When Moscow’s Federation Tower skyscraper caught fire on April 1st, images of the blazing inferno on its upper floors were grim reminders of New York’s World Trade Center 9/11 attacks of 2001.

Had the 9/11 “laws of physics” prevailed Federation Tower should have collapsed into its footprint and covered central Moscow in inches of fine dust. Clearly, that did not happen…

What did happen was that twenty Moscow fire brigades and helicopters fought the blaze, brought it under control and finally extinguished it.

Indeed, strange events surround 9/11 which has become the watershed event of our times. For it marks the beginning of US/UK Imperial Overdrive in their global “War on Terror”, costing untold suffering, death and bloodshed in countries since invaded and destroyed. It also “justifies” today’s Gestapo-like 24/7 police state surveillance on US and European populations.

Two of many reasons why the 9/11 Event needs to be revisited and reassessed until the full Truth finally comes out: who did it, why, and how?

We need not delve here on the flagrant contradictions and damned lies propagated by US authorities and its mainstream media to this very day, as readers are strongly recommended to re-read RT’s four-part series “911 Reasons why 9/11 was (probably) an inside job” by Robert Bridge published on this website in September 2009.

Rather, it’s the dramatic geopolitical consequences of the 9/11 lies that must be stressed. Clearly, the World Trade Center was not brought down by 19 suicidal fanatics led by some nut hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. Steel buildings don’t just turn into dust the way World Trade Center did.

Moscow’s Federation Tower is just one of many examples of high-rise steel frame buildings suffering catastrophic fires and yet remaining intact. On October 17, 2004 a fire broke out in Caracas, Venezuela’s tallest skyscraper housing the Ministry of Infrastructure. The upper 20 of its 50 floors were destroyed and yet… it did not collapse.

In February 2005, Madrid´s 33 storey Winsor Tower suffered a huge fire causing parts of its 30 upper floors to partially collapse. It took fire-fighters a full day to extinguish the blaze and yet the building… did not collapse.

July 28, 1945: lost in heavy fog, a World War Two B-25 bomber rammed into New York City’s emblematic Empire State Building’s 78th, 79th and 80th floors killing 14 and yet… the building did not collapse.

On November 15, 2010 a 28-story high-rise apartment building in Shanghai China was completely destroyed by fire killing dozens and yet… the building did not collapse.

Even the World Trade Center’s North Tower suffered detonation of a 600 kilogram Urea-Nitrate-Hydrogen gas enhanced truck bomb deep under its basement level on 26th February 1993 intended to topple the building, and yet… it did not budge an inch…

All of this begs the question: what really happened on 9/11? Why did the two towers collapse at free-fall speed? Why did they turn into dust? Why was all the evidence immediately removed/destroyed by US authorities? What happened to those massive foundation beams cut at exactly 45° – tell-tale signs of controlled demolition – that quickly disappeared? Why did 47-storey Tower No. 7 – not hit by any airplane with only moderate fires on its 6th and 12th floors – collapse into its own footprint, also at freefall speed?

False Flags

Increasing numbers of lucid observers inside and outside the US are coming to realize that 9/11 can only be explained as foul play perpetrated by the overwhelming leverage wielded by the public and private power structure embedded deep inside the US and its key allies, notably Israel.

“False Flag attacks” they are called, and involve staging carefully calculated very high-profile attacks on one’s own country and interests, and then laying the blame on whichever “enemy” the perpetrators wish to wage war against.

This is nothing new, especially in the United States, where False Flag operations are a classic tool of deception and espionage, involving intelligence agencies and the clandestine/criminal groups they contingently partner and interact with, in planning and executing such acts of terrorism. They can range from intentional provocation and “letting things happen” to outright execution.

Understanding False Flags as part of US/UK foreign policy and war efforts not only helps to explain key high profile dramatic events that “justified” war against a wide assortment of “enemies” in the past, but also help to understand US, UK, French and Israeli behavior today in places like Syria, Iran, Libya, Africa and Latin America. In all cases, one key objective stands out: promoting US/UK & Allies’ imperial expansion and consolidation as global hegemons.

A quick False Flag overview:

– 1898: US warship “Maine” was blown up in Havana Harbor leading to the Spanish

-American War, leaving Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines as war booty for the US. Media PsyWar by William Randolph Hearst´s press whipped up war frenzy amongst Americans with his “Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain!” rhetoric. Years later, it became known that US operators had blown up the ship.

– In May 1915, the British passenger ship “HMS Lusitania” was sunk by a German sub killing American passengers. A week before, Imperial Germany’s embassy in Washington had issued public warnings as the vessel was known to regularly transport military supplies to Britain in its war effort against Germany and was thus a war target. Anyway, it “justified” US entry into World War I in 1917.

– December 7, 1941 was president Franklyn Roosevelt’s “day that will live in infamy” when Japan attacked a US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It was, in fact, bait used on the Japanese since the US knew of their impending attack but “let it happen”. It “justified” US entry into World War II.

– In March 1963, “Operation Northwoods” planned by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and described as “Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba” included staging assassinations and terror attacks in the Miami area, “sinking a boatload of Cuban refugees (real or simulated),” faking a Cuban air force attack on a US civilian airliner and blowing up a US ship in Cuban waters. All to be then blamed on Fidel Castro. JFK finally did not give his approval, which must have certainly earned him further internal enemies…

– August 2, 1964: Another “day in infamy” when North Vietnamese boats allegedly attacked US destroyer “Maddox” in the Gulf of Tonkin. Used as a pretext for massive escalation of the Vietnam War by the Johnson Administration, the 1971 Pentagon Papers later showed that this “incident” never even happened!

– During the 1967 Six-Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbours, unmarked jet fighters repeatedly attacked and bombed the “USS Liberty” patrolling international waters near Israel, in the clear hope that its sinking could then be blamed on Gamel Nasser’s Egypt, thus dragging the US into war for Israel. Unfortunately (for Israel) the American ship did not sink, although 35 crew were killed. Until his death in 1999, Liberty’s commander William McGonagle demanded that secret documents on this perfidious case be released. They never were.

These are but a few of the “fleet” of implicit False Flag events of which 9/11 is the “mother ship”.

Incredible “coincidences” also surround London’s Underground terror bombings of July 7, 2005, when private firm Visor Consultants admitted it was running a mock anti-terror drill where the fictional scenario was exactly the same as the real attacks that were then taking place.

Visor’s Managing Director Peter Power declared live on BBC Radio that day, “At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now.” Yeah, sure… I bet!!

Clearly there is a pattern here that needs to be brought out to fullest public awareness.

Too many questions; too few answers.

Adrian Salbuchi­

Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar

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