By Charles Erwin

One of the most important questions before each election cycle is “What are the issues?” Mainstream Media and politicians will tell you the primary issues are Healthcare, Tax Cuts, Jobs, Economy, and Wars. These “legal” and moral issues are important, but they pale in comparison to the “lawful” issues of Freedom faced by Americans today.


If you follow American Freedom Books and the American Freedom Blog, you know there is a huge difference between what is “legal” and what is “lawful”. If you follow our International affiliate groups at United We Strike, International Community Radio Network, Tax Free 15 UK, Vote For It, and Wake News, you know the whole world is in trouble from the New World Order. Politicians around the world are betraying their constituents on a daily basis, but we’re going to limit our discussion to American politicians in this article.


We’re all familiar with the FICTITIOUS “legal” issues of each election, so let’s take a look at the REAL “lawful” issues requiring our immediate attention. The only way to tell treasonous “legal” politicians from politicians who perceive they are upholding America’s “lawful” laws is to ask every political candidate running for public office the following questions:


  • Are you aware Congress created the “legal” Government of the District of Columbia with the Act of 1871 and later defined the United States to be a Federal Corporation per United States Code Title 28 Section 3002 Part 15?


  • Are you aware the States, Counties, and Cities have been “legally” transformed into corporations as well, and will you work to restore our “lawful” union if elected?


  • Will you support the “legal” United States Federal Corporation or the Founding Fathers’ “lawful” United States of America if elected?


  • Do you know the United States of America is a Republic and NOT a Democracy? (Treasonous politicians created a FICTITIOUS “legal” Democracy we now know is the United States Federal Corporation. The Founding Fathers created the REAL United States of America as a “lawful” Republic).


  • Are you a member of an elite Special Interest Group like the Lawyer’s Guild of Great Britain because you have a BAR license, or are you affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, or Bilderberg Group?


  • Are you aware “legal” Civil Rights created by men in government are not the same as “lawful” God-given/Universal Natural Rights?


  • Do you know the difference between Civil Rights and Natural Rights? (Civil Rights can be granted by and later taken away by government, but Natural Rights from God/Universe cannot be taken by any man or woman.)


  • Do you know being armed is a “lawful” Natural Right outside the “legal” legislative jurisdiction of government; even where the 2nd Amendment is concerned?


  • If elected, will you support our Natural Rights to be armed publicly and/or privately without a concealed carry license or any other unconstitutional and unlawful permit from government?


  • Do you know “legal” Executive Orders ONLY apply to government employees? (The Founding Fathers did not create America so the Presidents and State Governors could become “legal” dictators using “unlawful/unconstitutional” Executive Orders.)


  • Are you aware United States Code (USC) is the “legal” law of the United States Federal Corporation and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is supposed to be the “lawful” law of the United States of America? (Unfortunately for America, most statutes in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) are “legal” laws making them unlawful and unconstitutional laws violating our Natural Rights. A law cannot be enacted at any level of government if it violates our “lawful” God-given Natural Rights or the Constitution.)


  • Did you know treasonous politicians created the “legal” Constitution of the United States of America for their Corporation, and they are using it to replace the “lawful” Constitution for the United States of America in this Country?


  • Will you swear your oath to the “legal” Constitution of the United States of America or the “lawful” Constitution for the United States of America if elected? (We are aware of term versus definition relating to the phrase “Constitution of the United States” in the original Constitution’s Oath of Affirmation in Article 2. The Founding Fathers used the “lawful” conversational term “Constitution of the United States” where most treasonous politicians are using the CORPORATE “legal” and unlawful definition of “Constitution of the United States” when being sworn into office. We won’t look kindly on politicians using deceitful “legal” law tricks to circumvent “lawful” law.)


  • Do you know the Constitution for the United States of America was written as a document for government to follow, and our God-given/Universal Natural Rights as Sovereign American Citizens are outside the Constitution and control of men and women in government?


  • Are you aware the only government powers in the Constitution for the United States of America appear in Article 1 Section 8?


  • Did you know our governments use fraudulent “legal” documents like Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, and Driver’s Licenses to unlawfully and unconstitutionally take possession of us as corporate legal fiction property for their fictitious United States Federal Corporation? (Everyone who was SCAMMED into signing these documents is considered to be corporate legal fiction property of the United States Federal Corporation. Our Birth Certificates are even traded on the New York Stock Exchange.)


  • Will you protect Americans from the rouge agency known as the Internal Revenue Service? (The IRS is a “legal” territorial agency with absolutely no jurisdiction in the “lawful” United States of America and our “lawful” Constitution does not allow direct taxation on American Citizens. The “legal” laws requiring us to pay Income Taxes are unlawful, unconstitutional, and based on government fraud.)


  • If elected, will you investigate your fellow politicians in government and bring them up on charges of treason if warranted?


These are a few questions I’d like every elected agent of the Federal, State, and Local Governments to answer prior to getting my vote. The “legal” system is a fraud perpetrated by both Democrats and Republicans representing the Special Interest controlled FICTITIOUS “legal” Democracy instead of the REAL “lawful” Republic created by the Founding Fathers for the benefit of “We the People”. Any politician who tells you the United States of America is a Democracy instead of a Republic is an idiot, liar, or both and does not deserve your vote.

The Founding Fathers created a “lawful” Republic where power flowed from “We the People”, to Local Governments, to State Governments, and lastly to the Federal Government. Under their “legal” Democracy, power flows from the Federal Corporate Government, to Corporate State Governments, to Corporate Local Governments, and lastly to corporate legal fiction people, “We the Sheeple”, who used to be Sovereign American Citizens. The “legal” system was designed by political attorneys to take away our rights while leading us to erroneously believe governments could take the rights of its creators. It is quite simply a SCAM. Sovereign American Citizens are not corporate legal fiction property of the United States Federal Corporation. Child Protective Services (CPS) has no “lawful” right to take any child from their Parents using “legal” laws.

People of the world have given up their “lawful” Natural Rights and are being enslaved based on the same “legal” tricks pointed out in the information above. Don’t let treasonous Politicians and Mainstream Media set the “legal” issues of another election. The “lawful” issue of Freedom is the real issue in every election. Knowledge insures Freedom but only if you get off your ass and force treasonous politicians in governments to comply. This has been a public service announcement from Charles Erwin at American Freedom Books.


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