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Daniel Vitalis – ReWilding: Tips and Tricks for Strengthening Our Epigenetic Health – November 10, 2011


Patrick Timpone

Daniel Vitalis

Leading Health, Nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist as well as a Nature Based Philosopher

November 10, 2011

“Reapproximating what is natural”

Daniel Vitalis joined us today for what we feel is a real culmination of his lifes work and his best show yet. From explaining how to quench cellular thirst with the right water to siezing our eternal power to celebrating the feminine to becoming adaptable and living haromiously within the environment,Daniel Vitalis’ knowledge and understanding of the body, mind, spirit and earth goes unmatched. This is a fascinating 2 1/2 hour show. Enjoy!

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daniel vitalis, surthrival in 2012 and beyond, nov 10, 2011, hour one



daniel vitalis, surthrival in 2012 and beyond, nov 10, 2011, part two



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  1. Beth says:

    Interesting show!
    Does anyone have more specific information about the WHO report? I’d like to look at it, but the WHO website has an enormous amount of information about water. Especially, I’d like to see what that report says about water and heart disease. More generally, it would be interesting to have a look-see at the report. (I like to check up on the gurus I adopt–Daniel: you’re great. If I don’t like someone, I don’t bother to check up on them; I just tune out and look elsewhere!)

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