Geoff Shepard

Author of The Nixon Conspiracy

Geoff came to Washington, DC in 1969 as a White House Fellow, after graduating from Whittier College and Harvard Law School. The youngest lawyer on President Nixon’s White House staff, he served on the Domestic Council for five years, rising to associate director. He also worked as deputy counsel on Nixon’s Watergate defense team. He has spent much of his career researching Watergate issues and is today the foremost authority on behind-the-scenes developments, both at the White House and the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, as the scandal unfolded. He has written three books, given dozens of lectures, and written dozens of essays. He is technical consultant to an Off Broadway stage play, did a series of podcast interviews with Hugh Hewitt in 2020, and taught an adult education course at Temple University in 2019.

Mystery of what was Nixon accused of having done. 

Special Prosecutors got evidence in secret from the Grand Jury and then released the sealed report to the Senate.  That report stayed secret until 2018.

S.P. Archibald Cox – dyed-in-the-wool Kennedy partisan.  He and his staff attorneys treated Nixon as the mob.

What was the “plumbers” break-in and cover-up all about?

How were John Dean and others involved in the cover-up and what followed?

Special prosecutors illegally took case material records home with them after Nixon resigned.  Information hidden from history until recently.

Did the FBI and CIA want Nixon out?

Who were all of Nixon’s attorneys?

Was releasing Nixon’s tapes constitutional?  Was turning them over to Congress and the public illegitimate?

Was Nixon involved in the break-in and cover-up, and if not, why did he resign?

What was the “smoking gun” tape?  Was it misunderstood and shooting blanks?

What did the prosecutors make up?

Nixon had a very successful first term and was handily reelected.  Was he driven from office by a secret cabal?

Was the secret cabal the remnants of the Kennedy political dynasty?

What is the story of the judges and media that were involved?

Was Trump getting into the presidency an accident?  What are his parallels with Nixon?

Who are the forces behind getting Trump out?  Deep state, fake news, politicized prosecution.

The movie started before we walked into the theatre.

Australian model for voting.  Single unified ballot, printed by government at government expense, authorized only at ballot stations.  Straying from that leads to irregularities.  Covid provided an opportunity for irregularities.

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