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Dr. Truman Berst – Master Herbalist for Over 50 Years – November 17, 2011

Patrick Timpone


Dr. Truman Berst

Master Herbalist

November 17, 2011

In the last 44 years Dr. Berst has researched and studied with many of the world’s greatest advocates of natural healing and has been a consultant with many of the major herb companies. He has written many papers and taught many classes on the preparation and use of herbs and other health products. And has created 12,000 natural remedies of tincture/extracts, teas, powders, salves, creams, lotions, capsules and tablets.

Dr. Berst joined us LIVE this morning for an enlightening, inspirational and celebratory discussion of herbs. We are honored to be affiliated with Dr. Berst and his ministry and invite you to browse his website and learn more about the 14,000 herbal products that he offers.

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truman burst, master herbalist, november 17, 2011



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  1. Arrow says:

    In regard to Truman Burst, I am most interested in hearing that Essiac should have Bloodroot in it. Was this originally part of the Essiac forumula.

    this certainly must be the missing ingredient and why some people do not get the results from Essiac that they hoped for.

    Did Rene Caisse tell you that bloodroot is required? How did you find out?

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