Mineral Transporters



by Stephen Heuer


Dr. Hans Nieper along with Dr. Franz Kohler developed an inexpensive line of natural substances that help the body stay 100% nourished and vital. These two doctors came up with a spectrum of mineral transporters. In the process of digestion, minerals that are within the food are being ionized by HCL, into free mineral ions. These mineral ions are then transported via the blood to all parts of the body. You would think that the cells are able to readily absorb these minerals, but due to the cell membrane charge some minerals will be repelled rather than absorbed.

You’d think that cells are designed to absorb minerals without effort. But the truth is that our bodies must be is good health to be able to have the energy needed to cause minerals to be absorbed. Like many functions of the body, when vitality is low then the body does not produce certain enzymes or repair proteins, so too with our cells ability to absorb certain minerals. Cell membranes are positively charged. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are positively charged. We know that two magnets of the same pole will repel one another, so too the major minerals needed by the body in large amounts, calcium, magnesium and potassium are positively charged and therefore repel going into the positively charged cell membrane. To overcome this Dr. Hans Nieper developed minerals that have transporters on them that make the mineral electrically neutral.

The average human body contains some 3000 square meters of membrane cellular equivalents of electrical fences – that maintain the borders of the cells and the organs they form. By maintaining a very precise electrical balance, these amazing structures control both the inside and outside cellular environments, permitting certain nutrients to enter, shunting waste products out, and communicating with the other cells of the body.

Through the electron microscope, scientists were able to see the cell in detail and discover the membrane is a bi-layered structure of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Very few molecules can pass easily through this barrier. Most require the assistance of protein transporters, which shuttle molecules back and forth across the membrane or through the openings of the protein pores called ion channels. These channels open in response to chemical signals or to changes in the membrane electrical charge.

In the cell membrane are ion channels that open in response to electrical charges. These are known as voltage dependent channels. This is where signals are translated from the outside of the cell to the inside of the cell. These signals are controlled by sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are positively charged; and chloride, phosphate and amino acids, which are negatively charged. Sodium and potassium controlled channels work together to maintain the cell membrane’s electrical charge at an average of 90 kilovolts per centimeter. Calcium channels open in response to changes in membrane potential, allowing calcium into the cell, where it is involved in a host of cellular reactions. Healthy cellular function depends on the proper balance of these minerals, both inside and outside the cell.
In 1955, Dr. Hans Selye and R. S. von Nida of Munich demonstrated that magnesium chloride could protect the hearts of experimental animals from chemically induced necrosis, or tissue degeneration. Guided by their work, Dr. Hans Nieper developed potassium-magnesium aspartate as an active mineral transport system to restore magnesium to heart and circulatory cells.

Potassium-Magnesium Aspartate was the first in a series of minerals with different transporter molecules. The direct transport to very specific cell sites allowing minerals to be effectively incorporated and utilized by the targeted cells.

Dr. Franz Kohler created calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and lithium minerals salts of aspartic, orotic, arginine and 2-aminoethylphosphate (2AEP). Based upon clinical observation in Dr. Niepers’ practice the following benefits have been observed in clients using these different mineral transporters.

The Aspartates are the mineral salts of aspartic acid. The active mineral transporter the negative ion of aspartic acid delivers its associated mineral to the inner portion of the double walled cellular membrane.

Calcium Aspartate: Dr. Nieper found that calcium aspartate, above all other mineral aspartates, provides a pronounced effect in the control and relief from painful fibrocystic calcification of the breast. “I observed their beneficial effect in over 98% of my female patients who took calcium aspartate. Calcium aspartate was effective in the recalcification of bone tissue in the aftermath of tuberculosis. It is used in the treatment of osteoporosis and osteomyelitis.”

Potassium-Magnesium Aspartate: Transports potassium and magnesium mineral ions to the inner portion of the cells of the heart, arteries and liver. At these locations, they activate specific enzymes, which in turn produce adenosinetriphosphate (ATP). ATP is essential to energy and oxygen levels in the blood. This action within the heart muscle prevents heart arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, blood clots and thickening of the arteries.

Additionally potassium-magnesium aspartate promotes the detoxification of the liver by removing ammonia, thus helping prevent liver failure. Furthermore, by this biochemical action results in lowering carbon dioxide levels by converting it into urea, this lowers tension in the lungs which helps prevent asthmatic attacks.

Zinc aspartate, in combination with magnesium orotate, has proven extremely useful in the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas (Burkitt’s lymphomas) caused by the Epstein-Barr and cytomegalo viruses. Zinc aspartate and magnesium orotate are very effective in arresting the replication of viruses and also in inhibiting the activity of the enzyme thymidine kinase, which may explain their ability to combat the lymphomas. Following the surgical removal of a lymphoma, the immunological complement C3c in the patient’s blood serum must be maintained above a minimum threshold level to avoid tumor recurrence. Zinc aspartate and magnesium orotate are very effective in accomplishing this.

In Germany, zinc aspartate is accepted and routinely offered as a mineral substance for the enhancement of the immune defense system. It activates thymus gland and the formation of T-lymphocytes, which are important white blood cells of the immune system. Finally, zinc aspartate seems to increase the body’s production of insulin, which makes a valuable contribution to blood sugar utilization.


Orotic acid penetrates easily into the cell for utilization by organelles such as the mitochondria.

Calcium Orotate is one of the most active minerals for getting into the bone and supporting remineralization. When you combine calcium orotate with calcium 2-AEP and calcium aspartate you get superior results over conventional calcium salts and hormones. Resulting in absorption into the tissues and causing bone remineralization. Electron microscopic analysis proves the efficacy of calcium orotate absorption into the cells.

Calcium orotate has been effective as an anti-inflammatory in the following disorders, including: arthritis; arteriosclerosis; retinitis (inflammation of the retina); disseminated encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain; and phlebitis, or inflammation of the vein. In addition, it is very effective against psoriasis. The long term clinical tolerance and overall value of calcium orotate is far superior to other therapeutic calcium substances and to the so-called immune depressors.

Lithium Orotate has been an effective nutrient for depression. Unlike lithium acetate, carbonate, or citrate that have side effects lithium orotate does not. Lithium orotate has also been effective in the treatment of migraine and frequently recurring headaches.

Magnesium Orotate: Dr. Franz Kohler and Dr. Nieper found that magnesium orotate reduces serum cholesterol levels more efficiently than any other substance they had used previously. Magnesium orotate prevents hardening of the arteries, restoring the cells of the arteries even more successfully that calcium aspartate. Magnesium orotate prevents kidney failure from chronic high blood pressure and diabetes. Finally in combination with zinc aspartate, magnesium orotate helps stop the replication of viruses.

Potassium Orotate: Through tests done on hamsters, Dr. Kohler and Dr. Nieper demonstrated that potassium orotate, like potassium aspartate, could prevent spontaneous ear-tissue destruction. Since that time, it has been used as both a preventative agent of heart muscle degradation and as the most effective potassium transporter to the inside of the cell. Ninety percent of the potassium found in the human body is inside the cells. Potassium orotate penetrates the cell membrane and delivers required potassium to the cell, where it is utilized to maintain the cytoplasm pressure.

The Arginates: Arginine is an alkaline amino acid that when complexed with potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc, forms highly beneficial salts in the treatment of ideal health.

Calcium Arginate: lowers blood glucose levels for diabetics. Dr. Nieper found that his diabetic’s patients had spectacular results lowering glucose when they used the arginate forms of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.

Several of Dr. Niepers’ patients have written him claiming that calcium arginate has provided significant improvement regarding inner-ear haring loss.

Magnesium Arginate: plays a significant role in lowering blood glucose levels, thus providing better management of diabetes. Magnesium arginate also enhances the effectiveness of Carnitine. Carnitine is an essential amino acid that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cells, enabling the body to utilize fats for energy. This is particularly important for the heart muscle, which derives its energy primarily from fatty acids.

Zinc Arginate: has been found to be very effective in lowering blood glucose levels. This allows for safe, natural and effective treatment of diabetes.

2-AMINOETHYLPHOSPHATE (2-AEP): In 1939, famous biochemist Dr. Erwin Chargoff reported that AEP is an essential component in the structure of all cell membranes. Swiss scientist Dr. Buchi in 1952 revealed more about the chemical and structural properties of AEP in cell membranes.

Calcium 2-Aminoethylphospharte (Calcium 2-AEP): Impressed with the findings of Chargoff and Buchi, Dr. Kohler created calcium 2-AEP, which became one of the most important and effective mineral transport substances. 2-AEP serves as an electrolyte carrier and mineral transporter, decreases cellular membrane permeability by sealing the membrane’s free lipid pore sites. Free-lipid pores are defective pores that permit harmful agents to penetrate the cell membrane and produce disease or allergic responses. Therefore, calcium 2-AEP prevents disease-causing bacteria, toxins, and viruses from penetrating the cell.

In 1972 Dr. Moenninghoff did extensive microscopic work confirming how the cell membrane’s free lipid pore sites could be successfully sealed with calcium 2-AEP. Later we learned that the mineral phosphates, including calcium, magnesium and potassium 2-AEP’s are components of our neurotransmitters. Calcium 2-AEP is particularly necessary to retain the electrical charge on the membrane surface. The mineral phosphates are indispensable in supporting the condenser function of cells at the membrane surface.

Multiple Sclerosis: Dr. Nieper has treated 3,150 MS patients over 35 years with Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium 2-AEP. Results have been far better than with any other therapy he’d used. 25% of MS patients die of kidney failure and 25% die of bone fractures. Amazingly he had only 8 cases of bone fracture and no kidney failure patients amongst his 3150 MS Patients over 35 years.

Calcium 2-AEP improves the condenser function of the bone cell membranes, allowing the bone cells to function healthily. Furthermore, surgeons in six major medical centers two in the USA, reported finding extremely solid bone when implanting new joints in patients who had been taking calcium 2-AEP and Calcium orotate for at least four years prior to the surgery. So calcium 2-AEP and calcium orotate increase bone density.

Diabetes is yet another disease that can be prevented or treated with the calcium 2-AEP, whether used individually or as part of a combination of supplements. During the 1960’s Dr. Nieper saw that his patients with diabetes felt better when treated with calcium 2-AEP. Their overall metabolism improved, tolerance to sugar improved and their kidneys responding favorably.

Dr. Nieper found that using the combination of calcium, magnesium and potassium in the 2-AEP form is highly effective in combating the progression of diabetes. Dr. Robert Atkins, demonstrated that calcium 2-AEP significantly reverses juvenile diabetes type I.

Dr. Nieper collaborated with many physicians over many years and his experience is that taking calcium, magnesium and potassium 2-AEP is extremely effective in preserving the retina of diabetics by restoring the retinal cell membrane integrity.

The kidneys are also protected by the mineral 2-AEP complex, in combination with magnesium orotate, in both diabetic and heart patients. The 2-AEP complex can decrease high blood pressure and eliminate excess protein in the urine of diabetic patients with initial kidney damage.

The 2-AEP mineral complex also known as Membrane Complex improves regulation of blood glucose in the treatment of type II diabetes. When treated with the 2-AEP mineral complex, diabetics can control their sugar and lose their cravings of chocolate and other carbohydrates in most instances. Increasing vitamin C intake increases the effectiveness of the 2-AEP mineral complex.

Carnitine is an amino acid found naturally in the liver, that converts fats into energy. Since over 50% of the hearts fuel requirements come from fat, taking carnitine can help the heart release more energy and it is known to help reduce cholesterol deposits in the arteries. Supplementing carnitine with vitamin B1 enhances the effects.

Dr. Nieper also developed an amazing cardiovascular support mineral supplement called Potassium and Magnesium Aspartate. In 1962 Dr. Nieper demonstrated before the German Society of Cardiovascular diseases that potassium-magnesium aspartate protects the heart and liver from degeneration and collapse in the absence of sufficient oxygen. It does so through the formation of energy rich phosphates, especially ATP. This ATP Energy becomes paramount in overcoming the risk of cardiac cellular necrosis or destruction, coronary thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, and most importantly cardiac arrest. Dr. Nieper found that potassium/magnesium aspartate reduces the occurrence of secondary heart attacks by 90% in non-diabetic patients who are correctly treated over a continuous period of time. The Orotates produce the same results.

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium 2-Aminoethylphosphate also referred to as the 2-AEP complex is an essential substance required to maintain the structural integrity of all cellular membranes. It is particularly important to the membranes of our blood and heart-muscle cells. The 2-AEP complex seals the free-lipid pore sites in cellular membranes, preventing penetration by toxins, bacteria, and viruses that may product serious cardiovascular disease and allergies.


Research shows that deficiencies of selenium and vitamin E leads to a weakened immune system and allows viruses to gain the upper hand. The coxsackie, cytomegalo, herpes 1 & 2, chickenpox and Epstein-Barr viruses are all able to cause cardiovascular disease. Dr. Oberling asserts that there are no chronic diseases other than those induced by the herpes viruses.

Cell Membranes: Our cells are composed of a Lipid bilayer membrane that acts like a capacitor. Capacitors store energy. So if your membranes are not healthy then your cells cannot store energy, if you do not have the right fats in the cell membrane then the cell becomes damaged. The cell also needs sufficient levels of antioxidants, SOD, Catalase and Glutathione. Due to toxicity, nutritional deficiencies or genetic weakness a person may be producing too little antioxidants, thus leaving the cell vulnerable to damage. The cells of our bodies are constantly being bombarded by free radicals; if you have sufficient antioxidants then cells are protected. If you do not have sufficient levels of antioxidants then cells are damaged or killed.

Healthy cells have a fat call Amino Ethyl Phosphate on the cell membrane. This material acts as a sealant to protect against penetration from foreign material. When the body does not produce sufficient levels of this material then cells are penetrated by foreign material. Once a foreign protein penetrates a cell, an allergic reaction is triggered. Dr. Hans Nieper developed a product called Membrane complex that supplies Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium in this Amino Ethyl Phosphate form. I remember a lady that had allergies that came to me in the vitamin department of a health food store I worked in, in 1990 or so. She was complaining of allergies and asked what could she do. I recommended Membrane complex and she bought a bottle. Three days later she came back into the store and was walking up the vitamin isle. She looked dazed or dumbfounded. Once she got to me she said that her allergies were gone 100% and she could not believe it. This experience left a good impression on me and for the next 26 years I have been recommending Membrane complex to people with allergies. The results have consistently been impressive, with people reporting 80 to100% elimination of allergy symptoms.

With regards to the electronic properties of cells, Amino Ethyl Phosphate minerals are plated on the outside of the cell that has a positive charge. The arginate minerals will bond to the inside of the cell membrane. By restoring the minerals needed by the cell on the inside and outside of the cell membrane, you are restoring the cells capacitance. Capacitors are storage place for energy. This cell membrane energy is used to power up, other components of the cell. This cellular energy also activates the cell membrane to excrete toxins or absorb nutrients.

Injured tissues have a reduced energy level. The electronic properties of the cell control the biochemical aspects of the cell.

Summary of the Role Of Mineral Transporters:
Aminoethylphosphate deposits on cell membrane
Arginates support glucose uptake into the cells. Releasing minerals in inside of membrane and inside the cell.
Aspartates releases minerals on the inside layer of the cell only. Aspartates also operate as cofactor in cell membrane transport metabolism. Aspartates are attracted to muscle, liver and organ tissues.
Orotates reach the inside cytoplasm of the cell and gets into the organelles of the cells. Orotates are also involved in DNA and RNA manufacture. Orotates are also involved in energy production pathways.

Potassium/Mag aspartate strengthens the heartbeat. Mag orotate supports the hearts ability to conduct electricity. Then use Calcium orotate or arginate or aspartate to facilitate converting fat into energy for the heart. The heart uses 50% of its energy from fat.

You need calcium orotate to deliver calcium to bone cells and Calcium 2 AEP or Membrane Complex to give the bone cells the energy to make new bone. Therefore you would use these two in combination. #

Complied and Authored by Stephen Heuer, BS Nutripath,
Synergistic Nutrition : 888-988-3325 : sgn80.com

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