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Brent Miller – Science Meets Prophecy : The Horizon Project – February 10, 2009


Brent Miller

The Horizon Project

The Past, Present and Future of Our planet

Head for the Hills! Well, maybe not. That may be a challenge as well in the near future. What’s a human to do? This is gritty stuff as we spend time with Brent Miller and his ongoing exhaustive research with “The Horizon Project.”

It will be important to look more deeply into the research that his group have embarked on before moving to “higher ground”. To us, the most fascinating thing is how science is showing that the prophets, and there are many predictions out there from long ago, seems to coincide.

And, there are no coincidences. The Pole shift, Mr. Miller says, is coming and gets a lot of attention in this show. Sit down, hold on and keep breathing.

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  1. Rob says:

    Sorry folks, but the claims made in this interview are…. not entirely factually accurate. Just do a search for Brent Miller Horizon Project and get reading. The first “debunk” (I hate that word) I found referred to the supposed increase in large earthquakes we have been experiencing in the last 30 or so years. USGS data, which Miller claims he draws from, totally disagrees with this, and forms a very different graph showing well, nothing of much interest. It is implausable that he could have accidentally made such a mistake..
    There are many more factual…. errors in what Miller says. Not meaning to be a killjoy (oh the irony!!) but this one does not stand up to scrutiny. Just the plain old physics of this one on its own are…. I mean talk about gorrilla in the room :-/.

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