Joseph Bender

Water Expert and Founder and Acting President of the Institute of Advanced Water Sciences

Joseph Bender has been a researcher, inventor and entrepreneur since early age, having started many successful companies implementing his ideas in the fields of entertainment, education, and health.
For the past 20 years Joseph Bender has been researching the glorious substance of water, realizing that in water all the mysteries of the life process are contained Joseph has committed the remainder of his life to researching, understanding and assisting others who work with water.

Show highlights:

Growing food indoors; the best lighting for indoor growing; In Chicago, Joseph grew 80% of the food he ate

The life force in sprouts

Blood purification: What kinds of herbs purify the blood?

The importance of filtering your shower and bath water

1/3 of your toxins are eliminated through the skin

The problem with ingesting fluoride

Wearing masks is a real problem because a ton of masks fibers get breathed into the lungs; using the cupping technique to loosen the fibers from the lungs is helpful

Dandelion root is king

Lemon water in the morning is a good cleanser

The toxicity of hard liquor

Milf thistle for liver detox

Yosef sees the gallbladder as part of the liver

Nebulizing essential oils

Yosef tells us how he prepares for a liver/gallbladder flush

The perfect pH water; how to bring up the pH of water

The best salt; salt in the diet only becomes a problem when you’re not drinking enough water

Yosef’s opinion on the EmergenC electrolyte mix

The benefits of water fasting

The gut is 85% bacteria; antibiotics wreaks havoc on the bacteria and can take 2 years to replenish the gut after just 1 round of antibiotics

Ideas to block 5G


Email:  [email protected]  for questions 

Cell : 214  934-7522  for ordering equipment and consultation  

Detoxing the pathways that need it living on Planet Earth with Yosef Bender. August 18, 2020

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  1. August 29, 2020 @ 2:02 am Jeffrey Maupin

    Learning about sources of toxins, avoiding toxins, detoxifying, eating organic foods, exercising, and getting the correct amount of all the nutrients will maximize health and minimize our need for all doctor and hospital services


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