyphosate disrupts manganese in the body and causes basically manganese deficiency in the blood and manganese toxicity in the brain stem at the same time. The presence of glyphosate misdirects the process of manganese transport.

Excess manganese in the brain stem can cause Parkinson’s disease, and may be related to ADHD, but we are not sure on this last point. Insufficient manganese in the tissues will be a problem for mitochondria [in the cells], because an enzyme that protects mitochondria depends on manganese.

Manganese also detoxifies glutamate and converts it into glutamine. Glutamate is a neurotoxin. Autistic kids have high glutamate in the blood. I suspect that happens because they cannot convert it into glutamine. High glutamate in the brain will cause neuronal damage. This can also cause encephalopathy (brain swelling and dysfunction) and seizures, both of which are associated with autism. High levels of free glutamate are also associated with Alzheimer’s.

QUESTION: Does this glutamate have anything to do with the food additive MSG?

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is really bad for autistic kids. This is something they should absolutely eliminate from the diet. It is often disguised under many names such as hydrolyzed protein, gelatin, etc. I found an article on the web from a mother who managed to cure her daughter of autism. She mentioned all these things that she did, which all sounded good, but finally, the last nut to crack was to realize the problem with MSG. Once she got rid of all the MSG from the child’s diet, which was really difficult, her daughter was cured of her autism. MSG was the last barrier.

Kids can’t convert glutamate to glutamine in the gut. The gut microbes are supposed to do that for us.

QUESTION: Why can’t we just take sulfate as a supplement and fix the sulfate insufficiency problem and the damaged sulfate transport system?

The experts know that serotonin, vitamin D, cholesterol, and many other biologically active molecules are sulfated. They are typically molecules that contain a carbon ring, at least one. This is important, because the carbon ring disperses the electrical charge on the sulfate and changes its behavior with regard to gelling the blood. Sulfate is acidic and it can turn the blood in to Jell-O. This is why it is not possible to send a lot of free sulfate through the blood. The body regulates this very carefully to keep it in a tight range, and in a very small amount. This fools people into thinking that if it is getting flushed out through the kidneys, then there is too much of it. This causes even the experts to believe that if it is getting flushed out of the body, then there cannot be a deficiency.

There are many biologically active molecules that are sulfated for transport in the blood. Some of these are cholesterol, vitamin D, serotonin, and melatonin. Melatonin delivers lots of sulfate to the cerebral spinal fluid. Melatonin is derived from serotonin and serotonin is derived from tryptophan, which is a product of the shikimate pathway. This takes us right back to glyphosate, because it interferes with all of this.

Serotonin deficiency is a huge issue in obesity, autism, Alzheimer’s, and ADHD.

QUESTION: What about mental illness and all the drugs that are being used as serotonin reuptake inhibiters?

They are trying to preserve the serotonin in the synapse because there isn’t enough of it.

By trapping the serotonin in the synapse, it is interfering with the natural process and can cause other kinds of problems down the road.

QUESTION: In addition to eating a healthy diet, what else can we do to detox aluminum, mercury, and glyphosate from our bodies?

I believe very much in sunlight exposure, both on the skin and in the eyes. This means going outside without sunscreen or sunglasses. Also grounding helps. Being at the shore of the ocean walking in the water along the beach is a very healthy thing to do. This pulls in the ions through the grounding and helps our zeta potential. The loss of negative charge is like acidosis – not enough negative charge. This is a huge part of the problem with our health today.

Also don’t take Tylenol, because Tylenol will deplete sulfate.

In addition to walking on the beach, there is relaxing, meditating, deep breathing, etc. all these are good things to do in addition to eating healthy food. Eating lots of whole organic food, lots of veggies, meat, seafood, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and of course, fermented vegetables. Broccoli, garlic, onions, and cauliflower are all good sources of sulfur.

If a person is into supplements, there are certain supplements that contain sulfur. For example, glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate can be both taken as supplements. Chondroitin sulfate is really important for the joints. Its synthesis depends on manganese.

This means that a lot of arthritis problems can be related back to impaired Chondroitin sulfate synthesis. Chondroitin sulfate is important for the joints as well as the bones. Two other supplements that contain sulfur are lipoic acid and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

QUESTION: You mentioned sun exposure. Is this about vitamin D production? Does that help us detox? What can we do about sunlight exposure if we happen to live in northern latitudes during the winter?

It is true that UV light goes down dramatically in the winter, but the rest of the light [from the sun] is still there. The blue light and infrared light are both important for sulfur synthesis. So, you don’t necessarily need the UV. I try to take a walk outdoors every day for at least 40 minutes. I highly recommend this.

Getting exercise is important every day. It doesn’t need to be heavy duty exercise. On sunny days in the winter I try to take an extra walk. It is beneficial to get the light exposure to the face, and if it isn’t too cold, then exposure to the hands will be helpful. We have a lot of veins close to the surface on our hands, which I believe will help us make sulfate.

I should say that at this point this is my theory. I believe that sulfate is made in the skin when it is exposed to the sun. We know that the skin has large amounts of cholesterol sulfate, but no one seems to wonder about where the sulfate comes from.

I did some work with a PhD chemist from Harvard and we published a paper that described our theory for how sulfate is made in the skin. It depends on structured water. Structured water is gelled water. Sulfate begets sulfate. If we have enough sulfate in our artery walls, we create gelled water, and this is what we need to mobilize electrons to make more sulfate. It is interesting that once the system begins to fall apart, it is a cascade downward, because we get to a point where we can’t make sulfate anymore, because there is not enough around. When this happens, it is very problematic for the body – it leads to a meltdown of the blood.

QUESTION: Most people talk about sun exposure in terms of vitamin D.

I know most people assume that sun exposure is for vitamin D and if they don’t have enough sun, then they can take a supplement. I think vitamin D supplements can be harmful if you take too much of it. I don’t believe that you can take a supplement and then you don’t need the vitamin D from the sun. We are not just getting vitamin D from the sun.

I believe that vitamin D is supposed to be an indicator of something else. Part of what it is indicating is sulfate synthesis. If you are producing vitamin D in the skin through sunlight, then you are also producing sulfate. This allows us to sulfate the vitamin D and it can then be shipped out to the rest of the body.

Vitamin D is actually activated twice before it becomes active – once in the liver and once in the kidney. Those activations require cytochrome P450 enzymes, which are the enzymes that glyphosate messes up. I think that vitamin D is actually a signal. Vitamin D comes into the liver. It is activated with the cytochrome P enzymes and ships the activated vitamin D to the kidneys. In the kidneys it is activated further, and now it can do its thing in the body. At that point vitamin D can activate receptors and tell cells [about the status of certain processes in the body]. Vitamin D levels tell the body that we have skin production of sulfate, healthy cytochrome P enzymes in the liver, we have healthy cytochrome P enzymes in the kidney, and we are good to go. I believe that this is the message that vitamin D is conveying to the body.

When vitamin D can’t be activated in the liver you get a very low vitamin D level, which is what we are seeing today. We have a huge epidemic in vitamin D deficiency in this country. When they test for vitamin D levels, they are testing for vitamin D that has been activated by the liver. I think what is happening is that the liver can’t activate it, which is why it is low.

I don’t recommend taking vitamin D, because you are getting it out of context. It is supposed to be a signaling molecule that represents the bioavailability of other things, but we cause it to lie when we take it as a supplement, so I don’t recommend that.

QUESTION: Why do people have difficulty detoxing mercury from vaccines?

This has a lot to do with sulfate. Mercury depletes sulfate. Thus, our ability to detox mercury is greatly reduced when we have glyphosate in the system. Also this depends on the gut microbes. Antibiotics can make mercury much more toxic, because they mess up the microbes that detoxify the mercury.

There is a study where researchers poisoned two groups of animals (mice I believe) with methylmercury. One group received antibiotics with the mercury and the other just received the mercury. The group that had the antibiotics had a lot more mercury showing up in different organs (in a toxic form), than the ones that didn’t receive antibiotics. The idea was that the gut microbes were able to metabolize the mercury, bind it, and keep it from getting into the body.

QUESTION: One of the diets that I will discuss in my next article is the low-oxalate diet. Is oxalate somehow connected to sulfate, glyphosate, aluminum, and mercury?

I am currently studying oxalate in connection with autism. I have seen an article that shows a three-fold increase in the level of oxalates in the blood in association with autism. Kidney stones are also going up in frequency, and 80% of them are formed by calcium oxalate.

I think two things are going on here:

1. Glyphosate formulations have been modified to include oxalate salts. I can’t prove this, but Monsanto has several patents on the idea of adding oxalate salts to increase the toxicity to plants.

2. Oxalate metabolism in the gut depends on manganese, which is chelated by glyphosate. This makes manganese unavailable for oxalate metabolism.

How Healthy is Your Gut?

One of the references that I consulted while preparing this article was the book: Bugs, Bowels, Brains, Behavior and The Emergence of the Brain-Body Connection. It describes in great detail the intricate relationship between the health of our digestion, the healthy functioning of our brains, and our overall health. If our digestion (gut) is not working properly, then everything else in our body will be compromised in one way or another. Vaccines, antibiotics, and pesticides all damage the functioning of the gut. As a result, we, as a society, are all much sicker than we think.

How does the functioning of your gut compare to healthy digestion? This is how Geri Brewster, RD, MPH, CDN, describes normal functioning of the human gut. How do you and your children compare to this description of normal?

Geri Brewster states:

“When I think about the gut, I often wonder how many people actually possess an optimal gut environment. Some of the indicators of a properly functioning GI tract include having two bowel movements a day, feeling good after eating, sleeping soundly, having energy throughout the day, and experiencing no extreme mood swings or food cravings. In my experience, these indicators are all too rare. There is hardly a baby born these days who isn’t being treated for either severe reflux, necessitating powerful acid blockers, or for constipation, creating an early reliance on laxatives. Even in adults without known gut issues, complaints of pain after eating or afternoon sluggishness are more and more common and increasingly accepted as normal.” [9]

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John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. inPsychology from the University of Michigan, and aMaster of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from theSchool of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at theUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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