Time for America to Get Selfish

By Andrew Gause


Many baby boomers have fond memories of the way things were back in the 60s, 70s, and early 80s. US factories and steel companies were roaring. Detroit’s auto assembly lines were humming. Homes, shopping malls, and small businesses were springing up all over the country. And getting a job was almost as easy as filling out an employment application and waiting in the lobby. It was a great time for the American worker. Wages were livable and benefits were plentiful; overtime pay, medical insurance, and paid vacations were pretty much expected whether you were a shipping clerk or mid-level manager.

But more importantly, a single worker’s salary was usually enough to feed their family, pay the bills, and have money left over to sock in the bank.

Not so today. Today we see a vastly deteriorated economic landscape. What happened?

“The culprit is the ‘free trade fairy tale’ that we’ve been sold for decades, As the result of adopting free trade policies, the US has lost millions of high paying jobs to other countries, more than 97 million employable Americans are not in the work force, and our international trade deficit continues to soar at a rate of one-half trillion dollars annually.

The idea, ‘I’m going to sell you my goods and you’re going to sell me your goods and never will any regulation impede us,’ is a fantasy,” “It’s like the Utopian concept of ‘let’s all put down our guns and nobody will get shot anymore.’ It can never work in the real world because somebody always picks up a gun.”

In order to put America on the right track, IT’S TIME FOR AMERICA TO GET SELFISH by placing or increasing tariffs and other restrictions on the hundreds of billions of dollars’- worth of imports that flood into the US marketplace each year.

“Globalists trying to quietly guide us into a one-world government will do everything they can to shame us into abandoning our feelings of nationalism, They decry the ‘America first’ mindset as being cruel and insensitive to the plight of less fortunate nations that have not been blessed with the resources America enjoys.”
“The fact is: For decades, we in America have allowed foreign countries to access our marketplace with few restrictions; and the result is that we’ve been overrun with foreign-produced goods,”

“Just as the British recently declared ‘Britain first’ by voting to exit the European Union, Americans need to adopt a new national mindset placing America first,”

“We can’t continue to trade away our sovereignty and jobs in the name of ‘one big happy world’. It may sound ‘selfish’ and ‘harsh’, but we need to be selfish and harsh right now because we’re being walked on by a long list of countries.”

'Time for America to Get Selfish' have 2 comments

  1. July 13, 2016 @ 3:22 pm Papa G

    AMEN Andy, stay the course.


  2. July 25, 2016 @ 10:47 pm CJ

    I have just watched a you tube entitled: The most disturbing video on the muslim invasion of Europe you will ever see. Hello! Are we completely stupid zombies? Can we not see what is happening in Europe?
    I am a Canadian. I love the great USA. We must unite as a true North America. We shall invited all “white Christians” who wish to immigrate and we must celebrate life and…..reproduce!
    How about that?
    Love and peace and hippie beads (as Patrick says), CJ Aquarius Dragon, Kelowna, B.C.


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