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Helping Individuals Heal Themselves Through Nutrition

In 1989, Karen’s 18-month-old daughter was poisoned with an organophosphate (household pesticide). Her daughter barely survived and the medical experts gave the prognosis that she would live only one year. Six months after the poisoning, it seemed that the medical experts were correct. Her liver and kidneys were beginning to fail. The physicians gave no hope, and they had no suggestions of a cure as they stated, “Her immune system is irreparably damaged, and medical science has no way of rebuilding one.”

​Karen began her own research of alternatives. After extensive reading, and studying at the Washington Medical School Library in St. Louis, and researching many kinds of alternative literature, she decided to implement her own program to save her little girl’s life. Choosing to employ the alternative method of nutrition, she began to administer a plan for healing using the knowledge she had gained through her research. Much to the amazement of the doctors, her daughter began to improve.

Within six weeks, her daughter had made such improvement that there were no more measurable signs of distress. The only question remained if any permanent neural damage would be manifest as she grew older. Her daughter is now 31 years old, with no signs of permanent neural damage or any other damage.

When word spread that her daughter had recovered, many people began to contact Karen and ask for help with health problems that they had. Because Karen had no credentials or formal training in this field (see below for Karen’s other formal training), she enrolled in the American Academy of Nutrition to obtain her diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition. After completing the course in May of 1994, she formally established a private practice in nutrition counseling, where she has been able to help people with all manner of health problems. Karen has since earned her Masters degree in Biochemistry and now tours doing speaking engagements, and writes and records nutritional and biochemical literatures and eCourses.

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Show highlights:

You can take statistics and make them say whatever you want them to say
If statistics and science can back any view, how are we supposed to know what is true?
If you ask the correct questions, the truth will surface
“The best way to fight city hall is to become city hall”
Seizures in young children will last only a minute, yet Karen Hurd’s daughter’s seizure lasted well over 10 minute
Doctors told Karen there was no way her daughter was poisoned
Her daughter’s levels came back abnormal showing she was poisoned
Every doctor told Karen her daughter would be dead within 6 weeks
Her organophosphate poising was collapsing her liver
Karen made a concoction of vitamin A, soluble fiber, and some other ingredients to give to her daughter since she wasn’t eating
Which foods have a rich source of fiber?
Why vitamin A is important for the liver
Soluble fiber is what got rid of the organophosphate
Would Karen do anything differently if this were to happen today?
The greatest load on out liver is our own metabolic waste
Advice to keep a healthy liver
Why are nuclear receptors so dangerous?
Why perfumes and fragrances are not good
Whenever we eat something sweet, we instantly increase our blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous because you can go into a diabetic coma
The potential lifespan of humans is 120
Examples of water soluble things to consume
Nutritional advice for sever GI inflammation?
Thoughts on grains and wheat
How do bean sprouts compare with cooked beans?
Thoughts on the poison glyphosate and how does the liver deal with that?
Your liver is always producing bile; if it stops producing bile, you will die within 24 hours

Karen Hurd’s story of how she saved her 18 month old daughter with two simple ingredients and nutrition to rebuild, June 29, 2020

'Karen Hurd – Overcoming a Death Sentence Through Nutrition – June 29, 2020' have 2 comments

  1. June 30, 2020 @ 9:20 am John Schmitt

    Methinks activated charcoal would also have worked to save Ruth, but I wouldn’t recommend taking activated charcoal as a regular supplement as it will remove organic toxins from the gut just fine, but it’ll also remove many beneficial compounds such as vitamins from the gut.


  2. June 30, 2020 @ 1:07 pm jay

    according to dr. bryan walsh milk thistle supplements inhibits phase 3 of detoxification


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