Myths and Truths
Regarding Energy and Electric Power Generation
Reaction VS Creation

By Thane Heins

Over 200 years ago there was a guy named Isaac Newton who formulated Newtonian Mechanics which explained how mechanical systems worked. From Newton’s work a major contribution to science came about and Newton’s Three Laws were formulated.

One of these Mechanical Laws… the 3rd Law states that,

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

When you push on the ground with your foot for example, the ground pushes back with equal and opposite force and you are propelled forward.

In human terms we call it an eye for an eye, so if you hurt me I am “justified” in hurting you back.

From Newtonian Mechanics and other Laws a comprehensive Law was formulated called the law of Conservation of Energy which states that,

“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed it only changes from one form to another.”

The brakes on your car converts mechanical energy (inertia) via friction into heat and the car decelerates.

In human terms the Law of Conservation of Energy applies when we see something that is clearly wrong and will require work to change but we choose to do nothing about it because we would rather conserve our energy for other thing like watching Survivor or So You Think You Can Dance. Scientists often apply the Law of Conservation of Energy by ignoring opportunities they can’t explain because it would require too much work and investigative research to look deeper and set about changing a faulty paradigm…

Energy and our ideas about energy are about as faulty and distorted as they come. This document ought to clear up a few of our most pervasive myths.

Myth #1

“There is no such thing as FREE ENERGY or a free lunch.”

The truth is ALL energy is Free Energy.

The Sun, Wind, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear, Tidal etc. are forms of Free Energy. The tools that are required to be built to harness and harvest that energy are not free and required research and money to produce the end results we see today but the energy itself has always been free. If not for the engineering and research many of the forms of energy we take for granted would still be out of reach
Potential Difference Inc. is an internationally funded Canadian Research and Development company that has pioneered a new way to harness and harvest a very old form of free energy that until now has been out of reach.
Myth #2

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed.”

The truth is that our research over the years has proven that energy can indeed be created and it has always been so.

A form of energy is created every time an electric current flows down a wire. This energy that is free and is created comes in the form of a magnetic field that surrounds every current bearing wire.

When someone turns on a light, electric energy flows in the wire and provides power to light the light bulb. However another form of invisible energy is also present in the form of a magnetic field that completely surrounds the electrical cord.

Michael Faraday discovered that if a magnet were suspended around a current bearing wire it would rotate and move around the wire. The magnetic field is created for free and does not diminish the electrical energy flowing inside the wire one iota.

If two current bearing wires are placed in close proximity to each other the magnetic field energy surrounding each wire would cause the wires to repel or attract each other (do work) depending one the current’s direction of flow in each wire. Anytime there is work being performed, energy must be present because energy is the currency required to do work.

A Dutch Professor named Hans Christian Ørsted discovered that when current flows in a wire and a compass needle is nearby the magnetic field around the wire will cause the compass needle to move. The magnetic field is doing work on the compass needle.

The electrical energy flowing inside the wire conforms to the Law of Conservation of Energy in that the resistance of the wire will convert some of the electrical energy to heat but the magnetic field energy is totally free as is the work it performs.
The reason the scientific community has ignored this form of energy for all these years is a misapplication of Newtonian Mechanics which was incorrectly used to explain Electromechanical Systems and because this form of energy has always been parasitic in nature.

When an electric vehicle uses the generator to recharge the batteries the EV is caused to decelerate. Two forms of energy are present but science only accounts for one (1) and ignores the other (2).

1. Electrical Energy which recharges the EV’s batteries and
2. Magnetic Field Energy inside the generator which decelerates the EV.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that energy is required to decelerate a car ought to try to stop their car without using any energy i.e. without moving their foot (which requires energy BTW) or motor power assist (requiring energy) to help push the brake pads together with great force. If we had to push the brake pads together with our fingers there would be no doubt how much energy and work is actually required to cause a vehicle to slow down.

There is a Law of Physics called The Work Energy Principle which states that.

“Any change in the kinetic energy of a system is equal to the net work done on that system.”

Slowing down a car IS a change in the kinetic energy and it requires work.

In an EV this work is provided by the magnetic field energy surrounding every current bearing wire inside the EV’s generator.

It has absolutely nothing to do with recharging the EV’s batteries except that electric current is involved which provides the free magnetic field energy.

Once humanity comes to terms with the truth that energy can be created and can now also be harvested in a positive, infinitely abundant and clean way our use of an eye for an eye mentality to justify energy resource theft will begin to come to an end.

This is the true goal of our work at Potential Difference Inc. – where we use our potential to make a difference.
Myth #3

“Nothing can be over 100% efficient.”

The truth is every electric generator in use in the world today is over 100% efficient if the absolute value of all the energies present are correctly accounted for (and one is not ignored just because it happens to go in the “wrong” direction).

When an electric generator converts mechanical power into electrical power and said electrical power is delivered to a end user another form of mechanical power is also present called Generator Armature Reaction – which is the free magnetic field energy creating a free Counter- Electromotive-Torque inside the generator.

Torque is work and all work in any direction requires energy.

Therefore a counter torque (braking or resistive force) requires energy to be produced just like a complementary (motor) torque does. Ironically Generator Armature Reaction / Counter-Electromotive-Torque / EV Regenerative Braking is also called “motor action in a generator” in engineering text books. (the truth is it is free Motor Action without energy cost that is or free motor action).
Truthfully, if the absolute value of all the non-directional energies present in an electric generator were accounted for – all electric generators in use today would all be seen as Free Energy Devices and would all be operating at over 100% efficiency. For example a 90% efficient electric generator would actually be 180% efficient if the absolute value of the electrical energy and the magnetic field energy (and the torque it produces) were accurately taken into account.
“Nothing can be infinitely efficient or beyond infinite efficiency…”

The truth is the ReGenX Generator can deliver electric power to a load with a zero Watt input power increase required by the prime mover.

All conventional generator efficiency is calculated today like this:

1. If a generator delivers 9 Watts to a load and
2. 10 Watts are required to be increased by the prime mover to deliver this 9 Watts as a result of the Generator’s Armature Reaction the energy conversion efficiency is;
3. Efficiency = Output / Input x 100 or,
4. 9 Watts / 10 Watts x 100 = 90% efficiency.

A ReGenX Generator is proven to deliver 9 Watts with a 0 Watt prime mover input power increase to the generator because Generator Armature Reaction is now removed.

9 Watts / 0 Watts x 100 = infinite efficiency

The ReGenX Generator doesn’t just remove Generator Armature Reaction it actually reverses it so in reality it operates beyond infinite efficiency (if an number could exist) because the prime move input doesn’t stay at zero but actually goes below 0.
Myth #4

“Perpetual Motion is impossible.”

The truth is perpetual motion is the basic building block of the universe and all physical matter depends on perpetual motion. Without perpetual motion matter would not exist and the universe would not exist. Matter is just energy in perpetual motion…

Everything in the universe is in perpetual motion.

Planets, Molecules, Atoms. Subatomic Particles, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Hadrons, Baryons, Mesons, Quarks, Antiquarks, Leptons, Netrinos… all in perpetual motion.

Anyone who asks a conventional scientist if perpetual motion is possible will most likely be met with a resounding “NO” and yet the scientist herself is in perpetual motion while declaring it’s impossible…
The Structure of Matter
Electric Circuits and Machines
Sixth Edition
Eugene C. Lister
Chief Electrical Engineer, Stanley Consultants
The Institute of Electrical Engineers

“The makeup of an atom may be described in a simplified way by likening it to a miniature solar system. The core of the atom corresponding to the sun in the solar system, is called the nucleus. The nucleus is formed of subatomic particles called protons and neutrons. Surrounding the nucleus and in a state of continual motion (this is how the scientific community describes Perpetual Motion without saying Perpetual Motion) similar to the orbiting of the planets about the sun are other subatomic particles called electrons.”
Myth #5

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
Newton’s 3rd Law

The truth is the ReGenX Generator removes and or reverses Generator Armature Reaction. Generator Armature Reaction / EV Regenerative Braking / Counter-Electromotive-Torque are the equal and opposite reaction.

Now it’s gone… forever!

Newton’s Third Law of Motion still applies for mechanical systems but not for electromechanical systems where Heins’ Law takes over and now says that,

“For every action there is an equal and complementary reaction”

Kind of like a Mechanical Representation of Love… consequence free!

From impossible to I’m possible!

Truth #1: All energy is free energy.

Truth #2: Energy is free and can be created…

Truth #3: Infinite efficiency is possible.

Truth #4: Perpetual Motion is the basis for our existence.

Truth #5: For every action there is an equal and complementary reaction.


Thane Heins
President and CEO
Potential +/- Difference Inc.
“We generate solutions”
[email protected]

Chairman and CTO SEEinc.
“Believing is SEEinc.”

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  1. September 15, 2015 @ 6:21 pm pjordan

    But, the current through a motor description seems to ignore the reduction in potential (Voltage). Assume a battery driving a DC motor. Current through the wire creates a magnetic field which drives the motor, yes. But to get that current to flow, a voltage (potential difference) must be present. Eventually the potential difference in the battery reaches zero, and the current no longer flows. Don’t you have to account for that potential difference?


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    Thanks for this great info for anyone interested in energy efficiency!


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