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The 30 Day Carnivore Challenge


WHO has a list of toxins you shouldn’t eat, and they’re all in plants.  None in animals.

Vast majority of plants on this planet are inedible.

All modern plants are hybridized.  Now they’re also genetically spliced

Locusts can eat wheat but not corn.  GMOs take the toxin gene from corn and puts it in wheat.  Trying to make GMO plants not edible by making them more toxic.

Simple solution.  Don’t eat plants.  They inherently have toxins in them.

What is the bitter taste in eggplant?  It’s the bad harmful chemicals. 

Carnivore diet maximizes eating healthy, helping the  environment, having more energy.

HowToCarnivore.com 30 Day Challenge.  Support and resources for a meat and water diet.  Telegram support group.  Weekly Zoom meetings.  $97 for 1 month.  50% discount after 30 days.

Pooping changes.  Little waste.  No need to eliminate food your body can’t use. 

Body has a valve for excess fat that isn’t absorbed with bile.

Dry, hard, lumpy poops mean you’re not eating enough fat.

Loose stools with people eating more fat than they can absorb.  More sensitive to laxative effect of coffee and artificial sweeteners.

Does our brain run on fat or sugar?  It’s only when you eat carbohydrates that you’re in the fed state.  If no carbohydrates and eating anything else, in a fasting state.   Fasting state is primary metabolic state on all animals, including humans, if eating natural diet, which is meat.

The brain runs on glucose the majority of time if in a fed state.  If in fasting state, body runs only on ketones.  Brain prefers ketones.   Once ketones reach a threshold level, the brain runs only on ketones.

Alzheimer is called Type 3 Diabetes.  It’s more of a metabolic disease.  Amyloid plaque theory disproven.   Condition can reverse some if person started on a high fat ketogenic diet.  Better effect than any Alzheimer medication than ever tried. 

Sam asks what is a good cholesterol number?  Whatever it is when you’re eating biologically appropriate species specific diet, which is a carnivore diet.  Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease.

2022 meta-analysis showed no relationship between higher cholesterol number, LDL number, saturated fat and heart disease and stroke.  In fact, it’s the opposite, it’s an inverse relationship.

HDL high, triglycerides low is indicative of metabolic health. 

Higher LDL is protective against heart attack, stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism.  Predicts living independently longer at home and better aging. 

People on statins, which lower LDL, have worse outcomes.

Dr. Chaffee eats 2-3 lbs of beef a day, mostly ribeyes.  Eats grass-fed tallow.

Eggs are fine, any meat is fine, butter depends on tolerance, dairy is a gray area.  Dairy doesn’t have complete nutrition.  Cheese and yogurt as a condiment and sparingly.

Organ meats not necessary.  Inuit didn’t eat organ meat.  Prof. Vilhjalmur Stefansson wrote Fat of the Land about his experiment in extreme nutrition following the Inuit diet of fatty meat.

Liver can be too dense.  Can get too many fat soluble vitamins.

How to know what is a species appropriate diet?  See AnthonyChaffeeMD YouTube channel “Why We Are Carnivores?”  Appendix is a vestigial organ because we don’t break down fiber anymore.  Stomach pH is very low.  Small intestine is long.  Hind gut is relatively short.  Herbivorous primates have opposite characteristics.

Stable isotope studies of nitrogen 15 in the bones of ancestors show what was eaten and are basis for determining a carnivore rating.  We were an apex carnivore predator for 2 million years.

Can species adapt to diet changes?  Some might have adaptations that make them slightly resistant to negative effects of grains.

When on a western diet, native populations are 4 times as likely to get obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc..  Westerners get the same diseases but at lower rates.

Carnivores don’t become herbivores in 10,000 years.

What about seafood?  Meat includes any animal.  Avoid poisonous animals.

What are the top questions people ask in the 30 day course?  What to eat?  Meat, no plants or sugar or sauces.  How much to eat?  Stop eating when you’re not enjoying the food anymore.  Natural portion control.  Relearning hunger and satiety signals.

No issue with grain-finished cows, and they’re a better choice than anything else except grass-finished cows.

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