Dr. Robert RowenFolks, I am quite disappointed to report this to you. The Senate education committee discussed the issue today for only 13 minutes. From my friend in Sacramento, the Democrats, who last week expressed concerns about religion, draconian exclusion from school if a child is not FULLY vaxxed, medical waiver clarification, informed consent, etc. fell silent. Remember, the chair of the committee last week demanded amendments to address these concerns. Such reasonable amendments were apparently not offered, just railroading.

I will express my beliefs here. There is a money trail to most everyone on the committee to Pharma. Readers of this page have posted clear connections of most on the education committee to Pharma contributions. You need to realize that the vaccine industry is profitable to the tune of billions. Defeat of his bill would have been a huge thorn in their side for years to come, and in other states, which look at California as a bell weather state. I sincerely believe that Pharma called in their “chits” and told these senators in the last week that they needed to tow the line and return the “favor” of the generous donations (buy outs). And, not in the “light of day” as last week, when there were hundreds of opponents those who spoke out against the “draconian” measure, and religious freedom, caved and bowed to their Pharma masters, not their constituents.

If this is not the clearest example of who owns your bought government, I can’t get it to you any better. The movie “Bought” tried to portray it all to you and I hope that you saw it. We are a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations, and we are voluntarily led to be Pharmed for Profit. As I said earlier, we are given the illusion that we are in charge, akin to a conqueror appointing a puppet from among the conquered to serve as a messenger from the conquered to the conqueror. This was a sad day in American politics for me.

This may have to be taken up in the courts or to the governor. We have a new religion here called “Pharma” and your RULERS have just made way for it to have dominion over others. I do hope that you will do whatever modicum of whatever you can do in the upcoming elections, though for this issue it will be too late.

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  1. April 25, 2015 @ 6:52 pm James Down Under

    Not surprised here, in the last month in Australia the federal gov’t has removed child care rebates and Family Tax benefits for children who are unvaccinated. The exemption for conscientious objection has been removed as has religious exemptions – so as a family you could lose up to $15000 in gov’t benefits per child per year. Not such a problem if you are very wealthy but a sneaky way to force vaccination for most families.

    Interesting in Oz, the families that are not choosing vaccination are mostly located in the wealthy eastern suburbs of Sydney and the hippy communities near Byron Bay.
    Something had to give after the whole measles in Disneyland story and the negative press articles relating to natural health philosophies that have been more obvious in the last three months. More and more the controlling hand of gov’t and large corporations reducing our freedoms – can’t wait for the paradigm shift – likely to have some bumps in the road first to keep our freedoms.


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