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“The true Philosophy of Osteopathy is an art that is holistic and is as old as the Heavens”-Dr. Grasso

Dr. Joseph Grasso DODr. Grassos passion for health care involves treating the whole patient utilizing these unique principles that are applied using a subtle hands-on approach that takes many years to learn. It includes a medical education that is equal to and recognized the same as the Allopathic (MD) profession. Taking the same national boards, Osteopaths are required to do a residency in various hospitals and can practice in any branch of medicine. In reality, Osteopathy in its Traditional form was and is designed to be Primary Care and is best utilized in this way. For this reason, Dr. Grasso became board certified in Family Practice and manage everything that a Family Physician would manage, but in addition will treat many other abnormalities that only specialists will see like severe neurologically disabled children, Autistic spectrum and ADHD, Autoimmune diseases, Terminal illnesses, chronic infections, and birth defects to name a few all without the use of drugs. In addition, many patients come to Dr. Grasso for the sole purpose to find a safe and effective way to get off their medications and simply remember how to heal themselves. Osteopathy is a unique doorway to healing.

Show highlights:

Holistic medicine – much more than just giving herbs to fix a problem or weaning from pharma.

Osteopathic medicine – the body is God’s drugstore.  Traditional DOs are taught to use their hands.  Not a manipulative science.  Using hands to diagnose, treat, and understand the person.

Start with a history.  Get a feel for the person in the waiting room and walking to the exam room.  See mannerisms and affect, how they interact.  Osteopathic manipulation is not treating merely the musculo-skeletal system.  4 factors of anatomy – tissue (the solid part of the body), the fluid (more than blood and lymph), potency (how the electromagnetic forces interact), and the health (the part that can never get sick).

An osteopath can get to feel a doorway open and see something manifesting in a person.  An uncanny experience.  Each treatment is an odyssey.  Even disease is alive and used as a fulcrum to wake the patient up.

E.g. Treating a patient with IBS.  Start with tests, stool samples, supplements, but this is only on the surface and to buy time.  When people are suffering, the body, mind, and spirit suffer.  Connecting with the spirit, not just the body.  Getting the patient in touch with themselves.

Are not healing with the hands.

Disease is not the enemy.  It’s very alive and organized.  It will debilitate patient even more to try to blow it away, e.g. with chemotherapy or just medication.

Hypothyroidism – When a person starts to metabolically get tired and the thyroid functions inappropriately, it’s probably adrenal fatigue.  Can give supplements to supplement the adrenals, but need to find the cause of the hypothyroidism.  Could be as simple as an iodine deficiency.  Can feel with the hands whether the person needs iodine and understand their autonomic nervous system.  Chakra therapy can play a role, but it’s much more than that.  Thyroid affects mostly women.  One reason is only women experience labor, which greatly stresses the adrenal, leads to malfunctioning metabolism.  What was their health like before?

How you feed your body is the first medicine you have to ingest.  Nutrition should be the #1 thing on our list if we want to get well.

Need to understand the patient.  Much more than giving vitamins and supplements.  Doctors classically trained by mentoring with another doctor.

Nature functions via intuition.  We know something is amiss but don’t know what it is.

Joy asks about fascia and inner scar tissue from past surgery.  Fascial therapy or massage therapy can be helpful, but to get to the cause, must be able to access the healing forces.  Treat not just the fascia but the whole person.

Worry, angst – the monkey mind.  Has a huge affect on the body.  Work every day on letting your thoughts flow.

 biodo.com has a list of doctors.  Cranial osteopathy is not cranial-sacral therapy.

Paul asks: Does Dr. Grasso deal with neuropathic conditions such as ALS?  Anything, as long as your’re breathing.  ALS often involves an exposure to toxicity.  Get your mouth checked.  He can tell with his hands if a person is ready to detoxify.  If not, the body can’t get rid of the toxins and will decompensate.

Vegetable juicing has had the most profound effect on Dr. Grasso’s health.  Not beet and carrots, but celery, chard, spinach, fennel, cilantro, ginger, turmeric.

Interview your physician.

drlinagarcia.com is the website of his wife.

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Dr. Joseph Grasso, D.O. and the healing magic using traditional osteopathy, June 13, 2017

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  1. January 19, 2020 @ 2:49 pm John Merrell

    Hello Joe-
    Is this the same Joe Grasso that attended SKS?
    If so long time old friend. Hope you are well.


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