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James Perloff

Author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction


Taking You Where the Mass Media Won’t


Mr. Perloff suggests that unless one is willing to look deep into the big picture of who these people are who start the wars and control Presidents, all the singular issues such as “911 Truth”, do appear as nonsense to most Americans. 


“In war, truth is the first casualty.”

― Aeschylus, 450 B.C.


James Perloff is a US researcher who has been called a “conspiracy theorist”. In 1978, Perloff’s life was changed by reading Gary Allen’s None Dare Call It Conspiracy. He writes that “For the first time, history began making sense: it had a pattern to it, and was not the haphazard amalgamation of events I had been taught in school. None Dare demonstrated that most geopolitical activity was being directed by a wealthy oligarchy who had an ultimate goal of world government.” He published his first article with The New American in 1985, the beginning of a 27-year association. Later, a cover story on the Council on Foreign Relations was expanded into his first book, The Shadows of Power, which he reports has sold over 100,000 copies. Later writings include Tornado In A Junkyard, The Case Against Darwin. His latest book is Truth Is A Lonely Warrior, and he wrote the script for ShadowRing.

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Mr. Perloff suggests The Powers that think they are in control, are Luciferian at their core and have been for centuries

He talks about some of the early banking moguls and their grip on the Dollar

He wrote and entire book on the council of foreign relations, so we dig into this organization

Those who control The Money, Dollar Inc., The Central Bankers, meet with, play golf with and sit with all the big shots in all media

JFK was not too interested in Vietnam and commented on why all the people constantly been presented to him for White House positions are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

How is it that Israel has garnered so much power over U.S. Presidents for many, many years

We want to know just was this Vietnam War all about?

Why would the Globalists create tings like GMO’s, Chem Trails and 5G, that can harm them?

James is an expert on the events of Pearl Harbor, in 1941

James Perloff on wars, geo politics, and where the bodies are buried, in a wide ranging interview, June 26, 2019

James Perloff on wars, geo politics, and where the bodies are buried, in a wide ranging interview, June 26, 2019

'James Perloff – Taking You Where the Mass Media Won’t – Wide Ranging Conversation From False Flags to Who The Boys Are -June 26, 2019' has 1 comment

  1. June 28, 2019 @ 11:08 pm Greg

    That was an interesting show….a bit depressing, but the truth usually is.


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