David Weiss (Flat Earth Dave)

Most of us have spent our lives believing the earth is heliocentric, simply because that’s what we’ve always been taught. However, as more of us begin to question everything we’ve been told, it might be time to revisit that theory.   Despite so many beings awakening to truth in other parts of their lives, many are still hesitant to take Flat Earth theory more seriously. At the core of this reluctance is the question: why does it matter?    Who stands to gain from the myth of a heliocentric system, and how would our lives be impacted if we found out we were being lied to all along?    In this episode, host of the Flat Earth Podcast, David Weiss shares his thoughts on why the heliocentric model affects us more than we realize. 

Show highlights:

Words and belief create our reality. What does Dave mean when he says, “all diseases are incurable”?

How the heliocentric globe model is used to manipulate the masses

Dave shares some interesting observations about our carbon footprints

What is Antarctica really and why can’t anyone go there?

David shares findings on an old Buddhist map

Could there be more land beyond Antarctica?

Shipping lanes to the outer world?

Dave’s ideas about extra terrestrials

All wars are about population control and hiding are history

How can we get our freedom back?

Dave shares his ideas about college education

The addiction to fear and it’s part in creating a disease

'Flat Earth Dave (David Weiss) | The Way to Achieve the Real American Dream | December 20, 2022' have 2 comments

  1. December 24, 2022 @ 2:23 pm Dianthus

    Still at it. Just stop Patrick and go back under your flat stone and let people alone with this garbage of fools. My god. There is given you enough REAL proof that we live on a sphere but noo.. your ego want it to be flat. Well good luck bro, but you lose another one. Have followed your site stats, when you began with these nonsense, and was good to see you have lost a lot of people. Says it all and I do not bother anymore bc flat earthers are one of the stupidest people on this round planet. Good luck on the other side where you will see how foolish you were. You can do this one or two times to hear the arguments, but not like this and you do not research one bit of the other side but thinks you are on the right track? Lmao and just stick to the the real experts like him https://www.youtube.com/user/messierhunter/videos or go back fishing. Everyone with his own telescope and knows how to operate it can see it all with their own two eyes…

    De Droedels


    • December 24, 2022 @ 2:59 pm patrick

      All you have is a personal attack, because that’s all you have. No proof. NASA has 26 Billion dollars of tax money they money launder and can’t offer one, one… just one real photo of this alleged spinning ball surrounded by space. Oh, I know all you globalists think these CGI pictures are real. And, you say I don’t research… hilarious.

      And how can you, oh wise one, believe an organization that has lied since 1969 about their one “crowning achievement” landing men on the moon?

      I will not respond any further here until you send a a real photo of your God …. the spherical earth.


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