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The Sauna Detox Program

It has been discovered that toxic substances get caught up in our body tissues and accumulate there—causing later reactions. Toxins can make it difficult to think clearly. They can make a person appear dull or stupid. These “poisons” can change one’s attitude toward life–and toward others. They can stop personal improvement or forward progress. What are these toxins? There are many. Without thought we have all ingestedpesticides, herbicides, GMOS, plastics, hormones, chlorine, heavy metals such as lead and household chemicals–not to mention the air we breathe and the water we drink! For some there are street drugs and alcohol. These all lodge in the fatty tissues and stay there. If that’s not enough, there are medical drugs, anti-depressants, and tranquilizers, etc. Have you had surgery and dental work? What about radiation from X-rays, computers, cell phones, and a myriad of appliances we encounter every day? Even the sun can give us a dose of radiation when we stay too long and get a sunburn! It has been found that our bodies accumulate radiation and keep it. When we have accumulated high enough levels of radiation we can get sick and not know why. If we get rid of the accumulated radiation and toxins we can start over with a clean slate.

According to detox experts, “This detoxification protocol is the only method which numerous peer reviewed studies have established to be safe and effective in addressing the problem of toxic contamination.” This protocol has been used to detox gulf war veterans, oil spill cleanup workers and thousands of people exposed to every day toxins.
It is a supervised daily program for 2-3 weeks that uses a sauna and very specific doses of certain vitamins and minerals that in the proper combination detoxify the body very effectively. This program has been proven to remove years of stored toxins from your body. These stored toxins affect your hormones and can make you tired, stressed and make your body store excess fat. Once you have completed the program the effects of the toxins will be greatly diminished. Most people report feeling amazing when they have completed this program. {Note: We make no medical claims. The only claim is future spiritual improvement.}

Anita is a wellness professional with over 10 years of experience in administering the protocol.
After being trained and certified, she improved the protocol by using whole food supplements rather than chemical vitamins.

Show Highlights:

-Anita talks about her experiences with this protocol and how she felt after detoxing all the marijuana she smoked

-Why you must take the ‘flushing’ niacin over the ‘non flush’ type. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s important to start with a low dose

-Question from a listener:If for whatever reason someone did the flushes every other day instead of every day in a row, how effective would that be? Would it just take twice as long to get the results?

Once the program has been completed, is it recommended to do just a single flush periodically for maintenance?

-Is a sauna necessary or can one find another good method for sweating?

-Comment from Atom Bergstrom:Durk Pearson used to take as much as 10,000 milligrams of niacin a day on a regular basis, to achieve a “sexual flush,” and bodybuilders commonly used to take 5,000 milligrams before a show to help showcase their muscles.A niacin flush can be stopped with oil and supercharged with sugar and especially with alcohol.

Clear Body Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program by L. Ron Hubbard takes the reader step by step through this detoxification process.If you order the book from Amazon you are likely to get a newer edition than what you ordered. They don’t catalog them by copyright date. The new edition is missing 100 pages of content. However, all of the other booksellers on Book Finder do a very good job.

-Question from a listener:If someone is dealing with severe gut dysbiosis from Candidia, biofilms or Mercury toxicity, how can they do the high nutrient requirements for the sauna protocol, if their dysbiosis prevents nutrient uptake?Should they wait to get their dysbiosis / Candidia / biofilms / Mercury toxicity under control 1st?

-Comment from Atom Bergstrom:According to niacin guru Dr. Abram Hoffer, “The usual dose range [of niacin supplementation for cholesterol reduction] is 3,000 to 9,000 milligrams daily divided into three doses, but occasionally some patients may need more. The toxic dose for dogs is about 5,000 milligrams per 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) body weight. We do not know the toxic dose for humans since niacin has never killed anyone.”

I’d call that excessive, but Dr. Hoffer lived to 91, and it’s tough to argue with someone who “dies young at a very old age.”

So many longevity “experts” these days are young whippersnappers still wet behind their ears with baby fat hanging on their cheeks.

and so much more!!

Anita Warren

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niacin flush detox program detailed out by Anita Warren

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  1. March 24, 2016 @ 1:53 pm Steve

    I saw this post by Bret Bouer on the “Sauna Therapy Detox with Niacin, Support and inf.” FaceBook group ( He explains why it is best to take the niacin 3 hours before getting in the sauna:

    This is a very important post on the timing of the niacin. I no longer recommend that you take the niacin right before exercising. After researching this and then confirming with the experts I have come to the conclusion that you should take the niacin 3 hours before you get into the sauna. The reason is very simple. The niacin flush is the initial reaction; however, the effect of the niacin releasing the toxins from your fat is actually REDUCED for the first couple of hours after taking it. Then at 3 hours it starts dumping toxins from the fat. By taking the niacin 3 hours before you get into the sauna you will be dumping loads of toxins into your bloodstream and immediately sweating them out. This is what you want.
    The reason that the original protocol worked by taking the niacin right before the 30 minutes of exercise was that they were spending 4 plus hours in the sauna. This meant that they would still have two hours of sweating after the niacin started releasing the toxins from the fat. However, since most of us are using infrared saunas we are only spending an hour or two in the sauna. This means that the niacin must be taken 3 hours before getting into the sauna. See photo in this post.
    Those are the basics and about all you need to know. If you want more info then keep reading.
    I figured this out months ago but I wanted to verify the heck out of it before sharing it with you. I ran this idea and information by Anita Warren, an expert practitioner, a few months back. She thought it over and then I showed her the chart. She then agreed that it made sense to take the niacin earlier. The other day, I spoke with David Root the number one expert in the world on this protocol. He wrote the forward to the book. I discussed it with him and he knew about this chart. He told me that it made sense to take the niacin early. Once I got confirmation from two of the top experts, I now feel confident to share this with you.
    Taking the niacin the old way, right before you exercise, will cause a burden of circulating toxins. The reason is this. Let’s say you take niacin at 12.00, then you exercise until 12:30 then get in the sauna until 2pm or so then you get out. Then you take a shower. Now it has been 3 hours since you took the niacin. What begins to happen at hour 3 is your fat cells begin to dump tons of toxins into the bloodstream. Rather than sweating them out these toxins have to be removed by your detox organs which are unlikely able to deal with such a large amount of toxins all at once.
    However, when you take the niacin 3 hours before the sauna you have a huge dump of toxins into your bloodstream before you get into the sauna then you sweat out those toxins thus allowing your detoxification organs to not be overwhelmed with toxins. This will allow for a much more effective and gentle detoxification.


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