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Gerald O’Donnell – The Matrix of Creation: In Reality, There is No Future and the Only Reality in Creation is Thought – February 19, 2013

Patrick Timpone

Gerald O’Donnell

Remote Viewer and Cosmic Voyager

Foreseeing Your Probable Future and Influencing Your Destiny

“If you build a bunker, stock your weapons and live in fear, the enemy will come”

Wrap your head for this one folks! Gerald O’Donnell delivers a spellbinding interview as always, perhaps his best yet. From manifesting our own reality, to understanding our dreams and how when relating to others, we face ourselves. This is a cool show!

Mr. Gerald O’Donnell holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics, a M.Sc. in computer Science, and an MBA. He is a certified Hypnotherapist. He was, amongst other activities in various fields, once considered one of the world’s 7 best top technical commodities experts (independent advisor: C.T.A.) by Paine Webber and Bache Co..

He was approached in the 1980′s by a Western European intelligence agency in order to join an ongoing program of mental Remote Viewing (sensing) of targeted locations.

Advanced remote sensing (remote intuition) techniques were taught to field operatives, anti-terrorist units and other intelligence and/or commando squads.

This operation had been set up to counter the activities of very well funded departments of the Soviet K.G.B. and military intelligence G.R.U. that were very advanced in their research and fully operational.

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gerald o’donnell, soul traveler, february 19, 2013



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  1. Ernestine says:

    Thank you so much for the interview – both the radio network and Gerald O`Donnell!!!
    I have heard several really good interviews before- during the past years- but this time – as you say dear Patrick –
    a cool show – lol!
    It gave me at the right moment – an input – just wonderful –
    the ENERGY that I perceived – and the topics – especially about the “fear about negative thoughts- that may manifest”
    absolutely THE help of the year!

    Blessings Ernestine

  2. mushroomboy says:

    I totally agree awesome interview! WOW!

  3. Leigh says:

    I hadn’t heard Gerald O’Donnell speak before. I had to go listen to all the other interviews with Gerald also, here on One Radio Network. All really good.

    The information he presents resonated with what I have been learning thru other channels also.

    If you want to hear an equally awesome message try listening to any of the Abraham-Hicks videos on you-tube. Or try the website of Abraham-Hicks.

  4. Jenny Stewart says:

    Gerald O’Donnell you really float my boat…. thank you for bringing truth through so clearly. Every message and every broadcast I hear with increasing joy!

  5. Mike says:

    Gerald has said in the past that the dome of the rock would be the que that big events are about to happen. Watch things unfold in the later part of March… A world leader is going to Israel around that time, while the last pope is being chosen. The perfect storm is brewing, and after that storm will be a wonderful world.

  6. Gerald,
    I love you Brother! I intend to speak a lot about you in my book! Thank You for all you are! While I am 69, in the illusion of time,I am introducing you to a very young audience! I hope to help introduce more people to your your reality!

  7. Judith Knupp says:

    I just want to thank Gerald O’Donnell for being the messager for the One and the trainer for us to be able to reconnect with the One.

    Thank you.

  8. miri says:

    hi Gerald, how do you do??? good to hear from you . thanks so much for this amazing message…very profound and intense.
    with a regard, miri

  9. Michael says:

    The best Gerald O’Donnell interview ever!

  10. Dennis says:

    Great interview, i love the radio show and especially Mr. Odonnell. Iv’e done his course for about 3 years on and off i highly recommend his course to anyone for anything, it will change you into the person you want to be and who you always were to begin with. :) One Love.

  11. Sydeny says:

    As always Gerald’s acute perceptions lift me up. Thank you dude and keep it up!

  12. Gerald says:

    Dear Mr Timpone,

    Thank you for this radio interview with Gerald O’Donnell. I’ve also been a student of the Remote Viewing and Influencing course off and on for over three years.

    Eight months ago I met my soulmate and I’m so grateful for the explanation I heard him give in this interview. His explanation of the power of such a connection was very revealing and rings true in a very deep level. I do have a sense that our soul connection is incredibly powerful and continues to expand daily. As we have both come together knowing we are on a divine path what is manifesting in our lives is purely magical by comparison to anything we had experienced in our past.

    Something deep within told each of us to persevere, to never give up. Anyone reading this who’s hope is being tested… hang in there. It can all turn on a dime at the least expected moment. Faith, belief and intent can bring miracles. Then get ready for the ride of your life. There are no words for the joy, the peace or the harmony which is possible when you connect with your kindred soul. We are just beginning to experience heaven in this realm and it is purely divine.

    By the way, we are both in our fifties and know with certainty we have at least as much left to live in this form. Self healing and mutual healing is becoming second nature as the increase in awareness has been phenominal.

    We are now looking forward to bring all we are discovering to help as many as we can to make the transformation for themselves. Just a glimpse into the potential within each one of us has left me in total awe at the collective power we all have to transform this realm into paradise. Together we can manifest the most fantastic vision of heaven when we decide this is what we want.

    Looking forward to further work from Mr O”Donnell as well as his messages from the ONE. It is all Love and he brings it forward for all of us with great consistency and his own ever expanding Love. With immense gratitude… Thank You

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