Shedding More Light on Structured Water

The nature of structured water is an ongoing exploration. Since meeting Clayton Nolte, developer of the now re-branded PHOTONIC™ Water structuring device (the site is presently under construction), my appreciation of the significance of this subject and product has continued to grow. While there are many ways to structure water, from technological to spiritual, Clayton’s technological method unifies both worlds into one. Using no electricity, magnets, or any other outside force, they are catalysts for an inner transformation within each water molecule, as evidenced by a major increase in the presence of light, scientifically referred to as bio-photons.

In the same way that I wanted to do something to help the public to understand more about magnesium’s importance in the body’s health matrix which led to publishing Mark Sircus’ book, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, and Jim Humble’s discovery of MMS which led to producing the documentary Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, this is my way of helping wrap our mind around a subject that, in many respects, has remained beyond lay understanding, since all the water that we consume looks similar. The difference is in energetics, and the essence of energetics, is light.

My education in “structure aquanomics” really took off when I was invited to take a road trip with Clayton to Santa Fe, New Mexico in March 2009 to attend a workshop presented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (, developer of technology that is so new and revolutionary that it defined a new field of study; electro-photonics. Generally dubbed an electro-photonic imaging system, and technically referred to as a gas discharge visualization (GDV) system, I had the honor and privilege of interacting with some of the brightest minds in subtle energy research on the planet.

So water is nothing to sneeze at. And yet, that might be one of the most charitable ways of describing our relationship to it, and the quality of the results that we get from it. Truth is, we’re getting far less value from our water than what we might, i.e., if we knew better. Knowing better. Not knowing it all, but knowing better than I knew. That’s the significance of this past year for me, and the ongoing relationship I’ve built with Clayton Nolte. There’s much more for all of us to learn, but it’s time that each of us turned on our own antenna, to gain the understanding that we’ve waited for others to get on our behalf. We don’t have to wait for someone to tell us what’s beneficial if we’re truly willing to know for ourselves, and are willing to hold new understandings and perspectives, and let go of those that no longer serve us.

At First, It Was ‘No Big Deal’

I wasn’t that impressed with Clayton’s water structuring “green machine” when he first described it to me. After all, it didn’t really do anything to the water like other devices we’ve grown accustomed to. It didn’t give you an entire range of pH levels, much less the higher alkaline settings that could accelerate one’s return to balance, and hence, to health… or so I thought. It wasn’t even electric for chrissake!

Clayton wasn’t phased by my underwhelm. He stated the device’s characteristics with neither embellishment nor apology. There was no attempt to justify or rationalize its shortcomings because no shortcomings were perceived. Indeed, on further research, it appears that our unquestioned reliance of forceful methods has made suboptimal, meaning unbalanced, the rule rather than the exception. In other words, the water that we generally rely on has shortcomings that contribute to our health problems. When the problems crop up, drug based treatment practices simply continue the downward spiral away from health, and into habitual pathology.

This process is not limited to personal consumption of water. It happens with water used in agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications. Where water sources are out of balance costs of production, manufacturing, or growth will always be higher. More water will also be used than necessary. Since most bureaucrats do not question their methods, much like the health care reform initiative that tries to get more people covered in a system that is failing the millions that are already in it, we’re in a perpetual state of reaction, whereas a proactive exploration into new areas could change everything.

We’ve grown so accustomed to imposing our will on Nature that we have little clue as to what Nature would normally give us naturally and abundantly, by design. Water is one of Nature’s most important gifts. It makes life as we know it, possible. But life isn’t necessarily health. Optimal, balanced, structured water makes health, as we all desire it, possible.

Structured water is health in liquid form, because it is optimized life in liquid form, now in season to deliver its gifts to us according to its Original Intention. The light, and therefore, the life in processed and treated water is greatly diminished energetically speaking, in part because it is out of balance. It will therefore produce a dimmer “biophotonic signature” than that of a structured water cluster. The cluster sizes are also smaller for structured water, and in this case, smaller cluster sizes and lower surface tension means easier cellular access and communication, and hence, more effective hydration.

Breaking Down Ionization

Before meeting Clayton I interviewed a man on my radio show who sells water ionizing systems. These devices sit on a counter top and connect to your tap, and by a process of electrolysis — feeding an electrical current into the water to “shock” oxygen ions loose — will give you water in a pH range of anywhere from 2.5 to 11. Water at a pH below 7 is not intended for human consumption, as they are thought to contribute to a generally acidic internal ecology. I was surprised to learn that many brands of bottled water are sold with pH values below 7. Even for the benefit that they might have delivered, they did not address the fact that our water intake is not limited to drinking. Showering or bathing in processed or treated water opens the body to all of the information that said water contains. The faint light that is generated via the structuring event clears the water of its prior bias or polarity. The biophotonic light release contains the full spectrum, which would include any counterbalancing frequencies that would discharge any information that is not part of life’s natural hydration design and protocol or script.

At one time, drinking high alkaline water sounded like a viable way to raise the overall pH of the body. This was especially important when I learned that the vast majority of chronic and acute disease pathologies are accompanied by an inner ecological imbalance that is biased to the side of acidity. Interesting that most allopathic treatment methods and protocols bias the body toward acidity, as they rely on blockers, inhibitors, suppressors, and synthetic chemicals, which have no instructional corollaries in the human DNA. In addition, the intention behind these products influences the cells’ interpretation. The body naturally will take what it needs of any informational signatures in the water, to sustain life, or the individual’s perception of what is possible and probable for that individual. In other words, we are very important influencing factors as to what works in the body (or not), and how it works (or not). This factor is rarely taken seriously, if ever, in most discussions about healing because we’re not yet clear on why we might create and maintain our diseases, and most people don’t even want to hear it.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t take people who truly want to restore their health long to learn that cancer cells, for example, thrive in acidic, meaning oxygen deficient, environments. The same applies to a myriad of other chronic pathologies, since an out of balanced state, to one degree or another, is common to all disease pathologies. The act of naming and categorizing these states has led to independent lines of research, each thought to be unrelated to others, all at profound expense to humanity, not only in dollars, but in lives.

An ionizing system can be an easy sale for someone choosing to get off the allopathic bus, on the justification that it’ll help raise the body’s pH, thereby helping the healing process. What they don’t tell you is that while the body’s overall pH should indeed be in the range of 7.2-7.4 for one to be considered in health and homeostasis, the gastrointestinal tract — where food is broken down and processed for nutrient extraction and deployment — is highly acidic by design. Dumping a steady stream of high pH water for an extended period of time into the GI tract could and would have a highly detrimental effect on one’s health because I can’t imagine anyone paying $900, $1,500, or $5,000 for a water ionizer system and not want to drink the highest octane possible. Plus, due to the use of electrification, ionization is a disruptive, not a cohering event, so the water produced in such systems is not structured.

I was at first underwhelmed when Clayton told me that his device restores optimal pH balance to the water. A person with a low pH that has a water ionizer can drink some 10 pH water. It seemed reasonable that balance would come sooner. That is, if you didn’t understand about the normally acidic nature of the GI tract. With Clayton’s structuring method, which uses flow forms oriented in a very specific way, the beauty of taking the middle road, the way of balance, became clear. Balanced water is alkaline enough to deliver a coherent, oxygen rich supply into the body, but not so alkaline as to undermine the acidic strength of the gastrointestinal tract.

Eventually, I started to understand why Clayton offered no apologies or excuses for making the water optimal for what the body actually needs for health. If your water is balanced, you don’t have to guess when it’s time to not take the high octane blend. Then too, all your $900, $1,500, or $5,000 for a water ionizer device would get you drinking water, which would need to be consumed fairly quickly. You’d still shower, bathe, cook, and wash your clothes with the same old chlorine, fluoride, and chemical rich water that your body was already coping with.

As it was with the spreading of information about Jim Humble’s discovery, MMS (the “miracle mineral supplement”), word is getting out about water in general, and structured water in particular. To appreciate what’s out there and the potential value, it really behooves us to look at all water, a task I’m not going to undertake here, but important insights await the inquisitive, open mind that chooses to walk this path.

Water: It’s Alive!

One of the fundamental perceptual changes that we need to make is to acknowledge that water is a living substance, not the inert “wet stuff” that we’ve dismissed as unimportant and treated it as. I know this may be hard for some, but I can assure you that life will be harder for those who do not accept water’s living, intelligent nature as truth, than for those who do. This is not because water will get pissed off or angry at us, but because we — meaning those who can’t get themselves to form a healthy relationship with water based on mutual respect — will have cut ourselves off from its most sublime gifts. And here’s a clue. If you are unwilling to establish a healthy relationship with water, you can’t establish one with anyone else, including yourself.

We can continue drinking water that has been forced to go through various “short cut” processes in order to “protect” us from harm, but what we’ve been getting is sicker, earlier in life, and therefore, for longer periods of time. Because we often continue to function day-to-day for quite some time in spite of chlorine and fluoride baths, which combine with countless chemicals that are in the processed foods that we eat and the simulated dairy products that we drink (“milk” as it is presently known, is definitely not milk), we believe that we’re putting our best nutritional foot forward. But this is not so.

Genetically modified (GMO) products look natural, taste natural, and even appear to act naturally when ingested. But they are not, cannot, and will not be metabolized by the body, because they do not contain the vibrational signatures — which take the form of specific frequencies of light — that are naturally read by, and responded to by our cells, protein, and enzyme populations, from our DNA. Time and distance from the moment of ingestion of these products provide great deniability for farmers and food processors, as well as hospitals and other health care institutions that are ambivalent to, or even “pro” GMO. They’ll look you in the eye and tell you that their way is the way, mainly because it’s the only way that the FDA, AMA, USDA, and regulatory agencies, in cooperation with lobbyists and detail representatives for the pharmaceutical industry, what us to play. However, when the evidence that our fall from nature has taken us away from health, and that our return to nature will usher health’s rebirth becomes so overwhelming to become self-evident, the administrators and bureaucrats of the old way will, with appropriate innocence, say that they didn’t know.

Water is fundamental, not only to health, but to life, and the quality thereof. Structured water is essential for health; its maintenance, or its restoration, because it is water in an optimal, balanced state. If a person has any chronic disease pathology, the water inside their body is either (a) inadequate, (be) unbalanced, or (c) some combination of the first two. It certainly is not in an optimal state. Structured water should be one of the first “prescriptions” suggested to an individual who is seeking to mitigate a chronic condition. I refuse to use the excuse that goes “but they don’t want you to get well.” It doesn’t matter what “they” want. What matters, is that you want.

One other thing that impressed me about Clayton, is that he makes it clear that we can structure water without his device. One needs only be in a joyful state. If we’re in chronic pain, fear, skepticism or doubt, we’re not likely living in joy. Yet, we could benefit from a device that structures water, for as water is cleared of memory, the molecular bonds to much that had been accumulated (often in the form of calcium deposits), is released. One man noticed that a dermatological condition called “skin tags,” that he had carried for many years, disappeared after drinking and showering in structured water for just two weeks.

So shifts of many kinds, in health and in consciousness are very real possibilities when we’re taking in structured water. If we truly wish to experience well-being once again, then the journey starts by improving one’s inner ecology, which won’t be done by mounting a “search and destroy” mission to “kill the bad guys,” and creating a battle zone in the process. It’s almost funny how long we’ve bought that “good guy/bad guy” strategy as a medical treatment principle. Yet, all parties in the war lose.

With the recent announcement that he has been diagnosed with throat cancer, George Karl, coach of the Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association, has stepped up to be the next high profile standard bearer for current cancer treatment orthodoxy. High profile people are a Godsend to the shapers of public perception, far more than those incessant ads that encourage you to take obscure drugs and ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough for sex. High profile cancer cases give the impression to millions of people that radiation and chemotherapy are the only viable ways to “combat” cancer, and that drugs are the only sane “combattants” in the battle to get well again. They actually foster the idea that a battle is necessary. It is not. Balance is. And medical treatment strategies that don’t have balance as the goal — as opposed to killing an “enemy” — will not restore the precious gift of health.

This is first-hand evidence that earning a high income is no guarantor of receiving the best, most informed, and most effective care. My heart reaches out to him, as people plan the radiation therapy that he will take, six times weekly. If his body had a radiation deficiency, or if he lived on chemotherapy, I’d be fully supportive of the outlined plan. But too many people around him still think that there is a place for chemical and radiation poisoning, and that a “fight” is required to abate his disease. Too many people still have a cultivated distrust in anything they find unfamiliar, that is, unless it was presented by their doctor, after being advised countless of times by a paid actor, to “ask your doctor.”

As important as light is to human existence, not simply well-being, only forty institutions are presently doing research in this shift causing area, according to the International Institute of Biophysics. Biophotons are very weak pulses of light, but their “weakness” should not be construed as the “wimpiness” variety. Their presence signifies the availability of a new order of life, and hence, power.

“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light. And the modern science of photobiology … is presently proving this. In terms of healing the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that quanta of light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” — Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

It’s now time to make your heart your first and last counselor. This doesn’t mean to stop talking to your doctor if you believe you need one. It does mean that we must become conversant in true causes and consequences. It’s time to put balance back into our lives; to admire it when we see it, and to re-instate it where it’s missing.

In the video link, Roger Daggett describes some of his experiences with Clayton’s water structuring technology.

To purchase, visit this site.

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